Permanent make-up of eyebrows

Eyebrows play a rather important role in appearancewomen. Depending on the shape of the eyebrows, you can visually expand or narrow your face, as well as correct the oval. The underlined eyebrows give the look special expressiveness.

Permanent make-up of eyebrows - a very convenient waycreating an ideal shape of the eyebrows for a long time. With its help, you can make this form that fits your face. You do not need to look after such eyebrows, all you need is just to pluck out the grown hairs.

permanent eyebrow makeup

Permanent make-up of eyebrows helps to keep themcolor, shape and expressiveness under any conditions: in the pool, at sea, in the rain or in the gym. In addition, it significantly reduces the time for daily make-up. And, of course, allows you to stay beautiful in any conditions.

On the technique of applying permanent make-up of eyebrowsThere are two types: "soft feathering" and "hair to the hair." Both techniques are designed to create natural eyebrows. They are quite safe and effective, but they give a different result.

The technique of "soft feathering" is used in the case,when the hairs of their eyebrows are rare or virtually absent. Using this technique, the master paints a line, creating an illusion of well-colored pencil eyebrows.

The technique of "hair to hair" isDrawing hairs of a certain color and size on the eyebrow area. This method of applying tattooing allows you to achieve maximum naturalness, even when viewed at close range.

laser removal of permanent makeup

The permanent make-up of eyebrows takes time from40 minutes. The procedure begins with correcting the shape of your eyebrows. After that, the skin is treated with an anesthetic. At the end of the procedure, the skin swells a little and acquires a reddish hue. This is quite a normal reaction, which lasts about three days. After complete healing, you can judge the result. Look, there is no obvious difference in symmetry or color, whether there are any unpainted areas, whether you are satisfied with the color and appearance of the eyebrows as a whole. If you are satisfied with all the above parameters, then you will not need to correct the permanent make-up. However, 80% of the procedures require correction. This depends on the fact that each organism has an individual reaction to the same pigment. This can affect the intensity and brightness of the resulting result.

permanent make-up correction
However, before doing eyebrow tattoos,refer to the choice of a specialist. To be afraid is not only unprofessional masters, but also poor-quality equipment and paints. You can make an uneven outline, pick the wrong color and instead of improving the shape, they can, on the contrary, spoil it. In addition, the use of substandard paint threatens to change color. Of course, if the tattoo is made ugly, it spoils your appearance. Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, please contact the specialists checked by your friends and acquaintances. Be sure to discuss all the details in advance. It will be good if the master shows you his work.

Do not skimp on it, otherwisethe result can be the reverse of what you expected - you will only spoil your face and will have to do the procedure repeatedly, and even laser removal of permanent make-up.

Eyebrow tattoo is stylish, fashionable and comfortable. It will save you from the daily eyebrow tint procedure, helping to save time and at the same time look natural and beautiful!