Correct eyebrow shape for oval face shape: description, technique and recommendations

If you have an oval face, then you are lucky. After all, you have the most harmonious and proportional form. Many professional make-up artists will say that this is the most convenient "material" for work. It is believed that the shape of the eyebrows for an oval face shape should be beautiful, since first of all it sets its expression. Therefore, you should pay close attention to them.

But before you take on them, you need tofind out which form of eyebrows suits an oval face. With a competent choice, you can smooth the flaws of the person and emphasize his dignity. Correcting eyebrows, do not forget about the fashion trends.

eyebrow shape for oval face shape

Eyebrow shape for oval face type

There are three forms of eyebrows that are bestsuitable for girls with an oval face. In addition, they are the most common, these are horizontal, eyebrows with a soft fracture and arcuate. And since these forms are perfectly similar to the oval face, then, having this type, you can safely try different variations of eyebrow correction in the mood.

Horizontal shape of eyebrows

If you want to somewhat flatten out the elongationoval face, then this shape of eyebrows will suit you. After all, it will visually round it. It is believed that the owners of such eyebrows have an independent character, leadership talent and strong character traits. Do not take your eyebrows to the bridge of your nose, if you do not want to look unfriendly. Better when communicating slightly lift them - so you will be more attractive and friendly.

The head of the eyebrows, located somewhat low,also make the look gloomy. This can be corrected by correcting them. To do this, you need to slightly extend the tips of the eyebrows and remove a few hairs in the area of ​​their natural bending, and the head - round. It is also important that the alignment of the horizontal eyebrows is balanced.

which form of eyebrows suits an oval face

Cosmetic means for coloring eyebrows alsorequire careful attention and careful choice. You should know and remember that the radical black colors of this form of eyebrows can accentuate all the imperfections of the face. To avoid this, choose natural shades of special paint.

Eyebrows with a soft break

which form of eyebrows for an oval face

This form of eyebrows for an oval face shapemost suitable for nature, not deprived of romance and femininity. And all because then the view becomes sincere and frank, and besides, its owner is somewhat rejuvenated. Most of the eyebrows will fly together with the almond-shaped eye. As in any other case, it is important to have a sense of proportion when forming a broken eyebrow. Otherwise, the result may be the opposite of what you were trying to achieve: the expression on your face becomes angry, surprised, or too predatory.


This eyebrow shape for oval face shape toois suitable. She will give his expression serenity and poise. Arcuate eyebrows can soften the outer features of your appearance. It should be remembered that this form requires special careful study of the lines. It is important to observe a balance of length-thickness relationships of the superciliary arches, including the height of their bending. To make the image as natural and organic as possible, observe the moderation and smoothness of the transitions, as well as the optimal thickness of the arc-shaped lines.

We form eyebrows: how to do this?

eyebrow shape for oval face type

To get the right shape of the eyebrows foroval face, you first need to determine the optimal length. How to do it? It's not difficult: you need to attach a pencil with one end to the nasal sinus, and the other - to the inner corner of the eye. The place where the pencil was touched to the eyebrow, make it the beginning. To determine its end, move the pencil toward the outer corner of the eye and eyebrow. In the place where they intersect, it is best to make it complete.

For those who already have wrinkles in the cornerseye, there is a way to divert attention from them: we need to make the length of the superciliary arches smaller. Also the width of the eyebrows is also important, because for the most part it determines the facial expression. So, for a thin face, eyebrows of medium thickness are more suitable. In the case when they lack the density and width, you can use a pencil, paint and powder. Color, of course, must be chosen in accordance with the tone of the skin.

If you have a thin eyebrow and a lowforehead, use a pencil of a lighter shade to emphasize the beginning, and the tip should be made darker. In the case when the eyes are closely planted, this defect can be visually smoothed. To do this, increase the distance between the eyebrows to two centimeters.

And if "lucky" to have disobedienteyebrows: hairs grow sloppy and spank in all directions? Here a special fixing gel comes to the aid, thanks to which you can give them the necessary direction, using a special brush.

correct eyebrow shape for oval face

What shape of the eyebrow is more for the oval facewill suit? Since this type of appearance suggests a beautiful form of superciliary arches, often the eyebrow line does not require correction. In this case, you can do without care. And girls often do not have to bother with eyebrow adjustments, because they are originally beautiful.


Eyebrow shape for oval face shapeis corrected in several ways. The most popular is plucking. Its essence is simple: excess hairs are removed using tweezers. Although this case is not fast, but the probability of plucking excess is minimal. A great way to self-care eyebrows.


Another method is hair removal with the help of wax. This, though the fastest, but very painful way to get rid of unnecessary hair. But this procedure is best to take place in a beauty salon. Also it is necessary to remember that some components of wax can cause allergic reactions. But no matter how fast this method is, but still have to trim the shape with tweezers.

Using threads

Correction of eyebrows with the help of conventional threads - the mostthe ancient way. His technique of execution is simple: the thread must be folded twice and tied with a knot. Next, the thread must be put on the shifted fingers of the hands, and then twist it, so that in the middle curls form. Then, applying this middle to the extra hair, just squeeze and unclench your fingers.