Perfect cosplay: anime hairstyles and their features

Japanese culture is more popular than ever beforeall over the world. People enjoy eating sushi, listening to ethnic music, meditating in nature and, of course, watching anime. This genre has found a resonance in the hearts of people not only due to unpredictable subjects and the sincerity of the depicted emotions, but also because of the brightness of the characters, both internal and external. Since the advent of the genre, fans have tried to imitate their favorite characters, and thus in Japan appeared the concept of cosplay.

anime hairstyles

A good cosplay involves the selection of a suitableclothes that are as much like the style of the character depicted, realistic make-up, and hair. The diversity of the anime hairstyles, at times allows fans from all over the world not only to become like their beloved hero, but also to find their own unique style.

Big bangs - the main trend of hairstyle in the style of anime

If you want to be like this character,just grow yourself a long bang! Hairstyles in the style of anime, especially women, are full of options for decorating the hairpins. The Japanese love to draw characters with long hair of acid colors, covering half a face, this trick they give the heroes a certain flair of mystery, which makes them even more attractive for cosplay. The chokers can be beautifully laid, smoothed or representing a carelessly falling strand of hair - whatever the fringe, it will be the highlight of the whole image.

anime hairstyles for guys

How to create the perfect anime image?

  • If you have too short hair, you can use the build-up, but contact an experienced hairdresser who knows how to make an anime hairstyle in such a way that it looks natural.
  • If you do not regret your hair, try to pick up the paint as brightly as possible to best match the character's image.
  • The hairstyles of anime heroes differ in volume, andStrands are often straight. If you are awarded nature curly locks, it's better not to scoff and buy a wig, it will look much more natural than forcibly straightened and burned hair.
  • The optimal length of the head of hear is to the middle of the waist. Longer hair will begin to fall out and lose volume, which in no way will give your image an appeal.

how to make anime hairstyles

Japanese games and hairstyles of anime heroes

Based on the most popular and beloved onesfans of anime creators make games for computers, phones and X-box. Some characters remain unchanged, but sometimes new faces and new hairstyles are added to the plot. Some of them are so ridiculous that they do not succumb to cosplay, and in everyday life they look simply monstrous, but most of them look decent on real people. Basically, it's anime hairstyles for guys, which are uncomplicated haircuts and simple styling.

Female hairstyles are more intricate and requiremuch more effort. Most of the heroines wear long hair, so styling causes a lot of trouble. However, there are simple options that can be easily implemented. Take, for example, the two most popular heroines from the Japanese game: Rinoa and Yunu. The first hair of medium length, and the laying is done in layers. The chalk covers part of the face, and the ends of the hair are twisted outward. At Юны the short hairstyle, locks from all sides are laid in regular intervals and are made up.

anime style hairstyles

Tips for hairdressers and cosplayers

  1. First, indicate the work plan. The desired hero can wear on his head something completely unthinkable, so you will need all your skills and plenty of time to realize such hairstyles. Anime is famous for the wild fantasy of artists who create improbable images, even in ardent informals causing shudders.
  2. Ask the client to present an imagethe desired hairstyle. Most likely, you will be given a screen from the cartoon, so immediately explain that the anime's hairstyle simply can not be looked in real life as it is in the picture. Often, the characters have unnaturally thick hair and acid colors, which when painted can simply "kill" the hair.
  3. Explain also that popular long bangswill constantly poke into your eyes and interfere. Not only can the client not be able to see normally, he also runs the risk of earning conjunctivitis. Are such risks worth any hairstyles? Anime, of course, allows for a while to go to the magical world of fantasy, but health should be taken care of in any case.
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