Mask for hair with gelatin - home laminating

What will not the girls try in the pursuit ofbeauty. There are enough recipes to take care of yourself in every glossy magazine. And the more difficult it is to find something unusual, new in the field of self-care. I want the tool to be effective, easy to use and inexpensive. Therefore, the number of recipes for the beauty of hair, skin, nails from improvised means is very, very large.

Mask for hair with gelatin
Let's try and surprise you with such a novelty inhome beauty industry, as a mask for hair with gelatin. Caring for the hair is a normal phenomenon in the conditions of life in the city. Hair very much suffer from temperature changes between street and house, from wearing hats, from smog and soot, from exhaust gases of vehicles and water of poor quality. And how the hair is spoiled daily with small stresses - it's impossible to convey. It is for this purpose that our hair mask is designed. Gelatine, the lamination with which we are going to do, is a source of collagen, a very useful substance for the skin and nails. Collagen itself is found in the connective tissues of animals, as well as in dry algae, from which gelatin is made. It is he who gives the structure of jelly.

Mask for hair with gelatin usesmodern know-how of hairdressing art - it laminates hair, that is envelopes them and protects them from exposure to temperatures, harmful substances and stress for a long time. How to do it?

hair mask gelatin lamination
It takes only three basic ingredients:a bag of gelatin, boiling water and shampoo or balm for hair. The last component does not carry any other functions, except how to help us accurately and uniformly apply the mask to the hair. Pour gelatin with boiling water in the proportion: one part gelatin three parts water - and let it swell. Then carefully mix so that there are no lumps. If they are still formed, put the container in a water bath and warm it up. When gelatin is prepared, add to it half a tablespoon of shampoo or hair conditioner, mix. Apply the mixture to wet, clean hair for the entire length. After that, put on a plastic bathing cap and leave the mask on your hair for 30-40 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water, thoroughly washing each strand of hair.

Mask for hair growth hair gelatin

A mask for hair with gelatin has othercooking options. For example, instead of ordinary water, you can try using mineral still water or milk. In addition, you can supplement such a mask with oils: burdock, almond or castor oil. For oily hair, add 0.5 teaspoon of oil to the gelatin. For normal type hair, increase this amount by half, and for dry ones - three times.

What is so useful for this hair mask?The growth of hair with gelatin can be achieved simply stunning. In addition, the hair becomes thicker, their structure becomes smoother, which means less knuckles, knots, fewer tips. In addition, the mask for hair with gelatin gives a lasting effect, which lasts until the third hair wash. After its application, hair is terrible, ironing, hair dryer, aggressive means for styling. Hair looks just like in advertising expensive cosmetics.