Where to dig a newspaper in Zombie Farm - tips

If you are a fan of "Zombie Farm", thenshould know that for the construction and crafting, sometimes the most unexpected materials can be used. Today we are discussing two subjects from this game. These are newspapers and soap. First let's figure out where to dig a newspaper in the Zombie Farm, and then move on to the soap.


So, the newspapers. Required and rare material in the game. Even the most "generous" buildings can dig about twenty pieces for every 300 shovels. Agree, a little? So where to dig a newspaper in Zombie Farm? This "mineral" is extracted from some snow decorations and vehicles located on snow-covered islands. Thus, you can make a list of scenery from which the newspaper is digging.

where to dig a newspaper in a zombie farm

  1. Cherry bus.
  2. Carpet plane.
  3. Emerald carpet.
  4. Shuttle and Shuttle Tic Tac.
  5. Yeti Zombie, Skier, Santa Sani.
  6. Big snowy peak, Snowy tree.
  7. Hut, Friendship, Snow Freedom, Snowy Steam Train, Dragon.

According to user feedback, the highest chancefalling out of the newspaper have the scenery from the last paragraph. Having figured out where to dig a newspaper in Zombie Farm, we turn to soap. This material is necessary for young zombies at medium levels, when you start building Japanese buildings. Accordingly, you should dig it in similar scenery.

  1. The garden tower.
  2. Sakura in the pot.
  3. Garden arch.
  4. Red tree.
  5. Conifer tree.

This is all the place to extract materials with the help of shovels, which can offer us "Zombie Farm". Where to dig soap and newspapers, you now know, but there are other ways to get cherished items.

zombie farm where to dig soap and newspapers


In addition to using shovels, you can getnecessary items in other ways. For example, gifts or automatic prey. Of course, it is not necessary to expect that some top player will make you a gift in a stack of newspapers or a pack of soap, but there are automatic gifts that come in response to your actions on the neighboring farm. Put gifts under the Christmas trees of friends, and in return can receive a "Bouquet of roses" or "Chocolate candy." Of them, it may well fall out so necessary for you soap.

With the newspaper everything is a bit simpler and more complicatedSimultaneously. On the one hand, you can independently extract it without the help of friends, on the other hand, you will need a bridge, through which tourists will go and leave suitcases from which you can get newspapers. Unfortunately, the suitcase remains every three hours, and the chance of getting newspapers is quite small. Where to dig a newspaper in the "Zombie Farm", we figured out, let's see how to use it.

where to dig a newspaper in a zombie farm game


There are two ways to apply the foundmaterials. Finding out where to dig the newspapers in the game "Zombie Farm", you can use them to create books in school, while soap is a necessary ingredient for crafting a film.

In fact, the "Zombie Farm" does not stopsurprise. Even such items as soap and newspaper can be used in construction. The newspaper you need to create a puppet theater, coliseum, Back to the Lower Bottom, Pass No. 1, the pier and entrance to the arena. At the same time, you need a soap to create a Japanese garden, an alpine house, a flying ship, a knowledge house, a ski jump, an Italian flag and an entrance to a marble cave.