Anti-cellulite gel "Clean Line": reviews and recommendations

On the eve of holidays and beach seasons, manythe girls decided to actively engage in themselves and move to an offensive company against cellulite. Yes, it's good if the operations were conducted regularly or at least periodically, and not postponed until the day "X". But even if they remembered the shortcomings of the figure, only doing an audit of swimsuits, too, does not matter. There are tools that will help (no, do not get rid of) substantially smooth out the unevenness of the skin and make the "orange" crust not so obvious. Of course, not for one day and not for two, but for a month to bring yourself into a more or less presentable look is quite possible. And the democratic anti-cellulite gel "Clean Line" will help in the difficult struggle for beauty.

Slightly about the enemy

Everyone knows that almost every woman -"Happy" owner of cellulite of one or another stage. And if you acquire them is not difficult, then get rid of it is very problematic. Regardless of the composition and weight, the "orange peel" strives to decorate the problematic places of the fairest representatives of the weaker sex: thighs, buttocks, sometimes hands. Improve the skin itself, without medical assistance, perhaps in the first three stages, it is not difficult to determine which one is yours.

anti-cellulite gel net line reviews

At the first stage, a smalltuberculation when squeezing or straining muscles. On the second, this tuberosity is already noticeable even without compression or tension, but disappears in the supine position. In the third stage, tuberosity of the skin is noticeable and standing, and lying down, you can feel the nodules. If you strongly press, painful sensations appear.

At the fourth stage, the nodules become larger and more painful. There is no way to do without medical intervention.

Most doctors do not consider the first three stagescellulite disease, treating it as a genetic predisposition. But even if this is so, the aesthetic component plays a big role for many ladies and a lot of nerves and money are spent fighting the hated enemy.

Introducing our hero

For some reason, it is considered that the more expensivemeans, the more effective it is. But is it really so? And what to do to those who can not afford a body cream for several thousand rubles, even if you really want to?

In fact, the price does not affect the result. Yes, there are good expensive anti-cellulite creams, and there is simply "money to the wind" - tasty smelling, with a famous logo on a beautiful package and ... absolutely useless. The skin after them is tender, velvety, but only. Then, as the cream purchased for 200 rubles will give a strangely similar or better result.

clean line anti-cellulite gel reviews

The latter include a remedy from the Russiancompany "Clean Line". Anti-cellulite gel reviews on the network is more positive, even from people who use the luxury. And this, you must agree, already speaks volumes.

The firm that produces the gel has been on the market for a long time, thatalso inspires confidence. Producer temptingly promises a variety of miracles: the gel is able to relieve stretch marks, smooth the surface of the skin and give it firmness.


Design means medium, without extrabloat and beauty: a simple plastic tube of bright green color. There are no capsules. The lid is comfortable, easily reclined, the gel is squeezed out without complications. The tube is stable, when placed on the surface, does not fall. Volume of 200 ml.

anti-cellulite gel net line reviews before and after

The gel is transparent, without any impregnations, not thick and not liquid, with a pleasant aroma of herbs. It is applied easily, absorbed quickly enough without the sensation of a sticky film.

The price varies from 180 to 300 rubles depending on the store.


Anti-cellulite funds work at the expense ofacceleration of metabolism in tissues due to various components in the composition. They stimulate cellular metabolism, which helps to remove toxins and saturate the skin and subcutaneous fat layer with useful elements, moisture and oxygen.

anti-cellulite gel net line reviews before and after photos

The main substance aimed at combating"Orange" peel, is considered caffeine. It is he - the main component of the gel "Clean Line". Along with it, the remedy contains red algae extract, which ensures rapid penetration of active ingredients into the skin. And also medicinal herbs (ginkgo biloba, horse chestnut, rhodiola rosea, barley, deciduous sponge, ginseng) and essential oils (karite).

How to use

Anti-cellulite gel "Clean Line" (reviews innetworks repeatedly emphasize this) can use almost everything. The exception is, those who have allergic reactions to essential oils, and girls who are contraindicated with a warming effect. So if you have varicose veins, then it's better to abstain from applying the gel.

The manufacturer emphasizes that in order to achieveThe optimal result is to use all the tools from the ruler. However, experts say this is not necessary. The main thing is to observe the basic rules.

clean line anti-cellulite gel reviews how much to keep

Gel is best applied to the skin after a thin showerlayer. Thin - so as not to cause a burning sensation. To obtain a visible effect, the agent should be used regularly (every day). Many do not trust the information indicated on the packaging and, having bought the product of the company "Clean Line" (anti-cellulite gel), reviews how much to keep, tricks that improve efficiency, start looking on the Internet. This article summarizes all the necessary and popular information.

Expectations and reality: reviews of girls

Of course, every girl wants to have an idealskin without treacherous dimples and tubercles. Having succumbed to advertising or seeing that the anti-cellulite gel "Clean Line" reviews are mostly positive, the young ladies are counting on an instant result. Is it really? And does the tool work at all?

Most users agree on the opinion,that despite the low cost, the gel works. However, they all say: do not count on a miracle, remembering the wand-rescue wand once a week, without getting up from the couch. Daily use and exercise even at home (squats, push-ups) will give visible results in a couple of weeks. Cellulite does not completely resolve, but the skin noticeably aligns and becomes more elastic. For those who do not believe in the anti-cellulite gel "Clean Line", the comments "before" and "after" (photo attached) can be a decisive argument.

anti-cellulite gel net line review

Comparing the gel with luxury analogous products, many people say that they do not notice the fundamental difference.

Of the minuses, many note the effect of burning: he is not "moderate", as the manufacturer assures, but "just hellish", especially in the first times of use. Then, apparently, the skin gets used and reacts more calmly. However, if the gel is applied too thickly, you can experience extremely unpleasant and painful sensations.

The promised disappearance of stretch marks does not occur, although the gel can be slightly leveled. But only.

Small tricks for use

If you decide to try the anti-cellulite gel "Clean Line" reviews of customers will prompt how to make the product become more effective.

First tip: scrubbing

Be sure to take a hot shower with a scrub. Especially carefully handle all the problem areas, thoroughly rub and massage them. Thanks to this preparation, you will clean the skin well, all pores will open and active substances will penetrate into the tissues easier and faster.

anti-cellulite gel net line

Tip Two: Massage

It is not enough to simply apply the product on the skin. No, even so it will work, but to make the result more noticeable, it is better to massage your stomach, legs, buttocks 5-7 minutes. You can use both hands and special massagers.

The third tip: wrapping

To enhance the effect and get an accelerated result, many girls who bought anti-cellulite gel "Clean Line", reviews written subsequently recommend that they do with the wrapping.

anti-cellulite gel net line reviews

To do this, you will need directly the gel andordinary food film. The agent should be applied to the skin with massage movements, without rubbing "dry", wrap tightly, in several layers, with a film and wait 20-30 minutes. Then wash off.

For those who want to remove fat from the stomach and sides

On the anti-cellulite gel "Clean Line" tip is about how to effectively remove unwanted centimeters from the sides and abdomen.

When using the method several times a week, the result will appear in a month. More often it is not necessary. It is worth to regret both yourself and the skin.

All you need is an anti-cellulite gel and hulauchup. First, twist the hoop, and then apply the product on the skin, wait 15-20 minutes and rinse.

Summarizing, we can say that the anti-cellulitegel "Clean Line" - reviews before and after it confirms - a good budgetary tool for the struggle for an ideal skin. However, do not put all your hopes on him, only an integrated approach will help to be beautiful.