Juicy Couture - perfume for sensual women and brutal men

In 1994, a unique brand was founded in the United States,who fell in love with many women and men around the world. "The chip" of the company was the transfer of the glamor world into everyday life. After all, even on a morning run you can feel like a real socialite. The main thing is to properly dress and create a wonderful fragrance around yourself.

True, the fashion house "Jusy Couture" first startedhis work with the production of clothing. Tracksuits from peach and pink velor caused a real delight in the fair sex. After all, now you can not just comfortable, but also very sexy dress. Next came a collection of swimwear and beachwear. And to every such image the indispensable attribute is Juicy Couture - perfume that complements the image.

Juicy Couture perfume

During the existence of the company, its fans were such stars as:

  • Gwyneth Paltrow;
  • Madonna;
  • Sarah Jessica Parker;
  • Jennifer Lopez and many other world celebrities.

The first fragrance

In 2006, the very first fragrance of Juicy was createdCouture - perfume from the famous perfumer Harry Fremont. They are designed for stylish, young girls. Their floral-fruity aroma saturates the image with bright and languid notes.

"Juicy Couture" - perfume composition, whichIt is characterized by comfort and special warmth. This fragrance is like a plaid plaid, in which you want to wrap yourself up and get into the serene world of fun and joy. Once you taste it, you will not want to leave it again.

Fruit garden Peace Love Juicy

"Jusy Couture"

Joy, pleasure, euphoria - these are thethe state gives the flavor of Peace Love Juicy. These flower-fruit spirits are designed for those who want and can enjoy life to the fullest. Perfume bouquet is very saturated:

  • the upper notes are the accents of the root of iris, musk and patchouli;
  • the middle flavors of poppy, honeysuckle, magnolia, lime blossom and jasmine are transferred to a flowering garden;
  • the basic notes of black currant, hyacinth, red apple and lemon persist on the skin for a long time.

Exotic Malibu

To be in the delightful Malibu resort underbright sun rays can be achieved with the help of the Malibu fragrance from Juicy Couture - perfumes for women who like to travel, have fun and constantly discover something new. Courage, confidence and beauty combine this perfume composition. In it, all notes are chosen perfectly.

Upper accents of a green apple, blackcurrants, watermelon, passion fruit and mandarin are complemented by delightful medium notes of wild rose, jasmine, frangipani and water lily. As a result, the body retains for a long time the aroma of musk, tiara and woody smells.

And in 2012 came another flavor from the Malibu series called Surf. Strawberry, red apple, watermelon and mandarin brightly combined with such notes as wet wood and amber.

Viva La Juicy - an ode to juicy flavors

In 2008, a line of sweet female fragrancesreplenished the spirits of Viva La Juicy. This composition combines notes of a variety of forest berries and juicy mandarin. It was not without sweets. In the heart of the spirits, the notes of praline and milk caramel are raging.

A little later came a deeper and more refinedversion of this favorite many women perfume composition. Spirits Noir are designed for risky girls who love night clubs and always go to the intended goal.

Juicy Couture perfume price

The Viva La Juicy collection also includes fragrances:

  • Rose, in whose heart is a bright rose;
  • La Fleur with bright floral chords;
  • Gold - a glamorous version with a caramel accent;
  • Luxe - aroma with notes of snow-white flowers and juicy wild berries;
  • Stuff is intended for young and frivolous persons;
  • So Intense is a bright alliance of flowers, fruits and sweets.

"Royal Hollywood"

Hollywood Royal - fragrance, released in early 2015of the year. Like many other perfumes of the company, it is aimed at young people. After all, he is very warm and incredibly optimistic. With it, it's easy to create a good mood.

The composition of this fragrance is very rich:

  • The top notes are a combination of caramelized apple, pear and pamelo;
  • The heart of the perfume is revealed by notes of snow-white flowers;
  • and the basic chords include vanilla, cashmere, musk and marshmallow.

Sexy cocktail for men

Juicy Couture - perfume not only for women, but alsofor representatives of the strong half of humanity. Dirty English is a spicy-woody fragrance for a creative, energetic and simply charming man. Sensuality, romanticism, mystery - these are the features that will add to your hero such perfume.

Dirty English from Juicy Couture - perfume, reviews aboutwhich are very warm, like themselves. This cocktail of diversity combines the green coolness and warmth of wood and spices. This perfumery composition is an excellent everyday companion.

Juicy Couture perfume reviews

Juicy Couture - perfume, the price of which is alwayspleases. They belong to the "average" price category and cost from 1500 rubles per bottle 30 ml. Therefore, many can allow to make such a gift to their relatives and friends or to themselves. Today the "Jusy Couture" brand is really popular all over the world. The collection of fragrances includes more than 20 different perfumes. There are also those that are issued in limited batches. They are created with great pleasure by eminent perfumers from around the world, investing in their creations a piece of their own soul.