Basics of make-up for a square face

Not all women can boast of an ideal face shape. The world standard is the face of an oval shape, but beauties with a triangular or square face are not so simple.

A massive lower part, broad cheekbones and a forehead arebasic characteristics of a square face. Girls who have such data often complain about their appearance and try to find ways to adjust their far from imperfect features.

The right make-up for a square face will helphide the main shortcomings of appearance. In this case, you should read some secrets. In this case, the main purpose of makeup is to create the appearance of an oval face shape, but with each step you need to understand in more detail.

make-up for a square face

Make-up for a square face: basic rules

There are several basic rules for correcting the square type of face:

  • The tonal remedy should be in tone to the color of the skin.
  • The corrector for darkening the temporal zone and the lower part of the face on the sides should be darker than the skin tone.
  • If you have a square type of face, makeup in this case is best performed using a highlighter. It is applied to the chin, the back of the nose and the middle of the forehead.
  • Sculpting necessarily fixed with powder, for these purposes, a transparent powder on a mineral basis is perfect.
  • While doing makeup, you should do the accent onlips and eyes. Eyes can be emphasized with the help of arrows or eyeliner, and the lips are best visually narrowed so that they do not emphasize the prominent cheekbones.
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Correction tonal means

To make an ideal make-up for a square face shape, you need to know some of the secrets of its correction.

When doing make-up first personit is necessary to clear, and then start to work. First you need to apply a make-up base that will straighten the skin. Due to this, the tonal base will lie easily and naturally.

make-up for a square face

Next you need to visually isolate the oval on yourface, and all that is outside it, is best to mask a matte powder or foundation, which will be darker than the color of the skin on the tone. It should be careful, because the transition from darker to light tones should be imperceptible.

If desired or necessary with the help oftone cream can reduce the nose. For this, a means of a darker shade is applied to its side wings. At this stage, in the end, you need to lightly powder the entire face, using a transparent powdery powder on a mineral basis.


Correction of a square face with makeup requires the use of two shades of blush. Some should be bronze or brown, and others - in pink tones.

Darker agents are applied to the sidefaces diagonally, slightly grasping cheekbones. Roses light pink color highlight cheeks. Thanks to this method, the face becomes more fresh, while you can distract attention from too wide cheekbones.

Special attention should be paid to rouge applicationwomen with lowered corners of the lips. They must be applied strictly horizontally, so as not to get a "mournful" facial expression. In this case, the line of blush is brought only to the middle of the pupils.

Eyebrow correction

While working on creating the ideal shape of the eyebrows, you need to take into account that the hairs should be of medium density, and do not pull them too thin.

Performing makeup for a square face, girlsIt is worth choosing a shortened eyebrow shape that will not focus on the fact that the face is too wide. But still long eyebrows are also acceptable, everything should be strictly individual.

square face makeup correction

Also women with a square face form arebroken brow shape (in this case there should be a high bending point). And although these eyebrows give the person the appearance of a predator, while they distract attention from the heavy chin. However, you need to be careful, because too smooth or rounded eyebrows can spoil the whole image.


  1. Performing eyebrow make-up, it is worth to abandonblack pencil, it is best to choose the lighter shades, brown, or dark blond (all will depend on the color of the hair). Even if the girl's eyebrows are black, do not shade them with a pencil of the same color.
  2. Many specialists use one trick. The brush for the eyebrows is moistened in a special gel and combed hairs in the direction from the bottom up. This way you can open your eyes and give your face a more youthful look.

Eye Makeup

Distracting attention from an imperfect face,it should be remembered that it is the eyes that can play the most important role. Correctly and beautifully painted eyes will be the main accent and will easily distract from any shortcomings of appearance. Here you just need to read some of the key points.

Doing a make-up for a square face,lovers arrows should remember that they need to always draw in the ascending direction. The hands must in no case be horizontal.

Staining cilia, you also need to use one trick: paint only the top. Lower it is better not to paint at all, however, with a strong desire, it is possible to distinguish only the outer corners of the eyes.

square face correction with makeup

If the girl has a small distance between the eyebrows and the moving eyelid, it is worth to abandon the dark and pearly shadows. Feathering should be vertical.

Women with close-set eyes are bestuse light shadows. Applying them to the inner corners of the eyelids, you can visually place your eyes a little wider. In the presence of bags or bruises under the eyes is best not to paint the lower eyelid, limiting only the upper.

Make-up of the eyes for the face of a square shape should be limited to only one color. Multicolored palette will focus on too high forehead and will emphasize too long face.

Lips for perfect make-up

The square face shape assumes a visualLengthening the shape of the lips. It is necessary to take a contour pencil, which in color will be as close to the shade of lipstick as possible, and to draw the boundaries of the lips. Next, the pencil contour is blurred with a soft brush. To visually make the lips more plump, on the middle of the lower, as well as the upper, the lips on top of the lipstick apply a little shine. On the entire surface, gloss can be applied only to the owners of thin lips.

square face type makeup

Following the above recommendations and advice,you can easily create the perfect make-up for a square face. The photos presented in this article will be a good example for you. The task can be solved much faster, knowing all the necessary nuances and having in its arsenal a set of good brushes.

Reflecting on the fulfillment of the evening,festive or daytime make-up, you need to take into account the richness of the shades of used cosmetics. However, if the girl has a square face, the makeup correction should be using mostly soft and muted colors. Creating an evening make-up, you can afford to single out one zone, given the rule of one accent.