"Lacoste" perfume for men - a symbol of masculinity and elegance

Despite the fact that the boundaries between the man and thethe woman continues to wear off, and the fashion includes not only the style of clothing "unisex", but even the spirits of a similar plan, this man's perfume is still in price. A modern lady prefers an elegant man who smells like his image. Often, beloved themselves present their choice of perfume, trying to save him from "walking through the agony" in search of the right flavor. It's no secret that many men are afraid of long trips to the store and also are known as conservatives, preferring a favorite flavor and refusing from fashionable novelties.

The standard view that men likemore fresh and light aromas, is now far from the truth, because sweet, intense, expensive spirits of men are valued by them no less. At the end of the last century, there was a tendency to produce a man's perfume for a couple with a woman's perfume. Such a tandem had the same concept, a common aromatic bouquet and related name, but the male flavor was very intense and even if it had a floral note, it was only in the background. "Lacoste" - man's spirits fully meet these requirements, because they are originally derived from a female perfume.

However, the difference between female and malearoma is available and it is large enough. Firstly, men's perfumes are very rich mossy, woody-herbaceous notes, which together with a restrained flower aroma represent a unique contrast chord. "Lacoste" perfume for men does not have any artificial inclusions and, in contact with the skin, practically do not change the flavor. New tendencies more and more often suggest the presence of floral fragrance in man's perfume, and modern young people like it - they choose the novelties of the last season and enjoy using them.

The bulk of men are inherentlyconservatives, they are more prone to stability and consistency of flavor than women. Since in the very first man's perfume was the aroma of lavender, many manufacturers still use it in the manufacture of the most expensive perfumes. The main aspect of male conservatism is undoubtedly a woman, because her comments about perfume often make the representatives of the stronger sex feel insecure and fail. In this case, the man will never again buy such a fragrance, but if the perfume has not failed, then he will use it in the future.

Men's fragrances are produced todaymost fashion houses are determined by the names of designers and developers, who undoubtedly have a sense of style and impeccable taste. It is these qualities that are necessary for a strong and brave man, because perfume is not only designed to win the heart of a woman, but also to make a favorable impression on business colleagues. A man exuding a pleasant scent, conquers others with some magical magnetism and rises up the career ladder much faster than his colleagues. "Lacoste" man's spirits allow a man to find his true individual style and then reveal it to the whole world.

Even in the ancient ages for spices and incenseasked for fabulous amounts, but the running product always found its customers and did not linger on benches. Quality scents to this day are much more expensive than cheap fakes. "Lacoste" - perfume for men and some other famous perfumes justify their price, the thing is that these flavors are made using natural raw materials. Before deciding which masculine perfumes to present to a loved one as a gift, every woman should know that the cheaper the perfume, the fewer natural ingredients in it.