How to rotate video using special software

While filming videos, not everyone thinks about how,how to arrange the device, so when viewing the "created masterpiece", the question arises as to how to rotate the video. With the images everything is clear: in order to deploy the photo, it is enough to use the standard Windows program, for example, Media Player. This utility allows you to rotate the image from 90 ° to 360 °, with the rotation possible at 90 °, 180 °, 270 ° and 360 °, that is four options, but this is quite enough, while the other rotation combinations are practically not used .

Windows Media Player saves the image in the specified position automatically, when switching to another photo - using special program buttons.

But the picture is static, indicate to it a fixedthe layout is simple, but how to rotate the video? This question torments many inexperienced users. In order to rotate the video, you need to use a special program that is not included in the list of standard utilities. There are many such programs, it remains only to choose the one that is to your liking.

how to rotate video
Such utilities are created specifically for the purpose,To manipulate the location of the video in the visual space. Quite often when editing footage, professionals are faced with the need to change some fragments, add effects or expand the viewing area. To do this, utilities such as Free Video Flip and Rotate or VirtualDub are used - these are the most advanced and popular programs, however, non-professional, so, in addition, how to rotate the video, this software is no longer capable of anything.

But ordinary users do not need anything else. With the help of such utilities you can solve the main problem. Unfortunately, Free Video Flip and Rotate robbed video quite severely, that is, it degrades its quality. Therefore, using this editor, you should be cautious. It is recommended to work in the utility with high-quality video, so that the degradation of quality was not so noticeable, while the program is rather slow. If the time and quality of the footage is expensive, then you can buy paid software - these are specialized utilities that can work with any file formats, while performing operations quickly without losing quality.

rotate video
Before you rotate the video, you need to decidefor yourself, what tools to use. Buying a paid software will be a pretty penny, but if you are professionally installing, then it's worth it, since the paid utility will pay off fairly quickly, and customers will certainly be satisfied with the quality of the work done.

Well, if you want to rotate the video to 90degrees, just because someone forgot how to properly locate a video camera, then it's enough to get one of the free utilities. For example, VirtualDub is a great alternative for ordinary users, while the utility provides a good quality of processing.

Rotate the video 90 degrees
If you want to rotate the image duringplayback, then it is possible in almost any modern video viewer. Even flash players, working in online mode, have such a function, and the popular utility Media Player Classic allows you to rotate the picture by 45 °.

Thus, the Internet offers a lot of information and ways to solve problems, you just need to be able to use them.