Painting nails: drawing techniques and ideas

What girl does not dream about having her nailsall the time looked great? Now this issue is becoming particularly relevant, because the hands, and, in particular, the nails, pay attention almost in the first place. Learn to properly and beautifully paint your nails becomes, you might say, necessary.

Preparation of nails for painting

If you want your nails to be not justpainted, and also looked neat and well-groomed, preliminary procedures should be carried out beforehand. First of all, with the help of a nail polish remover, you need to remove the old coating. At the same time, the product itself should be taken without acetone: it damages the nail plate least of all.

After this, you need to remove the cuticle andto correct the shape of the nail with the help of manicure accessories. Usually use a nail file, but if necessary, you can use a nail scissors. After that, grease the hands with cream, and then apply the nails to the cuticle oil.

Painting the nails will be much easier, andthe coating itself will last longer if the nail plate is well degreased before applying it and then apply a transparent base coat. Degreasing can be carried out as a usual liquid for removing varnish, and alcohol.

painting of nails

The base coat is applied prior to staining forIn order to hide small defects on the plate (then the lacquer will lie much more evenly) and prevent the penetration of paint into its upper layers. Otherwise, the nails may turn yellow.

Choosing the right varnish

When buying a varnish, you should pay attention not toonly the color that you liked or which you plan to use to create the picture. There are a number of important factors that should be given top priority. Painting nails with varnish is not only their decoration, it is putting on a part of your body a certain substance that can cause harm.

Try to choose the varnish that has nottoo pronounced specific odor. It is not only unpleasant, but also signaling the presence of harmful substances. After a long application of such a composition, the nails can become brittle and yellowish.

varnishing of nails

Quality varnish should not be too thickor too liquid. To check, simply remove the brush and hold it over the vial. In quality lacquer, the drop should collect at the tip in 2-3 seconds and fall down. If the lacquer drains down immediately, then this is a sign that it is diluted. At the same time, manufacturing technology is disrupted. If the varnish is too thick, then it does not lie flat and beautiful layer, it is possible to spoil the manicure.

Brush for the selected product should also beSmooth, without protruding villi, slightly rounded shape. It should also have medium stiffness. Otherwise, either the coating will be uneven, or the manicure is untidy.

Selection of varnish for shade of skin

Painting nails varnish at homeit's quite easy, but you need to choose the right color for the shade of your skin. In this case, the manicure will not only be beautiful, but also stylish, elegant.

If you have a light skin, then to create a daytime manicure it is better to use light shades. But for the evening you can freely use bright shades of red and berry colors.

nail painting gel

Owners of darker or swarthy skinYou can use a coating of golden or reddish-brown shades. They will emphasize the color of your skin. Almost all bright and rich colors will also look good.

There is another way to successfully choose the color of the varnish: pick it up in the tone of the lipstick.

You should pay attention also to the length of the nails. If you have a medium length, then you will face almost any shades. But the owner of short marigolds should be preferred to pastel tones or semi-transparent. You can put a varnish with pearl effect in the center of a short plate, but it's better to refuse or use them very carefully, mainly in drawings, from using bright and saturated colors.

Coloring of nails

Painting nails varnish has its own nuances. For example, to make the coating more homogeneous, the bottle is heated in hands before use. Also, do not type too much lacquer on the brush, it will spread and create a lot of inconvenience.

At the base of the nail should be put a drop of varnishand lightly pushed her first to the cuticle, and then to the butt of the plate. After that, the coating should be stretched all over the nail, and the remains should be painted with the end. Once all the marigolds have been painted, wait until the first layer dries and repeat the procedure.

nail painting gel with lacquer

Painting of nails together with drying takes aboutforty-five minutes. If you accidentally touched a dried up varnish and smeared it, it is better to wipe the coating and apply it again. How neat and beautiful painting of nails looks like in the article show you more clearly. At the same time they will help you with ideas for manicure.

Modern technologies do not stand still,the means for creating a manicure are being improved, new types of varnishes are appearing. Each of them has its own features and application technologies. The nail painting with gel-lacquer is practically the same as usual. The difference is that each coating layer is dried under a special UV lamp. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the recommendations for the use of this type of varnish, as it may also have its own characteristics. The procedure takes a little longer, but painting the nails with gel-varnish justifies the means and efforts, because it lasts many times longer than usual.

How to hold your hands while applying varnish

Very much when applying a varnish coatingdepends on how you hold your hands. Movements should be free, and the process is fast enough. The hand on which the painting is done is best placed on some support so that it is as stable as possible. The little finger of the other hand can rest on the table, and with the index finger and thumb to hold the brush. In doing so, try to apply the lacquer as quickly as possible.

The application of these tips, as well as practical skills acquired over time will help you learn how to make a manicure that can be an alternative to a salon.

Drawing a drawing on the nails

Now there are quite a few ways fordrawing the picture on the nails. The minimum, which in this case needs to be done is the painting of the nails with two colors. It is also very convenient to use modern novelties: lacquer-markers.

painting nails at home

It is very popular now to do manicuregradient color transitions. Nothing complicated in this. First we need a small piece of sponge, which can be cut from the usual kitchen sponge. Then apply a pair of varnish colors on it as close as possible to each other. After that, prints the sponge like a stamp on the nails. At the same time, a soft transition is formed at the interface between the two colors.

Technique of newspaper manicure

Now huge popularity is gaining so muchcalled "newspaper" manicure. Make it very easy. To do this, you need to cut out ten small pieces from the newspaper. Nails should be covered with white (or any other varnish of a light shade) and wait until it dries. The newspaper dip for a few seconds in alcohol and attach to the nail. Letters must be printed on the nail plate. Do not use the same piece several times. On top of the print apply a clear varnish-fixer and wait until it dries completely.

painting nails photo

Using this technology, you can apply your variations, complementing and combining this idea, creating new and interesting designs.

Stamping at home

Huge popularity in our time enjoysstamping. This is a transfer of the picture with a special stencil on the nails. You can buy it in a store or make it yourself, for example, from scotch tape. For this purpose, a pattern is cut out on a piece of adhesive tape. Pre-painted the nails with a base coat. After the base is dried, the adhesive tape is glued to the nail and its free areas are painted over with a varnish of contrasting color. As soon as everything dries, the stencil can be removed and applied on top of a transparent coating.

Application of applications

Painting of nails can consist not only in applying decorative varnish, but also in fixing on the nails of additional decorative ornaments.

Easier and quicker to decorate your nails with stickers. You can buy them at any cosmetic store. Glue them often on a slightly dried lacquer, and then top to apply a transparent coating.

nail painting in two colors

Very nice looks manicure foil. It can be applied both to the part of the nail and completely to the whole plate. It is fixed with a special glue. Pre-apply the nail varnish base. After this, remove the protective film from the foil and cover with a clear varnish on top.

Nail decoration with rhinestones

It is easy and simple to decorate your nails with rhinestones,sequins or beads. When the varnish is a little dry, the decorative stones should be pressed tightly against the plate, slightly drowning in the varnish. Once the coating has completely dried, a layer of transparent enamel should be applied from above. Thus, you can make the original even an ordinary French manicure.

If your imagination allows, then from rhinestones you canmake a very attractive and not difficult to perform applications. You can use pebbles of different sizes and colors, combine them and combine them. Do not be afraid to experiment, because only so you can comprehend the art of manicure and learn to care for your fingernails no worse than an authoritative master in the salon. Unsuccessful experiments will serve you only as lessons, in no case should you despair.

Currently, the industrial industryoffers us a wide range of tools for creating a manicure at home. We can only learn how to apply them correctly. Painting nails at home - the procedure is not only not difficult, but also very entertaining, developing creative abilities.