Brilliant classics: a jacket with crystals

Masters of nail art unanimously respondedthe French version of manicure as the most popular and sought-after design. This is not surprising, because it is in harmony with any clothing and is appropriate in every situation. In addition, this technique emphasizes the natural beauty of nails, creates an effect of grooming and accuracy. Like any classic, the French manicure became a kind of platform for variations on the theme of rejecting the standard white tip in favor of color: a rainbow jacket, with rhinestones, decorated with casting or foil, supplemented with drawings. There are a lot of options, the choice is limited only by the wishes of the client and the abilities of the master.

jacket with rhinestones
Space for imagination

French with strass can be played with color, shapecrystals, their number and location, adding auxiliary materials (bouillon, mesh, dried flowers). Depending on the general concept, this design can be restrained, casual or elegant, festive or even extravagant, shocking. And it is equally good on both long and medium nails, it should be applied carefully only on a very short manicure. Perfectly complement the image of the bride decorated in this way nails: a white jacket with rhinestones and a pattern-lace looks solemnly and gently.

nails coat white with rhinestones
To itself the master

Even if you do not have the opportunity to regularlytrust your hands with a manicurist, do not despair, a jacket with rhinestones is also available in your home. It will require a set for the French manicure (two varnishes: white and natural tones, strips to create a smile), fixer and, in fact, rhinestones. Saw nails, giving them the shape that is most suitable for your hands, remove the cuticle. Then cover the nail plate with a lacquer. One or two layers - will depend on the tool used and the expected result. When the background is completely dry, glue the stencils, forming a future jacket, with crystals it will attract increased attention, so give this moment a maximum of accuracy. A white strip can be quite narrow, which is preferable for short nails, or wide. However, it should not exceed 1/3 of the length of the entire plate, otherwise a caricature version will result. Stencils should be pressed tightly to avoid lacquering. When done, color the tips, let them dry completely and remove the templates. Usually those who do these manipulations for the first time, the smile line is slightly uneven, you can hide the small defects with glitter varnish (with sparkles). Apply a good coat of fixer and drown in it a rhinestone in the place where it should be on your idea, wait for drying and cover the entire nail again. Fixed in this way, small pebbles usually hold well, but if your jacket with crystals involves the use of larger specimens, they will need to be glued to a special glue for tips. The rest of the technique does not change. It is strictly forbidden to use any other types of glue such as "Second", "Dragon" and others. This can lead to nail injury or chemical burns.

manicure jacket with rhinestones photo
Having mastered this design, it will be possibleexperiment with the colors of the varnish, and then you can decorate your nails every time in different ways. Although for all the diversity of all this manicure "jacket with crystals". Photos from special magazines can suggest interesting ideas.