Cream VV Garnier, reviews and descriptions

BB cream (abbreviation "BB" means "blemish"balm "-" remedy for shortcomings ") was originally created by German cosmetologists as a curative product - it was prescribed for patients who needed a serious facial skin recovery after surgery.

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Asian manufacturers popularizeda miracle tool and made it accessible to ordinary people. The prevalence of BB-creams in the East could not long remain unnoticed by Western brands: now different companies almost every month release their own variations of the product. One of the first were "Garnier". Moreover, their remedy is very popular. What is good and what is bad "BB Garnier" cream? The buyers' reviews and the manufacturer's promises are compared in this article.

Cosmetics Garnier is known to its consumeraccessibility, and the company itself - a responsible attitude to the environmental situation in the world. The brand does not specialize in the production of decorative cosmetics - it can be considered an important detail when evaluating the resulting product, since BB-cream is a kind of tone replacement.

BB-cream from Garnier combines the propertiestonal and moisturizing creams. It can also be used as a make-up base. The official annotation reports that the cream performs six functions at once: it moisturizes and smooths the skin, gives it radiance, protects against ultraviolet radiation, prevents the formation of wrinkles and corrects complexion. Light, non-clogging pores and containing vitamin C - all this cream "BB Garnier." Product Reviews confirm and disprove some of these properties.

As the buyers note, the cream has a wet finish, that is, gives the skin radiance, but it does not seem greasy. The tool is distributed without problems

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Due to its light texture.Coverage is loose - the cream is suitable only for those who need to disguise no more than light reddening. It is also confirmed that the product does not clog pores and is safe for daily use.

However, not everyone can use the cream "BB Garnier."Customer feedback notes some product shortcomings. Already mentioned above loose coating and wet finish will not satisfy everyone: the product definitely will not suit people with problem and / or oily skin. In addition, the cream has a degree of protection from solar radiation, equal to only SPF15. This is not enough to use the product in summer and spring, when the skin is most at risk.

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Summarizing:Cream "BB Garnier", reviews on which are mostly very positive, can be a superfluous acquisition for your cosmetic bag. Owners of dry or normal skin, not prone to the appearance of notable deficiencies, will be able to appreciate its pleasant light texture and moisturizing effect. Among other things, the price of the product is quite low: depending on the store, it can vary, but it never exceeds 500 rubles. If you are not satisfied with classic Asian BB-creams with their dense texture and whitening effect, or you have never used such a tool before - try Garnier Cream, maybe it's perfect for you.