Error 927 in the "Playmarket" - what is it?

Sometimes it happens that Google Play for some reason does not allow to install any application. The blame for this may be error 927 in the Play Store. What is it and how to fix it? There are several ways.

What causes error 927?

Over time, each device user on thethe operating system "Android" encounters the fact that during the installation of the next application there is an error 927 in the "Play Store", after which the installation stops immediately.

error 927 in the play market

Moreover, this error is repeated again and again not only when you re-download only this program, but also any other. There may be several reasons for this:

  1. Cluttering the Play Market with different cache and temporary files that interfere with the normal installation.
  2. The application store is unsuccessful or not fully updated.
  3. The Google Play app or any of its components is corrupt or deleted.
  4. Google account issues.
  5. The problem is on the Internet.

Despite the fact that there are a lot of reasons for the malfunction and they all differ slightly, it's quite easy to fix them. Let's start with the simplest and most effective way.

Clean the cache

First, we check the simplest and easiestthe corrected version - an error 927 in "Playmarket" because of the cache. The fact is that during the installation of many applications and as a result of their work, a large number of temporary files and cache appear that not only occupy the internal memory, but also interfere with the normal operation of the device and individual applications, such as Google Play. And this is the most common reason why there is an error 927 in the "Play Store." What does it mean? It's time to clean the smartphone.

Service utilities, such as Clean Master orCcleaner, you can not help it. Therefore, we do the following: open "Settings", search for the "Applications" section. There we open the "All" tab and sort by size (so it will be more convenient to search). Find the Google Play Store app, click on it. In the settings panel select "Clear data" and "Clear the cache."

error 927 in the play market that this

The same procedure should be done with the utilities "Google Services Framework", "Google Play services" and "Downloads".

Usually this helps in most cases. If there are no results, then we go further.

Uninstall updates

The application store itself from time to timeupdated. And if this process is somehow prevented, it can not install the necessary update data, as a result of which error 927 may appear in the "Market". To fix this, you need to remove these update files. At the same time a lot of space will be released.

We go on the same familiar scheme: "Settings", then "Applications", go to the Play Market and click "Remove Updates" from the top right.

error 927 in the play market that means

Now go to the "Google Play". Do not be surprised that it has changed a lot, it is more than able to install applications. Find the right one and download it. If it's nothing again, it's possible that there is a problem with the account.

It is also worth considering that in the application storeall settings are reset, so if the automatic updating of utilities has been disabled for a long time in its settings, the phone will "cover" with a wave of updates. Therefore, in the beginning, it is better to disable this function if it interferes.

Google Play is corrupt

Now it's very fashionable to get on your own"Android" is a super-administrator's device (or root-right). But getting them is one thing, but it's quite another to use them. Many get them in order to remove or disable a dozen unnecessary standard applications, and along with unnecessary "demolish" the files of "Google" or the operating system.

If these important components are simplydisabled, you need to turn them on. If they are removed and the application store is damaged, you can try to update it or delete it completely, then download it again via a computer or in the .apk format. Also you can download some analog of the "Market" (the blessing on the Internet is full of them). If the situation is generally deplorable, you need to rollback (reset to factory settings). But before that it will be necessary to make a backup copy of all data, as all information will be deleted.

It is worth remembering that, having received a root-right, you needalways be ready to make a backup or flashing. After all, if you unintentionally delete an important file or dig into the developer's settings, you can cause considerable damage to the operating system.

Remove account

Very often error 927 in the "Play Store" and other malfunctions occur due to problems in the account "Google". This is solved simply: you need to remove this account from memory and go to it again.

Again go to "Settings", but this time in the section "Accounts and synchronization." We find there an account "Google" and delete it.

error 927 in the market

Then open the Play Market, re-enterdata and try to download the application. In case it does not work out, you can try to delete the account again and go under some other (ask someone or create a new one).

Perhaps the problem is in another

If none of this has helped and error 927 in"Play Store" remained, perhaps, the problem in something else. It is worth checking the Internet connection, as it may be that there is simply no internet. If the smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi, there may be problems with the router or a connection to the network, but the Internet does not.

In the event that the phone is set to "Firewall"or antivirus, perhaps they are the ones that block the application from Google. To do this, you need to disable them or even remove them altogether, then try installing the application again.