Where to dig a rope in "Zombie Farm" - instruction

As you know, "Zombie Farm" is one of thea lot of browser-based economic strategies, placed in social networks. What is the key to success in such games? They are friends and resources. Without enough materials and people on your friend sheet, you can never rebuild your domain entirely. So where to dig the rope in the "Zombie Farm" from your friends?

where to dig the rope in a zombie farm


The first and most basic way of obtainingThe object of interest to us is the digging of various buildings and decorations on a neighboring farm with the help of a shovel. Where to dig the rope in Zombie Farm? It is possible to single out several main buildings, beneath which usually are the treasures we need. It should be noted the efforts of the creators of the game for the fact that they are traced a certain logic. So, we are interested in:

  • Yellow ball (two types).
  • Summer umbrella.
  • Bouquet from balls.

Unfortunately, there are not so many options to choose from, so if you have this opportunity, then ask your friends to place these items in a prominent place.

other methods

You can not only dig ropes in "ZombiesFarm ", but also get them in some other ways.Of course, we will not take into account the gifts of other players, but you can quite earn a few pieces, performing the tasks of" Vakhmurka "and" House of Knowledge. "In addition, sending gifts to friends under" Yolki " , you will receive prizes in return, sometimes such items as "Bouquet of roses", "Bouquet of tulips", "Grilyazh." You have a chance to find a skipping rope in these gifts. And from the administration you can get "Surprise Brigade." After breaking it egg, you will also see a few necessary items.Receiving where to dig the skipping rope in the Zomb and Farma, "you can start looking for places where to apply it.

Using a rope

As you could understand, getting enough rope is enoughit is difficult, at least on the basis of a small number of places, under which it is worth looking for. But judging by the feedback of users, it digs easily and quickly. 30 skipping ropes for every 300 shovels - and this is far from the best result. Still, limiting the number of places under which you can dig this item, could greatly affect its value in the game. So, where to dig the rope in "Zombie Farm", we figured out, now we look, where it can be used.

dangle the rope in a zombie farm

  1. First, it will be required for you to build flags. In particular, the Brazilian and the Argentine.
  2. In addition, the skipping rope will be needed to erect some "water" buildings. A mysterious boat and a sailboat are sure to ask you for a few skipping ropes.
  3. And, of course, producing buildings. Clock Tower, Globe, House of Knowledge, Pass No.5, Wind generator.

Without any of these buildings, you can not do without the game, so craft and save shovels, and then go to the excavations from your friends.