How to choose a suitable headphone extension

It's not always pleasant to walk around the city"Enjoy" the noise of cars, screams and a common homon. Many solve this problem using headphones and favorite music on a mobile phone or a player. But very often accessories

Headphone extension
for smartphones have a short cord. This is not very convenient, especially during sports. In addition, there is no way to put the device aside. Such problems also affect people of high stature. But there is a solution. It is enough to buy a suitable headphone extension.

Such accessories are sold practically in anyelectronics store. But they all have different prices, as well as technical specifications and parameters. How to choose the right model, so as not to be disappointed in the future?

It's better to buy a proprietary headphone extension. In case of detection of factory defects, claims can be made to the manufacturer. As a rule, high-quality brands keep the brand, so it's almost impossible to find anything low-quality among their products. Therefore, the risk of acquiring a thing with marriage is minimal. In addition, leading brands are customer-oriented. Therefore, easily solve any problem relating to the quality of the goods. Another plus branded accessories - the perfect combination with headphones and the smartphone (player). If design plays a big role for you, then buy branded things.

headphone extension
Buy headphone extension cablesOnly in proven outlets where a sales receipt is issued. In this case, the money will not be wasted. If you find a marriage or some kind of damage, you have the right to demand replacement of the purchased goods for a similar one. The second option is a return of the money spent.

A quality headphone extension cord does not distortsound of the main accessory. The music will remain bulky and clear without any interference. So be sure to check the thing before final purchase. If you change the position of the extension cord, the sound is interrupted or changes, so the wire is damaged somewhere. Such goods can not be purchased, it will not last long and will cause a lot of trouble. Pay attention to the format of the connector. It should ideally match your headphones. In order not to be mistaken, take an accessory with you.

Extension for headphones can be different. The optimal parameter is 1 meter. But in different models the length can vary greatly. Everything depends on the needs of a particular customer, and everyone can choose the right option. This accessory will solve all your problems. But what to do with excess wire? After all, it will certainly interfere with the movement. In this case, purchase an extension cord that automatically winds up. It can be adjusted as necessary. In addition, such an accessory is much more compact. You can not be afraid to damage it in your bag or in your pocket. Such an extension cord for headphones will not get caught in a fancy knot and will always be ready for use.

headphone extension

This accessory must be protected fromwater ingress. In addition, strong wire deformation, compression and stretching are not allowed. Otherwise, the sound quality may change for the worse. It is advisable to use a special cover (as a rule, comes complete with a branded product).