How to dislodge MG3 in Warfay in different ways?

In "Warfyus" you will find a huge varietyvarious types of weapons that can attract your attention. Many of them, which are standard, you can buy in the store for in-game currency, when you are pumped to the required level and collect enough money. However, you can not get all the trunks so far - there is a wide variety of rare cannons in the game that you can not buy. They need to be purchased either for real money, or from "boxes of luck." However, it is worth noting that if you choose the second option, then you should not harbor any illusions about this. The fact is that for the rarest guns in these boxes the chances are equal to only a few percent. That's why many gamers are trying to increase these chances using different methods. In this article, you will learn how to dislodge MG3 in Warfare.

Accuracy method

how to dislodge mg3 in warfare

If you are interested in how to beat MG3 in"Warfare", then you will need to try several different methods, each of which can work. Then you are lucky, and you will quickly get a rare trunk. If we are talking about MG3, then you should start trying with a fairly common method. Its essence lies in the fact that you will need to squander almost all your money - use them for some useful purposes, but at the same time leave so much that it is enough to buy five individual boxes. After that you will need to remove all the outfits that you have purchased, and get dressed in all stock items. If you want to further increase the chance of success, then you will need to play a couple of fights in this form. After that, you need to go to the store and buy one box, opening them, with an interval of about one minute. Now you know one method of how to dislodge MG3 in Warfare, but it is by far not the only one.

The method without purchases

how to beat mg3 new machine gun

As you already understood, there are quite a fewways of how to dislodge MG3 in Warfyus, but here only the most popular ones will be listed. For example, there is a way that absolutely everyone can take advantage of. To start in this case, you need to go to the store several times (at least five), and then get out of it without making any purchases. The next five times will be slightly different - you will now need to buy boxes and open them, increasing each time the amount. That is, after five visits without purchases you will need to first buy one box, then two, a shooting gallery and so on to five, since this is the maximum number of boxes that you can buy at once. This is one of the most effective methods of how to beat MG3. The new machine gun wants absolutely everything, and you can become one of the lucky owners of this trunk.


warface how to beat mg3

In no event should you forget about the schemes,which are used by many gamers to increase the chances of obtaining a particular type of weapon in Warface. How to dislodge MG3 in this way? As you could already understand, each gun has its own schemes, and for this machine gun it's 4-3-1-5. What does this series of numbers mean? This means that you will need to visit the store four times, for the first time buying and opening four boxes, in the second - three, in the third - one, and in the fourth - five. As a result, there is a fairly high probability that you will get the coveted machine gun.


It's no secret that there is a "Warfare"quite a wide opportunity to use donate, that is, making real money into the game. Many gamers say that the receipt of MG3 largely depends on the warbaks you bought for real money. You need to buy three or four batches of a thousand warbaks in a row, then start buying boxes to get MG3.