Fashion Accessories for Hair

At all times women's hair was adornedbeautiful scarves, bows, colored hairpins and elastic bands. Of course, such wardrobe items not only made the woman more attractive, but also isolated her from the crowd.

Fashion never stands still. It would seem that the variety of jewelry for the hair has completely exhausted itself. However, world designers are already ready to offer new fashion accessories for the summer and spring season of 2013.

What is waiting for women's heads this year?

fashionable accessories
The first thing that catches your eye is the variegatedhandkerchiefs tied in the style of 60-70-ies, the so-called retro-style. Very popular will be as wide ribbons (bright and painted), tied over the loose hair, and all the forgotten bow on the curls gathered in a bun. Do not be shy, with such a hairdo, you can go to work and on a morning run.

It is noteworthy that the scarf returns to fashion notOnly as an accessory, which is tied around the neck. They can also decorate hair in the style of housewives of the 60's. All this says about one thing: you can safely experiment, look into the past and get inspiration there.

Probably, many remember the recent boom withusing a variety of rims? So, rejoice, they again return to fashion and shops that are already in a hurry to offer their visitors the latest fashion accessories from many famous designers.

For those who have not used the bezel, it will be interesting to know that this is not only stylish, but also functional. A beautiful decoration easily keeps the hairstyle and perfectly emphasizes the shape of the face.

Fashion Accessories for Hair
In fashion accessories, not only the bezels were recorded, but also various beautiful hair clips and elastic bands - the fashion makes a flashback, and on the shelves of shops lie the goods of past years.

If you previously tried to hide the rubber band, make it invisible, then in the modern fashion world everything is different. It can be voluminous, made using different pebbles and beads.

However, if you do not want to shine a lot of shine in your hair, a rubber band made of latex will do.

As for the pins, which are decorated with incredible colors, they will be just in time, when all around blooms and pours in the colors of summer.

Fashionable hair accessories in floral design - a necessary item in the wardrobe in the spring of 2013. Any underscore of femininity, grace and beauty is always much appreciated.

Original jewelry will look charming not only on long hair, short haircuts also will be unique with colorful headscarves and snow-white bows.

Original fashion accessories themselves make very easy. They will be highly appreciated by relatives and relatives.

Fashion accessories own hands

Self-made work

Of course, everything can be purchased in stores, but sometimes there is not enough patience to find the right thing. Then there is a desire to do it yourself. And this is very true.

In fact, for an accessory is not so much andit is necessary. In any store of goods for "self-made" is sold a huge number of bases for rims and various ornaments. To build on your head a blossoming rose or fluttering butterfly - this is to make fashion accessories for a hairstyle. Do it, use ribbons, braid braids with colored bows. Designers Giles created an amazing hole in a bow. Can not you do it yourself?