French on oval nails (photo)

French manicure, which is awhite strip on the free edge of the nail, was invented by Jeff Pink, the founder of the brand of varnishes ORLY. The history of its creation is associated with the need to quickly change the image of Hollywood actresses in the process of filming various scenes.

Although it happened in 1976, to this day this design remains relevant. The name sounds like "French" in English. At first, J. Pink called it "natural nails", but the name did not stick.

French on oval nails is the very first variation, invented by an American. For many years this design does not give up the position. And it's no wonder - he became a classic.

The shape of the nails from "Ole House"

The most famous training company for building upnails and design in our country is "Ole House". She has established traditions, and this applies not only to teaching methods and traditional competitions, holidays of teachers and students. For many years, despite the ever-changing fashion for the length and shape of the nails, the standard of "Ole House" remains unchanged.

jacket on oval nails

This is the classical length (the length of the nail bedequal to the length of the free edge) and an oval shape. It is these nails that the master builds after training. This is a very stable design that is difficult to break. Due to the rounded shape, the nail does not cling to the clothes, it does not tip the tips.

French on oval nails - one more visitingcard of this brand. It is performed in different ways, the color scheme can also vary. But one thing is certain - this is the most classic option. When it comes to dress code (it does not matter, white tai or kažal), such nails will fit any one along.

When is it better to choose an oval

Although the square shape of the nails has many advantages, it is sometimes better to choose the oval shape.

  • This is especially true for thin, flexible,fragile, layered nails. At least for the time of their treatment and strengthening. Usually in such cases the natural length is minimal. To visually extend the shape, the French manicure will do.
  • Nails large, wide should not be emphasized with the forms "square" or "stylet". The most advantageous for them is an oval or almond shape.
  • A jacket on the nails of the oval shape is ideal for age manicure.
  • Sports girls often break off the tipsnails, playing volleyball. To avoid discomfort, it is better to give the nails an oval shape and not a very long one. Salon length of nails - 2/3 of the free edge from the length of the nail bed. This is the best.

Photo of oval nails: jacket with a pattern

The whole direction of nail designs are drawings onwhite smile. No wedding can do without them. It is not necessary to draw on every nail. Two designs on each hand are enough.

jacket on oval nails photo

With the jacket, the following types of patterns are combined:

  • Lace.
  • Flowers.
  • Setochka.
  • Shuttlecocks.

Why choose drawings, not volumetric design

In nail fashion, at one time the masters were fond of 3D design. He is called "acrylic modeling" and, in fact, is a miniature sculpture. This special kind of design captivates the eye.

  • Fragile flowers and translucent leaves, which are visible veins, - a real work of art.
  • Cameo on the nail, repeating the motif of the ring and the suspension, causes admiration for the skill of the performer.

But they can not wear a voluminous design.He is uncomfortable when you need to do housework, wash your hair, and the like. In addition, volumetric roses get dust, dyes from tea and coffee. This does not contribute to the preservation of the charm of volumetric design. Yes, and irritate many constantly for all the clinging rhinestones, convex flowers or "knitted nails."

French on oval nails without decorations by designmay seem boring. In this case, you can make a color smile, a constriction on the nail bed, perform a design in one style, but so that all five fingers are different. Help in this moon manicure, a golden rim around the nail, one completely white nails (usually nameless).

French on oval nails: photo

When talking about a smile on oval nails, it is importantdetermine the height of the antennae. This is a subtle drawing of the jacket along the side rollers. Antennae can be raised high, visually narrowing the nail bed. Or they can hardly be - usually it's so on short nails.

photo of oval finger nails with pattern

The grown-up oval nails-french of classical or salon length are ideal for design. Some types of it look good only on a classic white smile. Especially scarlet poppies.

When correcting, instead of drawing a smile againyou can simply execute a design that will close the problem areas. After two weeks, the smile loses its original whiteness. It's okay to close this place with drawings.

At home

French on oval nails can be done on their own. This will require the following materials:

  • Strips for drawing a jacket (it is better to buy those used for airbrushing: they are thin, transparent, adhere well to natural nails and artificial coatings).
  • Brush with bevelled corner.
  • Palette.

Narrowed oval toe nails

With a brush from a bottle it is difficult to type the necessary amount of lacquer (or gel-varnish). You can get a convex smile, which quickly collapses. It is necessary to apply a thin layer in two or three doses.

A home-made jacket on oval nails, the photo of which is given above, requires only accuracy. Possess the talent of the artist with the chosen method of applying a smile is not necessary.

The order of the design:

  • Prepare the nail to the artificial coating.
  • Carefully paste the strips for the French manicure on one hand.

coat on oval nails

  • Spread the color of the smile on the palette.
  • Using a brush, select a varnish (gel-varnish) by passing it in one and the other direction along the palette.
  • Trying not to stop brushing on strips, gently cover the free edge. You can apply the technique of patting. In the corners of the brush have a narrow tip to the platen.
  • The gel-varnish polymerizes in a lamp, the usual one is dried for at least five minutes.
  • Repeat the operation. If necessary, apply a third time. To cover was not too transparent, sometimes it is enough to lift the pigment from the bottom of the bottle. To do this, turn the bottle and turn it slightly in the palms.

Choosing this form and classic design, you can confidently feel yourself in any situation.