Snails of ahaatin in cosmetology: reviews, photos, contraindications. How to use snails in the ahatina in cosmetology?

Snails are not for nothing from ancient times associated witheternity. Their use helps to maintain health and prolong youth. One of the most valuable species is the snails of ahaatin. In cosmetology and medicine, their miraculous properties are widely used.

The most popular such procedures are enjoyed by the beautiful half of humanity. With their help, a wide range of skin problems is solved.

What are the snails of Akhatina?

Snails of ahaatin in cosmetology, reviews about the beneficial properties of which inspire confidence, are already widely used in Holland and France.

Homeland of these mollusks is considered Africa. It was from there that they spread to other continents. On the territory of Russia, these shellfish do not live, as the climate does not allow it. All available individuals are grown in specially created conditions for them.

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Types of snails ahatin

To date, more than a hundred species have been identifiedsnails, which can be attributed to the giant. Their mucus practically does not differ in composition. Among them, the most popular, due to widespread and undemanding care, are:

  • achatinum of reticulum;
  • falic ahatin.

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What is necessary for growing at home?

It is not difficult to contain ahaatin at home,because they are rather unpretentious. To keep and use such a snail of ahaatin in cosmetology it is necessary to have a terrarium. To ensure that the snails feel comfortable, there must be at least 10 liters of space for each individual.

You can keep shellfish in an aquarium with soil,while it must be constantly moistened. For bathing it is necessary to put a container of water in the aquarium. Comfort temperature for snails of this species is 26 degrees Celsius.

Watching the behavior of pets, you can determine whether they are comfortable in the created conditions. If the habitat is too dry, the mollusks will often hide in the sink.

At home, the ahatina live 7-10 years.

How to use for cosmetic purposes at home?

In order to undergo massage andregeneration of the skin with the help of snails, it is not necessary to visit the beauty salon. You can keep ahatine at home and on your own, at any convenient time to conduct procedures. A common question that arises when the snails of ahaatin are mentioned: how to use them in cosmetology?

In fact, the procedure for skin rejuvenation with the help of ahaatin is quite simple:

  1. Yes, it is necessary to clean the skin of the remnants of cosmetics.
  2. Then wipe it with a cotton pad soaked in milk.
  3. Ahaatin should be washed slightly with warm running water. They wash not only the abdomen, but also the house of the mollusk.
  4. The snail is located on the problem area of ​​the skin, after which it is allowed to move along the surface of the skin.
  5. After the procedure, which lasts 10-15 minutes, the shellfish needs rest. It must be moved back to the terrarium.
  6. The mucus remaining after the movement of the cochlea is evenly distributed over the surface of the skin.
  7. It is necessary to give the mucus to soak and dry, after which the skin is washed with warm water without using soap.

Snails of ahaatin in cosmetology play an important role,because their mucus has a rich composition. Therefore, having a home of such an unpretentious pet, you can maintain a healthy skin condition without visiting expensive beauty salons.


Snails of ahaatin in cosmetology are used due to their mucus, which contains a large amount of collagen, glycolic acid and elastin.

Based on the slime of snails, ointments and creams are made, which make the skin tender, like in young children.

It was noticed that people who breedsnails, less likely to suffer from diseases of the skin of the hands. They have faster healing of cuts and wounds. Means based on mucus ahatine contribute to the elimination of scars and traces from stretch marks.

Akhatin snails in cosmetology, photos of which are presented in this article, have taken their niche. Procedures that are conducted with the help of snails already have a large number of adherents.

snails akhatin in cosmetology

Massage with ahaatin

Akhatin snails in cosmetology are used more often than other types of mollusks for daily massage.

Moving on the skin, the mollusc gently holdsmassage, improving at the same time blood circulation, relieving spasms. These procedures are useful for those who have varicose veins. Thanks to the massage of the snails akhatin strengthens the vessels, improves the circulation of blood.

A great advantage is the delicacy with which the procedure is carried out. Slowly moving along the skin, the mollusks tenderly massage, without causing pain.

Snails of ahaatin in the fight against cellulite

About what snails of ahatina in cosmetology are,how to use shellfish, usually those who want to remove fat in problem areas and get rid of cellulite know firsthand. Regular massage with the help of snails akhatin in the hips and abdomen will help to make the skin smoother, eliminate the "orange peel" effect.

If you use ahaatin in the fight against cellulite at least 3 times a week, then after a short period of time, equal to 1-2 months, you can get rid of this problem.

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Everyone who does not have fear or squeamish feelings forIn relation to mollusks, it is possible to use such a tool as snails of ahatina (in cosmetology). Contraindications to the use in cosmetic purposes, these creatures do not have.

But before the treatment session ormassage, it is necessary to make sure that there is no allergy to the mucus components of ahaatin. To do this, place the clam for a small amount of time on the wrist's skin.

If after this procedure there were any side effects, it is best to give up the treatment of the skin in this way before consulting a specialist doctor.

Those who decided to get themselves ahaatin, it is necessaryfor the beginning to spend at least one cosmetological procedure of "ulitkoterapii" in the salon. If there is an allergy to any component of the shellfish's mucus, it will manifest. This will save you from a rash and useless acquisition.

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Snails of ahaatin in cosmetology: reviews

A large number of positive reviews on various sites and blogs allows us to conclude that the use of snails for cosmetic purposes is popular.

Users as the main advantages note:

  • rapid appearance of the effect;
  • painless procedure;
  • no need to use synthetic products.

Sometimes the only reason that causes the refusal to use snails in cosmetology is the fear or feeling of fastidiousness towards mollusks.

snail ahatina in cosmetology

Experts say that snails in cosmetology -A good alternative to expensive procedures. Due to the simplicity of growing snails and a small list of contraindications for preparations made on the basis of their mucus, they are winning more and more fans.

In this regard, an increasing number of cosmetology centers have in their range of services "snail therapy".

Akhatin snail in cosmetology is just a find for those who do not want to resort to surgeons' help and use various injections for rejuvenation.

Regular use of snails akhatin for cosmetic purposes will help to quickly improve blood circulation, skin condition, reduce stretch marks and scars.