The best exciting shooters against zombies

Despite the prejudice experiencedsome luminaries of medicine against computer games, the user's love for them does not weaken. This is especially noticeable when onstage appearing shooters against zombies. Find at least one gamer who would not "crumble" a hundred or two dead dead! That is why today we will consider the most popular and widespread games in which you personally can give a worthy rebuff to the hordes of the undead.

Shooters against zombies


This project appeared relatively recently, but already managed to gather a huge army of fans. Despite the relatively high cost, in the same Steam game snatch like hot pies.

What is the reason for such an astounding success? Here you should make a small reservation: the territory of the infected Montenegro (where the whole action takes place) is very far from ideal.

Physics is realized so-so, shooting modecauses bitter tears, and in multiplayer so far, not everything is so wonderful. Why this game? Shooters against zombies are largely not evaluated by these criteria.

It's about the atmosphere, the relationship with otherscharacters and in an effort to play it again and again. And already with this, DayZ has complete order! In addition, developers constantly make changes, quickly patching the found holes.

Shooting game against zombies

Dead Space 1-3

Once the output of the first part occurred in fulloblivion. Only a few gaming magazines casually wrote about this event, hinting at good prospects. Strange, but after all the result of the works of the notorious studio EA was simply amazing!

Even now, the first part is really capablefrighten even an experienced player, forcing him to cautiously wince from every rustle behind him. Yeah, hordes of necromorphs show us that shooters against zombies will long be on top. Recently released third part captures is not so much, but to play it definitely worth it!

Left 4 Dead 1-2

Recently arranged by Valve "an attraction unprecedentedgenerosity, "when all wishing during the day were licensed for Left 4 Dead 2, greatly heated public interest in a few already forgotten project.

It turned out that these shooters against zombies are stillpores are able to keep in suspense, constantly rely only on their strength in the fight against the endless streams of zombies! At your service will be automatic weapons and pistols, biological weapons and Japanese katany, as well as companions who will not give up in particularly difficult moments.

Game for boys Shooting against zombies
Dead Rising

If the classic shooters against zombies youa little boring, you can try yourself in the role of the destroyer of the living dead, armed ... with all that he finds in the vast expanse of a mall, which was captured by a crowd of ghouls!

In general, Dead Rising is more suitable for fans"Letting off steam" after a hard day's work, since the dead in it do not differ in special speeds of movement, allowing them to tastefully destroy themselves by thousands of the most sophisticated methods. In the course everything can go, just what your bloodthirsty hands will reach!

In short, games for boys (shooters against zombies including) of all ages and to this day remain the most popular, charging the blood with an incredible amount of adrenaline!