Scissors program: where to use, how to use it

The Scissors program is an application that allowsuser to select the necessary part of the desktop and make it a screenshot. Of course, such functions are performed by only one button Print Screen. However, the program allows you to make a screenshot not only of the desktop, but only of its small section.

program scissors

Where does

The Scissors program is a staffA mini-application that performs many functions and greatly facilitates the work. This software is built in almost all versions of Windows 7: corporate, home, maximum, professional. The exception is the basic one. It should be noted that this program is also found in Windows 8, and Windows Vista, and in other versions.

The main advantage of this application is that it allows not only to take a part of the desktop, but also to perform some editing actions.

Where to find the program in Windows 7

Before you take a screenshot, you need to runattachment. The "Scissors" program in Windows 7 is located in the "Start" menu. Here it will not be difficult to find. Go to the menu, you must go to the "All Programs" tab, then "Standard". After that, you can click on the icon with the signature "Scissors".

There is another, faster way. It is enough to enter the name "Scissors" in the search bar, but without the quotes. The system will independently find the application. If the "Scissors" program is used very often, you can fix it in the quick access panel in the "Start" menu. It is not difficult. It is enough to press the right mouse button, hovering over the name of the program, and select the function "Pin to Start Menu" in the shortcut menu.

program scissors for windows

Main application functions

The Scissors program for Windows 7 performs only three basic functions:

  1. Create a screenshot.
  2. Editing the finished image.
  3. Saving the final result.

This is quite enough for the creation workpictures of the desktop. It is worth noting that the application interface is quite simple. In the process of executing and editing the screenshots, there is no great difficulty. So, it is worth considering in more detail the main functions of the program.

Creating snapshots

To make a simple screenshot, just clickon the button "Create". If necessary, you can select the shape of the future shot. To do this, click on the triangle next to the "Create" button. The program "Scissors" offers several options:

  1. Screenshot of the active window.
  2. Free form.
  3. Rectangle.
  4. The whole screen.

Having chosen the necessary parameters, it remains to click onCreate button. After such manipulation, the objects located in the work area will be darkened. To take a screenshot of the desired area, you should click on the left mouse button and hold it and hold the pointer over the screen. When the required zone is highlighted, release the key. As a result, a new window will open, where the finished image will be.

If the screenshot is not liked, then it can be remade, again clicking on the "Create" button and selecting the desired site. After the picture is ready, you can start editing it.

program scissors for windows 7

How to edit a screenshot

The "Scissors" program for Windows allowsedit the finished image. After creating the screenshot, a separate application window opens. Do not compare this editor with the Paint program, since its editor has a limited set of functions. In the screenshot you can make some notes. To do this, use a marker or pen. The strokes created by these tools can be any color. In addition to the hue, you can adjust the thickness and type of the line.

The program "Scissors" allows you to copyedit the snapshot and paste it into the window of another application. To do this, click the "Copy" button. In this case, the drawing will be saved to the clipboard. After that, you can put it in the photo editor, text editor and other programs. It is enough to press the "Paste" button in the required application. You can also use hot keys. To insert an object, press Ctrl + V.

program scissors for xp

Saving result

Scissors for XP and other versionsWindows allows you to save a screenshot in several formats. It can be PNG, JPG, GIF and even HTML, which is very convenient. To save the image, click on the "Save" button. In the application, this icon is designated as a floppy disk. After that, select the file type and enter the name. Finally, click the "Save" button.

You can act in a different way. In the program menu, select the "File" option, and then "Save as". Now you need to choose the place where the file will be stored, name it and select the format. Finally, click the "Save" button.

As you can see, the "Scissors" program is usefulan application that is easy to work with. If you want to create a simple screenshot, then you should use this software. The interface of the program is understandable, and it can be mastered on an intuitive level.