Dead State - Walkthrough and Review

The game Dead State was born not so long ago,but many users have already been able to appreciate it. If you have already reviewed the review of this project, then you probably know that the main task here is to battle with bloodthirsty zombies. Immediately after the launch, you can see how a real apocalypse grows around. All residents were taken by surprise, as they were not ready for such a situation. The bloodthirsty killers are beginning to wander along the streets of the city, the army of enemies is gradually growing, and civilians have less chance of survival. Of course, those people who still managed to escape, began to gather in small groups, and now they have to beat their opponents in every possible way, but this will not be easy for them to give.


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If you have never had to participate in thethis wonderful project, then passing the game Dead State you will be very interesting. The developers have specifically created the dead in a more realistic form, or rather your opponents will move very slowly, and they will not have good thinking, so our protagonist has every chance to survive. If you pay close attention to these bloodsuckers, then you will be surprised at how people can get into their hands and become the same zombies. However, this adventure can seem only by external features simple, the complexity will still be.


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Of course, the dead have the opportunity to hidefor high fences, which this evil spirits are unable to overcome. Let's now talk a little about the danger existing in the game Dead State. Tips for passage will also be dismantled right now. Even after the zombie apocalypse came, not all people decided to join joint teams, because when the danger is too close, little-known partners can do wrong. At the same time, the worst human qualities begin to appear. Naturally, in such teams there is a significant lack of food, and this can lead to the death of the weakest, and it is easy to foresee that people start acting worse than any zombies.


Now let's talk about the main tasks of the Dead State.The passage is not only about survival, but also in the search for food, friends and reliable shelter from their opponents. Our hero also has to find and save still surviving people who need help. After the character finds a living person, you will have to carry out a difficult mission. You should take this citizen to a secluded place where zombies can not reach him. Among other things, you will certainly need to beautify, and also protect the chosen place and regularly protect the building with large fences, so that the zombie does not have a chance to get to you. As you can see, there are many dangers in the Dead State. Passage involves achieving not one goal, but several at once, which is what gives the project a high popularity.


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Unfortunately, in this game you can not getfull drive, as well as your hero does not have to destroy the opponents whole packs. After a while, unforeseen events can begin in this virtual world. After the onset of the zombie apocalypse everything will change in the universe of the Dead State. Passage will become much more difficult, because people will not only fight for life, but also engage in other, less worthy deeds. However, you will be able to keep the situation under control. Note that one of the most dangerous places is the hospital. There's an ambush, consisting of armed to the teeth of the military. Now you know what you have to face in the Dead State. The passage of the storyline and the goal of the player we described above.