White coat on nails: photo design

The design of the nails is never obsolete whiteFrench. He meets many women in the office, accompanies the bride on the most important day of life, he is indispensable for solemn events. Often this design is made when they go on vacation. His nails look flawless: well-groomed and neat.

The thickness of the white strip is influenced by fashion. She also dictates the length of the nail bed - pink lacquer in the French manicure. Previously it was considered a good thing to make a transparent pink haze and apply a white strip on the natural free edge of the nail. Now often lengthen the nail bed with a camouflaging gel-varnish, and the shape of the white tip has ceased to be just a strip.

This is the corner, and the wavy edge, and the gradient, andlace ... But still for all designs remains the name "French", only gets the addition: a jacket gel-varnish, a jacket with a pearl paste. What is a white jacket with a design for 2018?

Gentle coat with gel-varnish

What do nail stylists suggest?

This year, the French manicure as a whole is approaching the classical version. The breeze of modernity is the arrangement of accents and the use of modern means in design.

  1. Classic white jacket is decorated with accentnail art - on an unnamed nail, completely white, a pattern is drawn on its entire surface. You can focus on two fingers. This is suitable for a wedding manicure.
  2. Decoration with rhinestones of different size and color, standing solid line. Stylists offer the middle finger to decorate with rhinestones in the area of ​​the hole, and on the unnamed to draw a rose.
  3. Stylish fan-friendly. It is a pastel base of different tones and a white tip.
  4. Full-slider jacket. The sticker takes up the entire nail, and this opens up limitless possibilities for design. But that such a bright accent combined with the French manicure, fill with a slider only one nail.
  5. Minimalism. Small white strips on a fresh background. Accent - a highlighted hole on a white background, underlined by a strict bow.
  6. Lace. It can be a patterned white tip or a whole nail plate covered with lace. Lace is smooth, voluminous, velvety, matte and glossy. It is performed in stamping techniques or volumetric monograms.


This year, the French manicure welcomespastel color. Only this is not a smile, but the nail bed itself. At the tip of the nail is a white jacket. In the photo of 2018 it is proposed to add one more fashionable nuance - a pearl grinding. From her, the gray tone acquires a magical glow, as it begins to reflect light in a gentle pastel scale.


Bluish smoky tone for fanfrenchreally became a godsend. This color is perfectly combined with cold pastel pink tones, so in the proposals of stylists - compositions of these colors for the execution of the nail bed. In all cases, the white tip is preserved, but the very basis for it is different: two nails are gray, three are pink. The zone of the hole is distinguished not by a white, but by a tone-companion: on two gray fingers put a pink color.

To turn this manicure into a festive, in the design they use rhinestones of blue, pink, white and silver soup. They put on pink nails, and gray ones are made of matte.

Accents in the design of manicure

Select one or two fingersdesign is called an accent. The name comes from the impression that manicure produces. Attention takes away the nail, filled with design more than others. The options of the jacket this year actively use this method. Accents can be supplied with rhinestones, painting, color, texture, shape of a smile or a hole.

Often such a nail is not performed at alldrawing the white tip, making the whole nail white and using it for design. You can leave a well of natural color on it. Wells do not give out white anymore - it's boring. In 2018 they are filled with rhinestones, and they can be of different sizes and shapes, of different colors, but in harmony with the basic range of manicure.

Cheerful white fan french

This design can be interesting to beat by puttingaccents on ring fingers. The addition of another pastel color turns a manicure from strict to gay. So, you can wear it in summer - pastel colors perfectly set off tanned skin, and the white tip creates a feeling of purity.

If you look at the photo, a white coat on your nailsalso changes shape on the accent fingers: it is made by a corner. Although this tip is larger, it still looks harmonious - the rest of the tone repeats the line of a smile on that finger. A very important detail: underlining the well with a thin white separating line. Without it, the design will not look neat. Pastel tones are always separated from each other so that the visual effect of mixing the tone does not work out.

Pastel colors for the jacket

Full-slider french

It's stickers on the whole nail. Usually they are glued to an unnamed nail, like accentual nail art. But you can use a large sticker for two next-standing nails. For example, the middle and nameless. It is glued so that when you close your fingers, you get a picture. In the sets there are always larger images for the thumb. The sticker is cut into two equal parts and placed on adjacent fingers. You can supplement this manicure with a white jacket.

With the French manicure, bright sliders, depicting poppies, roses, mottled paintings, are well combined. These are large drawings with small details, so it's better to translate such ideas into slider-design.

Black and white French

The combination of black and white is very popular in2018 year. Experiments couturier with black dresses for the bride let this classic in neutral clothes into the wedding manicure. Black cashmere in the tuxedo of the groom, black lacquered boats and clutches of ladies, a voluminous dress of the bride and a stylish black and white manicure. This is reminiscent of the collection of English beau monde at the races.

Black and white French

If at the time when the movie "Mybeautiful lady "with Audrey Hepburn, there was a black lacquer, a chess manicure would be ideal. In the photo there is a white jacket and stylish black drawings. Very feminine, but with character. Such a design can be done with the help of stamping or sliders, but you can also draw abstract dots drawings.

Office french

When there is a strict dress code at work,manicure is allowed only in French. Moreover, modern variants with a color tip are inadmissible. What to do? Is it possible to wear the same design for years, changing to a bright color only on vacation? In no case! For this, designers work, creating office jacket options.

First of all, the white tip itself can beoriginal shape: corner, carved line, usual semicircular, but with an unpainted heart on a white background. You can give it the structure of velvet or velor, even just a matte tone, along which to make shiny patterns.

Wedding jacket

For a solemn event, especially forweddings, modest office designs will not work. It is expected that the manicure will be festive - one that is not used for every day. If the jacket is chosen as the main pattern, then the nails are decorated with rhinestones and accentuate the four fingers - usually medium and anonymous on each hand, but you can also slightly deviate from the rule: to make accents on the middle and anonymous on one hand, and on the middle and the index.

Wedding jacket with pictures

This is especially true for the bride, whodemonstrates the ring: the design of nails should not overshadow the symbol of matrimonial fidelity. At the wedding a lot of pictures are taken, and not only the bride's nails get into the frame. Considering the photo from the celebration, it will be insulting to hear remarks that someone has an inaccurate manicure.

Guests can also use the nail design with a "white coat" pattern (photo examples in the article). This is a hand-painted, in which floral motifs can be used.

Rhinestones and jacket

The maximum of style this year in a combination of fan frenchwith rhinestones. Plus this choice - the ability to choose a shade of background for clothing, than to connect the whole ensemble in a single image. One of the nails is covered with rhinestones, leaving a hole for the selected one. Now it's fashionable to leave an open natural nail in small details. If the color of the nail plate allows - you can use this technique. If the natural color is not pleasant - camouflage is used.

French jacket with rhinestones

Rhinestones for this design are selected in the same color andsize. Suitable as medium Swarovski crystals, and ordinary glass. Attention to themselves is not drawn by them, but by their combination in continuous application on one accent nail. Of course, marigolds should be neighboring.

The wells of both are identical, they are allocated only toaccents fingers background companion. On a white background, do not bring the rhinestones to the end of the nail, even if they are short. The left white tip creates airiness and lightness in the design. The bed of the remaining nails is lengthened with a camouflage tone, and the smile itself is small.

Minimalism is beautiful

High white smiles are a thing of the past. Now it is fashionable to increase not the free edge of the nail, but a pink bed. This gives the nails a healthy and harmonious appearance. The white stripes can be narrow, not attracting attention. But such nails would look dull without a fashionable accent. The Nameless Nail Art is made in the style of the lunar manicure, but the classical colors have changed places this time: the bed is white, the pink hole. Holes can be emphasized with rhinestones, having laid them out in the form of a bow, or a male bow-tie.

French in minimalist styles

A white jacket with a picture, the photo of which is shown here, is suitable for any dress code. But if you do not be strict, then you can just draw a black bow and make it velvet.

Classic lace - simple and fast

With a white and pink color, lace is beautiful. They ennoble and create an airy image. Painted or glued laces are included in a variety of manicure designs.

Nails with a pattern of "white jacket" - one of these options. How to perform lace with lacquers using stamping easy and fast? This is shown in the video.

Despite the fact that it uses lacquer technology, stamping is done on gel-lacquer. To do this, remove the dispersion layer, stamp the stamping and cover the work with top gel.

Paint, which is used in stamping, veryquickly dries. Therefore, you need to act with clear, confident movements. If you do not have the right color, you can use nail polish. True, it requires even more accurate application. Since the varnish is not a paint, it takes a little longer to dry it.

Royal jacket

To feel like a queen, you need to doroyal jacket. In fact, the style of the reigning persons obeys other rules, they can not wear long nails and bright lacquer. This is a fashionable manicure with a picture of the crown, which is popular with all women. This option is especially suitable for graduates, queen ball, and also their mothers.

To fulfill the crown there are many components. Sliders, volumetric stickers and rubber jewelry for nails are produced. There are also metal crowns, which are used in aquarium design. But the most elegant way is the execution of the design by the master.

On the photo - a design reminiscent of the crown of the Russianempire. It is made with small crystals and silver soup. On white gel-lacquer put the rhinestones with glue, and then carefully pour all the top-gel to close the glue. If you do not, white spots from the glue will appear and spoil the whole work.

There is another way: on the finished gel-varnish put a line top, put bouillon and polymerize. It is better to perform the design, gradually polymerizing the lines of the broth. So it will turn out more accurately. In addition, there are very thick tops for such cases, which can hold a round shape. The bouillon is slightly drowned in such material - this is the innovation of 2018.

Gentle manicure

How to make a nail design "white jacket" at home

On sale there are sets of varnishes to performFrench manicure. But many were disappointed in them after purchase: the pink haze does not lie perfectly smoothly and dries badly. White stripes do not get even, even if you use stencils. White lacquer does not stain the first time, the line is obtained with a divorce. To permanently forget about these problems, there is a video that shows how to make a perfect coat of lacquer.

The secrets of this method:

  1. White varnish is applied twice with intermediate drying.
  2. The brush is held perpendicular to the smile line.
  3. The corners are drawn by the brush during correction.

This method of drawing smiles is used in Korea,he helps to quickly draw a smile gel. Surplus is removed with a brush moistened with alcohol. In order not to harm nails, it is better to use lacquer technology to remove varnish when adjusting with a brush. From it the varnish curls, on the edges of a smile there can be ugly white crumbs. It is better to use a liquid to dilute the varnish.

When correcting, the base layer is deleted, so invideo master does not do it. But you can apply it to prepare for a smile. After it dries, you can apply a haze to the entire nail, directly on the white lacquer. Then it will become a little creamy, and the nail bed will acquire a beautiful healthy color. Try to make a white jacket, and photos and videos will help in this.