How to convert mp4 to avi: program overview

Today we will discuss the issue of how mp4convert to avi. At once it is necessary to allocate, that for carrying out of this operation specialized programs will be necessary. Such utilities are called converters. Now users are given a wide choice between different programs. In this article I selected the best utilities from this category, which have a convenient interface and wide functionality. Next, you will learn how to convert mp4 to avi.

Before you begin to consider programs,let's start with the video formats. Let's start with avi. This format has long been used to save video. Also, such files may contain sound design. Avi is notable for its unique system for data compression. This allows you to significantly save the memory of the electronic device. A special avi converter allows you to change the format to mp4, while the quality of the video file will not deteriorate (in the most ideal case). Many may be wondering about why this should be done at all. The format change is useful in cases where the device can not play a particular file. Changing the format, you can significantly reduce the "weight" of the video. So, let's get down to the programs now.

video converting program

Free Video Converter

Simple name, user-friendly interface, freeaccess. All of the above characteristics apply to this program. On the choice of users, standard functions are available that will help to quickly convert video. Pleases the possibility of changing the format of the video in several files at once. The conversion speed is high. You can test this program by downloading it completely free of charge from the official website. The converter has a built-in language package, where Russian is available.

how to mp4 convert to avi

Any Video Converter

This video conversion program is designed forbeginners. If you need to quickly change the file format, then this utility is perfect for you. The program minimizes output video settings. But it is worth noting that if you do not speak foreign languages, then you will have a hard time, because the program does not have a Russian option. Of the additional features, you can select the ability to download videos from the YouTube server directly from the converter.

 avi converter

Movavi video converter

This program can be called realvideo editor. It has many additional features that allow you to fine-tune the video. It is good to be able to customize the file format based on the selected device. For example, you can choose in advance that the video is intended for mobile on the Android platform. Files can be trimmed or glued in one long movie. This is a very rare feature, in most converters it is not available. The program has Russian. The choice of using special effects, which can improve the quality of video.


The question of how to convert mp4 to avi is oftenis specified on various portals. To give any extended instruction does not make sense, since for this operation you only need software. The rest for you will make the program. I hope from this article you learned how to convert mp4 to avi.