L.A. Noire: passing the game. "Puncture", "Machine of the Consul": passage

Police detective is a genre that is veryIt is widely used in literature and cinema, but it is rare to find such a game on the computer. After all, users are more fond of drive, action, shooting, chases and much more, which is peculiar to shooters. But the creators of L. A. Noire did not hesitate to experiment - of course, they did not rule out shooting and chasing the criminals, because without this there is no police action movie, but in addition, they introduced some features that made this project really unique.

The game includes absolutely all aspects,which can be of interest to the target audience: a fascinating storyline with incredible twists and turns, and a large number of basic and secondary tasks, and character development, and an excellent graphic component, and a large number of retro cars, and even the sights of some cities in which action will take place . But most importantly - this game has a special system of conducting interrogations, which makes it really unique. Next, you will learn more about the main advantages of this game, you will understand that all passed missions are credited to you in percentages, and all percentages in LA Noire 100. Passage of this masterpiece can take you a lot of time if you undertake all the external tasks, but the passage of the storyline will not be short either.

What is L. A. Noire?

l a noire passage

Start with the definition of the genre of this game thatis not so simple. As it was said before, this game most of all resembles a police thriller, but what is included in this concept? Is it chasing and shooting that's all that L.A. Noire includes? The passage of this game in reality will require much more from you. It is important and competent driving in transport, and the ability to solve riddles, and most importantly - this flair. Without it, you are unlikely to succeed in successfully interrogating a witness or guessing who and how to commit a particular crime.

Plus to everything for the complete passage of the game to youit will be necessary to find many hidden objects, such as newspapers or landmarks. They do not affect the plot, but they are very important details for perfectionists, who like it when the game goes through one hundred percent. So be prepared for the serious adventures that await you when you enter the image of Cole Phelps, a policeman, capable of unraveling even the most difficult thing.

In L.A. Noire passage will delay you just instantly, because the game is dynamic, beautiful and fascinating. A variety of small pleasures, such as changing the costumes and hats the main character, will delight your eyes throughout the game. But it's time to look at what the gameplay in general is and how you will move on the plot.

General plan of passage

l a noire puncture

In L.A. Noire passage consists of several parts, and the division is not random. As Cole Phelps you travel to various police departments - you are promoted, lowered, and you have to take on different things that are not very similar to each other and each time they offer you a new challenge. You begin to ordinary traffic police, a patrolman, who is investigating minor traffic accidents. But gradually come to a new level - you are transferred to the transport department, after which you are in the murder department.

Each department, of course, is accompanied bya certain set of plot cases that you need to investigate. Some of them are just riddles that you will be interested in solving, while others are gradually weaving into the general storyline, creating incredible impressions of the gameplay. You will go to the department of morals, you will be transferred to the Department of Investigation of arson - in LA Noire, the passage of all these missions will require a variety of skills from you, but you will not even notice how time will fly, when you investigate a murder, to search for scammers and robbers, pursue hijackers and so on. This will consist of your everyday life, but, as you have already noticed, never been mentioned about the interrogations, which constitute an impressive part of the game. And all because it's worth talking about in more detail and thoroughly.

Interrogations in L. A. Noire

l a noire passage of the machine of the consul

This game is full of various fascinatingevents, but in the majority it is all the same actions that are present in other projects, only stylized for a specific topic. Of course, the side missions that are given to you while you are traveling in your patrol car are also an original solution that allows you to get even more into the role of a detective. But it was interrogations that made this project so popular. In L. A. Noire, the passage of interrogations is something that first of all is worth paying attention to. If in other projects the development of dialogue and the plot as a whole could depend on the kind of cue you choose, then everything is much thinner.

For example, you have a hint or there isa witness from whom information can be obtained. To do this, you need to talk to him, but the conversation will not be the same as in other games. It is this part of the project that is drawn in the most detailed way, that is, you can observe in the slightest detail how the interviewee looks and behaves. This is exactly what the system of interrogations is built on - you ask a question and listen to the answer, while watching the hands of the interrogated, behind his facial expressions, behind his eyes. And all this should lead you to concrete thoughts, lead to the necessary conclusions. Is the person lying to the lie? Does he tell the truth? Trying to hide the details? Depending on how well you "read" it, you will receive the necessary information and even clues.

As you can see, in L.A. Noire passing of interrogations is a full-fledged art, and you need to show all your hidden detective abilities in order to extract from witnesses and suspects the information that will be important to the case. In general, there are interrogations in which everything goes quite smoothly, but there are those that can cause difficulties even for the most experienced readers of emotions. Therefore, it is worthwhile to examine in more detail some of the cases that you will need to solve, because in them you may need help.

Passage of the mission "Machine Consul"

walkthrough l a noire

First things will be relatively easy for you, soas you will only join the game. Naturally, the first interrogations can not go very smoothly, since you will only begin to get acquainted with this system, but already to the second or third suspect or witness everything will go much easier. Missions in the patrol service do not deserve detailed consideration, but some tasks from the transport department should be studied more carefully, since for certain tasks you will need this if you are interested in L. A. Noire passage.

The "Machine of the Consul" is the first quest thatcan put you at a dead end, so it is recommended that in the complete absence of options for action, take the following steps. First you need to inspect the scene, paying attention to all available evidence and memorizing the details - they can be useful to you to confound your questions with witnesses and suspects. With the first of these, by the way, you will already be right at the crime scene - this is Oswald Jacobs, an elderly man whose house is next to the abandoned car. In most cases, he speaks the truth. But if you ask him about whether he saw the car, the witness will lie. Having frightened him, you will not get anything - he just inspected the car. However, one can deduce from this another question about whether he took anything from there, and there will already be interesting details, since he has dragged out a notebook.

That's what happens in L. A. Noire's passage. "The machine of the consul" is not the quest you can do quickly, so get ready to question the owner of the car repair shop, which will lie to every your question, and in the end you will receive the address of a certain Delgado. But immediately you will not be able to go to him - first you will have to question one suspect in the police station, which will give you additional evidence. Then you can go home to Delgado, where, naturally, he does not. But there is his housekeeping, which can also be interrogated, finding out that Delgado is involved in street racing. If the interrogation fails, then you will get a second chance - to follow the woman who will lead you exactly where you want to go. That's where you will have to compete in speed with a desperate driver, which should result in his arrest.


l a noire passage nicholson electroring

The mission of L.A. Noire "Puncture", the passage of which may also seem to you not the easiest, can also be completed with the help of others. If you no longer have ideas left, then follow further instructions. Here you will not only receive a large number of interrogations, but also a serious exchange of fire, so you need to properly prepare. So, you get a message about a stolen car and go check. As a result of the chase, you will be able to detain the suspect, who after the interrogation will be innocent - he purchased the car, not knowing that he was stolen, and decided to run away, because he had marijuana on his hands. This is not at all a crime for which you counted, so the investigation will have to continue in another direction, namely, in the cabin where the car was purchased.

Interviewing the owner, you will find out that heThe car was sold by some Ginny Archer, and he himself is an honest trader, he did not know anything about car theft. At the police station meanwhile lead a guy who, along with Archer, was registered with a car, and as a result he will split, admitting that he is working for a whole network of drivers. After that, you will be able to detain Ginny, who turns out to be a simpleton who does not know what she is doing. And here in the mission of L.A. Noire "Puncture" the passage takes an unexpected turn, since you will need to shoot a lot of bandits, which were handed over by those whom you interrogated. One of them will survive, and during his interrogation you will learn the name of the one who is behind it all. The case will remain for small - to arrest the guilty.

Meeting with Elsa

l a noire the passage of arson

We study on such an exciting game L. A. Noire (the passage). "Fallen idol" is the moment when the game takes an unexpected appearance. If earlier everything was based on the relationships of partners, as well as on police activity, now an element of romance is added to the process, because your character will meet his love at the end of this mission, Elsa Lichtmann. But before that you still need to get there, so you have to interrogate enough people, to be precise, then four.

But this is not all - this piece of the gameway is simply saturated with various actions. For example, you have to watch, chase, attempts to break away from the mobsters and mobsters. Moreover, for the successful completion of the task, you will need to bring a person from one location intact and unharmed, which is not so easy, as you will constantly be under heavy fire. So, be patient, get ready and go out to do your job. It's worth saying that it's the last one - the passage of the game L.A. Noire will make a sharp turn here. This mission will put an end to your career in the transport department. The next thing you will get already in the murder department - everything is more interesting and interesting.

Passage of "Cossack madness"

complete passage l a noire

There are many interesting cases in the murder department,which will gradually lead you through the plot, but there it is impossible to single out any missions that would be difficult to pass. Therefore, this department you can master yourself, but when you are transferred to the police of morals, then you will already meet a quest that can confound anyone, even the biggest specialist in L. A. Noire. The detailed passage of this task will be accompanied by several detentions and interrogations, examinations of premises for evidence and even a full-scale raid. Such an eventfulness makes this mission in the morality police department the most exciting.

Also you will have to storm the house, but here alreadyyou can use police trickery - instead of popping into bullets and trying to shoot bandits, you can quietly make your way into the house through the back door and quickly put them both together. As you can see, the game always has not one, but several solutions to the problem, so you can choose the one that you prefer. Sometimes makes you think carefully about the plot of the game L. A. Noire (passage).

"Crazy madness" will also bring you andunpleasant surprises - your partner in this department will be unclean by the hand, and this will still affect the future plot. But you yourself will learn about all the turns of the story when you play this noir masterpiece, but for now you need to think about more pressing problems. For example, that after the end of the service in the police of morals you will become too bright a figure who knows too much. Therefore, the last part of the game you will pass as a lower-ranking police officer who investigates fires and arsons. After investigating the murders and disclosures of criminal syndicates, this work perfectly demonstrates that our hero definitely passed someone on the road. Naturally, this can not be left like this, but things, even if they are about arson, are not expected. Therefore, they also need to pay attention.

Department of arson - Phelps not stop

In L.A. Noire passage, arson or some other mission, invariably leads to the development of the plot. It would seem that the protagonist was transferred to one of the most prestigious departments, do not give him the opportunity to unravel the tangle that he already groped, and yet he can lead to something incredible. Therefore, Cole Phelps does not give up, and even in the department of arson he continues to try to get to the bottom of the truth, and some cases help him in this.

For example, the mission to which we leadthe passage of L. A. Noire, "The Gasman" will take you to the suburb development fund, which will be involved in major fraud, and is also directly related to the main intrigue of the game. First of all, it is worth noting that here you will have to interrogate a lot of characters, and the interrogations will definitely not be easy. But if you take into account the fact that you have already worked in several departments, spent many hours in the game, your eye should already be able to tell when a suspect or a witness is lying, when he hides some details and when he is telling the truth. Therefore, interrogate everyone calmly, before collecting evidence to use them to convict the interrogated in a lie - only in this way you can achieve a one hundred percent passing of the game.

Of course, the story line will end afterthe final clip, but the percentage of completeness may be lower. It will be maximum only if you find all the evidence in the game, correctly chose the behavior in relation to the interrogated absolutely in all interrogations, and also failed to fail a single case and responded to all calls on the radio.

The last thing

Complete passage of L.A. Noire will require you to fulfill the last mission, which will no longer be a certain thing - it will be the outcome of the whole game. But before it you can deal with one more thing - the investigation of the explosion at the electronics plant. This mission has almost nothing in common with the plot, it acts, rather, as a calm before the storm. You will only need to interrogate two people and collect a little clues. All this prepares you for the fact that the last mission will be very, very hot. So you can finally ride around the city, see the sights, do what you so long wanted. In L. A. Noire, the passage of "Nicholson Electropleting" is mandatory only if you have installed the appropriate downloadable content, which will be discussed below. If you play the original version of the game without add-ons, you will immediately be thrown into the thick of the events of the last task called "Another war".

Downloadable content for the game

You can play the original version of L.A. Noire, but this will deprive you of several things at once, as well as other pleasures. Therefore, it is recommended to download the DLC together with the game itself, which will significantly expand the gameplay. There were no changes in the mechanics of the game, but five cases were included in the plot at once. Four of them have already been described above - this is "Puncture", "Crazy Madness", "Nicholson Electropleting" and "Machine Consul." In addition to them, the mission "Naked city" is added, which you can pass through the department of road crimes. As you can see, in L. A. Noire, the passage of DLC will not take you much time in relation to the total number of hours spent on the game, but will add several exciting cases at once, which are not so simple as it may seem.

But additional tasks are not all that canoffer you DLC. Also, you will receive four new costumes at once, which can be found during the game. It may seem that the costumes are far from the most important detail in the game, and it really is. You can go through the whole storyline in the same outfit, and this will not affect the process or result in any way. But not everything in computer games concentrates only on reaching the goal, and costumes are just a little pleasantness that will delight your eyes. You can plunge into the fashion of past years and try on Cole Phelps different outfits. Well, of course, DLC add to the game what is important to every man - cars and weapons.

And now, of course, there is the question thatexcites everyone to whom this game has sunk into the soul and is very fond of: "Wait for continuation?" It was released in the already quite distant 2011, but since then nothing has been noticed except for rare rumors. Someone says that the second part has already been announced and could be presented at one of the gaming exhibitions, but the presentation was canceled, others say that the release of the game is scheduled for 2016. Be that as it may, all fans will wait with a sinking heart for any news on L. A. Noire 2. The passage of the first part has shocked many gamers, because the industry has not yet met such a game. Many publications have written that masterpieces like this one do not happen more than a couple of pieces for a whole decade. Therefore, if you have not tried on the suit and Cole Phelps's hat, it is highly recommended that you have an unforgettable experience that will also make you wait for any news about the release of the second part.

Incredible and confusing, but at the same timedeeply thought out and fascinating plot, an abundance of detective work - the search for evidence, the pursuit of criminals, shootings, surveillance, and most importantly - an unprecedented system of interrogation. All this is a complete masterpiece. The passage of the game LA A. Noire in places may seem very difficult, but it makes the result even more desirable.