Why did the Internet become slower? The main reason is a clogged computer

How wonderful the first days after buying a computer! Is not it?! Everything works quickly even with multiple applications running at the same time. It is this performance that suits everyone. But after a few months the PC starts to work slowly: the system is loaded for a long time, applications are opened for eternity, and sites in the World Network open with inhibition. Why Is the Internet working slowly? What to do?

The first reason

It is important to understand that the Internet connection is used not only by your browser, but also by programs for receiving e-mail, Skype, etc.

why the Internet began to work more slowly

Therefore, Internet traffic can go to them, andthe computer as a whole is slowed down. That is why it is so important to update antivirus systems, clean your computer and block automatic updating of applications.

The second reason

Many new installed programs,which load simultaneously with the loading of the computer's operating system, is the most common reason why the Internet began to run more slowly. We are not even aware of what was downloaded, and after all, all these applications fill the cache, the operating memory of the device and significantly slow down the computer. What should be done? You should disable autoloading of known, but unnecessary programs. Type msconfig and uncheck the programs that are not needed, then reboot the system.

Third reason

why the Internet began to work slowly
Why the Internet has become slower to work, andprograms load long? Disk C, where the operating system is installed, can be overloaded. The computer uses the free space on drive C in order to speed up its work. Therefore, if you did not leave enough space on the disk, do not ask the question: "Why did the Internet work more slowly?" What to do? Transfer all folders with large files to disk D or to additional external memory. Of course, from disk C all these files and folders need to be deleted. In addition, configure the download of files from the Internet (automatically to drive D, not to C).

Fourth reason

Clean the registry.What it is? In simple words, these are the files that are generated during the use of various programs installed on the computer. Removing programs from the computer does not clear the registry, so find a free program to clean the registry and use it.

Fifth reason

The Internet is slow to work

Why did the Internet become slow?Probably, you often delete and write files and programs. As a result of such actions "gaps" appear in several megabytes or kilobytes on the hard disk. Therefore, when a new program is installed on a computer, it is recorded in pieces, filling out the available "white spots" on the hard disk. Each launch of the application involves finding these pieces and combining them. This is the answer to the question of why the Internet has become slower to work. Start defragmenting the disk, and you will see how much higher the performance of your device will be.

The sixth reason

Viruses.Be sure to check the computer for their presence with a good antivirus. Most often, the Internet channel is clogged, applications and system files are destroyed. What should I do if my computer detects a lot of viruses? Remove them, and if there is no effect, the best solution is to reinstall the system.

We hope that you will bring your computer in order and now you can easily solve the question of why the Internet began to work more slowly. Good luck!