Hyde: Mundo - wood, top line, skills, assembly

Season after season "Riot" seemed to have forgotten about itinteresting and at the same time terrible champion. All the recent changes that concerned this hero were either insignificant, or were purely cosmetic in nature. Nevertheless, Dr. Mundo (guide on the upper line and the jungle) enjoys an enviable demand and is not going to surrender their positions either on the top or in the forest. Judging by the meteorite of the sixth season, the hero firmly established himself in the top twenty most popular champions.

guide mundo

So, the guide: Mundo - forest, the top line, skills, assembly and features of the behavior on the line in the sixth season of the League of Legends.


Immediately it is worth noting that all the skills thatuses a champion, spend not mana or energy, but his own health. Therefore, before you throw somewhere your next skill, it's better to weigh everything once more.

The adrenaline rush (passive skill)

Due to his passive ability, the doctorMundo (guide is relevant for update 6.13) is able to regenerate your health at a rate of 0.3% (from the maximum rate) per second. And this, if you look at the rest of the tanks, is an obvious and great advantage. The most interesting thing is that the passive skill always works, that is, it does not matter whether you are getting damage or just farming - health will be filled up all the time. Voliber and Garen with their passions are not even close by.

Infected Cleaver (Q)

This is the main attacking skill of the champion, with the help ofwhich he not only deals damage, but also slows down his opponents. The main plus of the skill is that damage is caused by calculating the maximum health of the target, making it popular even in the late game, regardless of the chosen line (top or forest guide).

doctor mundo guide

Mundo with his "Infected Cleaver" from the firstlevels slows the target by 40%, and this is some kind of no, but control. Another important point is recharging in 4 seconds, which allows you to relatively easily farm on the line against the range champions. The only minus of skill is the difficulty of hitting, but after a few dozen games everything should come back to normal.

Devouring agony (W)

After activating this skill, the champion beginsTo inflict periodic magical damage to the surrounding enemies. Immediately it is worth noting that in combination with the "Cape of the Solar Flame" (guide: Mundo - top), the efficiency of the skill will grow significantly. In addition to the attacking effect, the skill reduces the effect of slowing and weakening enemy spells, which allows the champion to quickly leave the battlefield or, conversely, rush into the thick of the battle.

Masochism (E)

This skill is aimed at strengthening the nextautoattacks champion. As already mentioned above, the hero's skills use his own health, so for damage, it's best to choose the target of the enemy champion, not mobs on the line.

Sadism (R)

Literally, all the leagues of the League of Legends canboast of their protection, and this guide (Mundo forest and top) will show that the champion, besides a good basic armor, is distinguished by an exceptional regeneration of health. At the moment of activation of absolute skill the hero becomes simply not killed, because the enemies simply do not have time to cope with the crazy heats of the champion. The only thing that can help the enemy in this situation is either the "Herald of Death" or a massive attack by all that can be. It is worth noting one nuance: the absolute skill needs to be applied in time - if you pull to the last, the ultimate takes 20% of your health for activation and you just do not have time to do anything.

Hyde: Mundo - the top line

If you are able to track things on the map, then in addition to "Jump" take "Teleport", in other cases take the "Ignition" for dominance on the line.

mundo forest guide

Master the skills in order with the followingPriorities up to the sixth level: Q, E, W, Q, E. With the help of his main attack skill (Q), the champion is able to drive almost any player standing against him on the line. Also, the pumped "Infected Cleaver" will help you with the farm on top.

The second skill is better to maximize (W), thatwill very quickly take away the waves of mobs and be extremely useful in team battles. E-shku can pump on two units and forget about it until late game, as the benefits from it in the early and middle stages of the match a bit. Absolute skill of the champion we swing, naturally, out of turn.

Runes and talents are taken as an ordinary tank, there are no nuances here: 12-0-16.

Artifacts also do not differ in variety: "Cape of the Solar Flame", "Vestments of the Spirits", "Armor of Varmog" and "Guardian Angel".

Hyde: Mundo - forest

In the case of forest, instead of "Jump" you can take "Exhaustion" or "Healing", but only if you know how to do without it, that is, you play more or less passively.

mundo top guide

Pumping skills in the jungle changes slightly, and the first is to activate our (E), then (W), and only then (Q).

Runes and talents are similar to what we took forthe top line, and in the assembly instead of "Cape of the solar flame" we take "Searing". You can also replace the guardian angel with a frozen hammer so that the enemies do not have a chance to escape.