Cosmetics for face: recommendations and reviews

Specialists in the field of make-up and psychologybelieve that the most visible elements of the appearance of any person are the hair, eyes and skin color. If the color of the curls today can be easily changed to women and emphasized to men, and the eyes can become a completely different shade thanks to lenses, only high-quality face cosmetics can help to get a beautiful and even skin tone.

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General classification of cosmetic products for the face

It is believed that all cosmetic products can be divided into several classes, including (in descending order of cost):

  1. Medical series of cosmetics (cosmeceuticals).
  2. Salon cosmetics for the face, reviews of whichambiguous, includes a series of "Lacrima" or "Academia." Users note that this is a very specific product. The presence of hormonal supplements in some articles may cause addiction and even a violation of the cycle in women. The abolition of drugs can give the effect of severe aging. But to look young it helps very quickly.
  3. Luxury cosmetics from the companies "Nina Ricci", ""Chanel", "Dior", "Zhyvanshi", etc. It has significant efficiency, contains a high percentage of natural substances, does not cause addiction, is produced mainly in Europe, meets environmental standards and production standards.
  4. Also allocated "middle class" cosmetics. Face cream from the company "Loreal", "Revlon" or "Marie Kay" can contain up to 60% of natural substances and be quite affordable.
  5. All other brands are classified as consumer goods,produced by huge lots for the fair sex, to whom the above brands can not afford. It has few natural components, petrochemical products prevail, formalin derivatives, phenol, preservatives and low-quality dyes are found. This face cosmetics often gives allergic reactions and poor visual results. Therefore, some women avoid such brands as Rubyrose, Nivea, Avon, etc., especially if there is a suspicion of falsification of these well-known brands.

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Some drugs are only being tested

Experts believe that the best cosmetics forThe person, optimally influencing a skin, concerns to a cosmeceutical of the third level. These drugs affect all layers of the skin (epidermis, dermis and hypodermis), give enviable rates of regeneration. Their cost is prohibitive, and to date, many drugs of this level are not available to ordinary users, since all clinical trials have not yet been completed. Cosmeceuticals of the second level are creams, balms, tonics that not only improve the appearance of the skin, but also have a therapeutic effect on the cellular level.

Cosmeceuticals of the second level. Who is the manufacturer?

In total there are about a dozen companies in the world,representing such products (including "NSP-Natria"). Here, ladies can count on the presence of extracts of many plants (soya beans, chamomile, ginseng, lettuce, ginkgo biloba, green tea, etc.), natural oils, vitamins in the cream and balsam compositions. The effect of the listed ingredients is enhanced by the fact that, for example, a micrococcal lysatin enzyme is present in cosmetic products, which restores the damaged DNA structure. The company "NSP-Natria" has been operating since 1972 (registration of a trademark), therefore there is reason to trust the quality of this company's products. Although the products are not available to everyone due to the high cost.

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We buy cosmetics in the pharmacy!

The best face make-up can be matchedindividually in the cheaper price segment of first level cosmeceuticals. Such products can be bought only in pharmacies, where it is represented by the firms "Vichy", "Phyto", "Lierac", etc. Cosmetic preparations of these series have an effect only on the layers of the skin to the basement membrane, therefore they preferentially eliminate dryness or fat content of the skin, small wrinkles, improve the overall condition of the ducts of the sebaceous glands on the skin. That is, they work with "problems", but have no specific therapeutic effect.

For example, cosmetics for the face skin "Vichy"(Idealia Krim) can improve the texture of the skin in one month, narrow the pores, reduce the severity of the venous network and pigment spots, smooth out wrinkles (according to reviews and clinical experience - in 77-82 percent of women who use this drug). The production of the cream uses complex biotechnological processes, including special fermentation of black tea, which gives vitamins and enzymes, especially deeply affecting the skin.

Creams with protective functions

The company "Vichy" is represented anddecorative-regenerating cosmetics for the face. Reviews about the creme "VV Idealia Crim" are close to five points out of five possible and indicate that the product is easily applied to the skin, has a gentle texture, gives the effect of shining due to mineral pigments. The active component of this cream (klbuchi extract) eliminates signs of tarnish, promotes moisturizing, and a sufficiently high sunscreen factor (25) helps keep the skin tender and fresh throughout the day.

Miracle funds from the Land of the Rising Sun are not cheap

A little less often in the Russian marketJapanese cosmetics for the face. The most famous company representing this country is the "ShiseDU" corporation, which offers a wide range of products, characterized by high quality and fairly affordable prices. For example, the lifting cream of the anti-aging "Wakanka" series at a price of about 1000 rubles for a volume of 25 milliliters allows women "for 50" to improve the complexion, smooth out wrinkles, improve the skin texture due to contained pearl reflective particles, royal jelly of bees, collagen, extract garnet and rose petals. In addition, this product has a lavender extract, which allows cells to regenerate faster, and extract from safflower, which increases the protective functions of the skin.

Japanese cosmetics for face

Six funds in one. Only in Japan

Almost twice cheaper can cost the JapaneseFace make-up intended for girls and teenagers who have problematic skin. In this case, at a price of about 500 rubles (for the same 25 milliliters), you can count on buying a "6 in one" product, which is an IV cream. The users of this product receive the properties of the serum, makeup bases, tonal remedy, concealer, milk and sunscreen by means of special powder, light refractive elements, collagens, vitamins (E, C, B6) and isopropylmethylphenol, which affects the inflamed parts of the skin.

Sturgeon caviar in face cream

In addition, facial cosmetics from Japanis presented with nourishing eye creams ("Enrich krim" series), which include hyaluronic acid, oceanic water, algae extracts and ... sturgeon caviar. Such a magnificent composition nourishes the delicate skin around the eyes, removes darkening and puffiness, smooths the microrelief. Pleasure, I must say, is not cheap, as for a tube in 30 ml you need to shell out about 800 rubles. Approximately the same amount of funds for care of eyelids with vitamins E, C and ceramides, which normalize the balance of hydrolipids, enhance the protective properties of the skin.

Face cream Neva cosmetics

Not all the hieroglyphs on creams can be Japanese

The "Tritment Krim" of the "Lochi" series containsalso the extract of soybeans, which nourishes the skin, adds to them the elasticity and whiteness, which is so appreciated in Japan. What other famous Japanese cosmetics? Face masks of Japanese firms almost always contain collagen, which fills irregularities and fine wrinkles, allowing the skin to look better. But you need to consider that the effect of this mask lasts a couple of days, after which the fair sex "gets" her face back. Also, it is worth noting that many brands of Japanese cosmetics are not well known, and when buying through online stores, it should be borne in mind that the text on tubes with Asian creams is usually performed with hieroglyphs that in case of a fake can be Korean and Chinese. According to many representatives of the fair sex, Korean models are often sold under the guise of Japanese decorative cosmetics.

Available products from the Nevskaya Cosmetics factory

For those women who are not willing to overpayfor the treasured tubes, for more than one hundred and seventy years, the Nevskaya Cosmetics factory has been manufacturing its products. For the face, this company offers almost twenty positions of traditional creams, which can be bought at a price of less than one euro for forty milliliters. Despite such a modest cost, these funds nourish the skin of various types (the articles "Almond", "Avocado", "Peach" and "Apricot", "Lanolin" and "Spermacetovy", etc.), protect it from external influences ("Green tea "), moisturize (" Moroshka "," Pomegranate "," Grapes "and" Calendula "). With the help of cream "Cucumber" you can get matting effect, and "Carrots" and "Ginseng" will help in the fight against old age. The user notes that the products of "Nevskaya Kosmetika" demonstrate an excellent parity of "price-quality" parameters.

Face make-up reviews

Why pay more for imported creams?

What ingredients contains face cream "Nevskaya"cosmetics"? Surprisingly, they partially coincide with the composition of many expensive and eminent foreign brands. For example, in "Ginseng", in addition to the extracts of the main plant of the same name and echinacea, you can find vitamin E, shea butter, avocado and olive oil. And the cream "Grapes" has in its composition an extract of white grapes, allantoin, glycerine and natural olive oil. Also, customers note that any face cream ("Nevskaya Kosmetika") has a light consistency, a pleasant aroma and is adapted to the climatic conditions of the Russian Federation, which differ significantly from the climate of the same Italy or France.

Experts believe that an attractive cutaneouscover is formed primarily by sufficient moisture. In the environment there are many factors that contribute to a strong evaporation of moisture from the surface of the skin, including: inadequate nutrition, stress, adverse conditions, dry air in an apartment or study, exposure to sun, rain, heat or cold. Cosmetics for the face from the above-mentioned firm from St. Petersburg of the Rosa series for intensive moisturizing contain a complex of "Hydroviton 24" (natural origin), which prevents evaporation of moisture, contributing to the effective supply of moisturizing components to the upper layers of the skin (at the level of the intercellular space). Like the traditional series, it is much cheaper than foreign analogues. In this case, the effect of the impact can exceed all expectations, which makes it popular with customers.

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Professional - means quality

And what is the professionalCosmetics for the face? Feedback from users and experts, alas, do not give an unambiguous answer. Therefore under this definition the expensive, qualitative cosmetics, mainly decorative, foreign manufacture more often gets. The girls name such brands as "Jansen", "Lancome", "Dior", "Sesderma", "Ji", "Doctor Baumann", etc., which they bought on the advice of their beautician or directly in beauty salons.

For example, offered by the firm "Doctor Baumann"professional cosmetics for the face, the reviews are positive, includes five lines of products that do not contain mineral oils, animal components, flavors and preservatives. They contain substances inherent in the human body, so allergic reactions are excluded. The company has existed for more than a quarter of a century and has proven itself due to the high quality and variety of products.