French french nail design

It's no secret that it's the handsa woman can determine her age. Yes, and generally untidy hands will always spoil even the most ideal image. It is for these reasons that each girl needs to pay attention to her nails. Bring your hands in order can be in different salons, and independently at home. Everyone knows that the fashion for manicure changes constantly. However, for those who always want to be in the trend, the perfect solution will be to make the nails of the jacket. This design has been popular for several decades and deservedly considered a classic. Many experts believe that the jacket is universal and perfectly suited for everyday manicure, and for special events.

Nail french

A short digression into the history

If you conduct a survey, in which country was the first timemade a French manicure, many people, without hesitation, will call France. However, this opinion is erroneous. For the first time, a French manicure appeared in 1976 in Hollywood. The reason for its appearance is very simple - in the process of filming, to manicure actresses fit under different images, the artists needed to change it often. To avoid these time outlays, the producers decided to ask the masters to come up with a universal design suitable for any outfit. The choice fell on the founder of the company Orly - Jeff Pink. It was he who invented the nail design of the jacket. The manicure received its name because of the similarity of the name of the company and the name of the French airport.

At the time, Jeff Pink could not even think thathis designed design will be so popular and even become a classic in the nail industry. Despite the fact that the modern world there are many different variations of the French manicure, its original appearance has still not lost its relevance.

French on nails photo

Different techniques for creating a design

With the development of the nail industry, several techniques have been developed for performing French manicure on nails:

  • Drawing a smile on the nail with the help of a normal paint brush;
  • the use of a special fine brush for the jacket;
  • use stencils to make the nails of the jacket;
  • the creation of such a design with the help of building.

Each master chooses a technique depending on thehis own skills and preferences. For example, for master novices, a special choice will be special stencils - strips, with which you can draw a smooth smile. More experienced masters draw a jacket with an ordinary paint brush. Gel nail extensions are not only a more difficult task, but also require more time and special materials. This way of creating a design is best for professionals.

New Year's jacket on nails

Preparation of hands for covering

Before you do the nails of a jacket, you need a handleprepare - make a manicure. As you know, manicure is of three types: edged, hardware and combined. More affordable and easy is edging. To make such a manicure, you need tools:

  • a bath for hands;
  • cream-soap to soften the skin of hands;
  • liquid for degreasing or alcohol;
  • nippers and nail scissors;
  • nail file.

When all the materials are prepared, you can proceed to the procedure. The trimmed manicure takes approximately 30 minutes. This procedure consists of several steps:

  1. First you need to pour warm water in the hand bath. In it, drip a few drops of soothing soap.
  2. The second step is to steam hands in the water. This stage takes about 10-15 minutes on average.
  3. Next, with the help of nippers and nail scissors, you should remove the cuticle, keratinized skin and all the burrs. Here you need special attention and care to avoid damage.
  4. The next step is to give the nails the same length and shape using the nail file and scissors.
  5. In the end, the nails should be degreased with a special liquid or alcohol.

As you can see, this procedure does not take much time. Any one can cope with it. Girls who do not want to do their own manicure, you can turn to specialists.

French coat for short nails

Materials for the jacket

After the completion of the manicure, you can begin to cover the nails. To make a white coat coat on nails with gel-varnish, the following materials are needed:

  • basic coverage;
  • light pink or beige gel-lacquer;
  • white gel-varnish;
  • top cover;
  • a lamp for drying the gel-varnish;
  • alcohol or liquid for degreasing.

If it is necessary to make a covering with usual varnish, then you need to prepare ordinary varnishes - transparent, non-white and white. To simplify the procedure, you can use stencils for the jacket.

French on nails for a new

Classic coat on nails: photo and step by step instruction

The French manicure is done very simply and fairly quickly:

  1. First apply the base coat (clear varnish) and dry.
  2. Next, the nails should be covered with a colored gel-varnish in two layers. First apply one layer, dried in a lamp. Then - the second and also dried.
  3. The next stage is the creation of a "smile" line.It can be drawn with an ordinary brush or with the help of stencils. It is necessary to watch, that all "smiles" were equal, and the main thing - identical. After everything is ready, the nails should be dried in a lamp. If necessary (if the white varnish is not flat) this step can be repeated.
  4. In the end, all the nails need to be covered with top, dry them and remove the sticky layer.

Thus, the manicure is ready. It should be borne in mind that the jacket for short nails also looks beautiful, as well as on long ones.

Fingernails for the new year

How long does the design work on nails

The duration of the "life" of a manicure depends directly on the materials that it was made. So, a jacket with a usual varnish will keep some days a maximum. The coating may begin to chip earlier.

Gel-lacquer is now famous for the fact that it can be longwear. So, the French manicure gel-varnish will keep on average about a month. To ensure maximum wear to the design, it can not be cut or filed. Also, mechanical influences should be avoided. Significantly reduce the duration of the "life" of the varnish may be poorly prepared hands or the wrong technique of applying the coating itself.

Fingernails: where appropriate and with what combination?

As already mentioned, the main advantageFrench manicure - its universality. The design fits perfectly with any outfit and will be appropriate not only for business meetings, but also for romantic walks. French can be done for long and short nails. The shape of the nails also does not matter. Many girls are wondering what kind of nails to make for the new year. French will be an excellent solution, because in this case, the girls can change a few images for the holiday, without worrying that the manicure does not suit them.

White jacket on nails

Kinds of a jacket

Now you can distinguish such varieties of French manicure:

  1. Classic coating. Such a variety means covering the base of the nails with ordinary flowers, and the lines of the "smile" with the usual white color.
  2. A colored jacket. Such a design can be performed in two ways. In the first case, the line of a smile is drawn with a colored lacquer. In the second - the whole nail is covered with colored lacquer, and the smile line is white.
  3. Design with sparkles.This manicure looks stylish and smart. It can be applied to any holiday. For example, to make a New Year's coat on your nails, you can sprinkle a line of a smile with gold sparkles.
  4. The fan-french. Such a variety implies the use of rhinestones, beads, ribbons and other materials.
  5. Reverse (moon) jacket. Here the line of a smile is drawn not at the tip of the nail, but at the base - the holes.
  6. French with a design means drawing a drawing on the nail plate.
French on nails photo


Based on all of the above, you need to take stock. The main advantages of the French manicure are:

  1. This design is neutral. Therefore, girls who want to make a jacket on their nails for the New Year, do not worry that a manicure will distract the attention of others from the whole image as a whole.
  2. The French manicure is always in a trend.
  3. French allows you to experiment with various designs.
  4. Ideal for both natural and nails.
  5. Suitable for girls who work in offices with a strict dress code.
  6. Ideal for any form and length of nails.

Because of these advantages of the French manicure, many girls have been giving preference to him for many years.