The game "Zombie Farm": where to dig an underground lamp?

The game "Zombie Farm" in the social network "VKontakte"now it is very popular, and this is completely unsurprising, since it is full of surprises, and besides, the project can participate endlessly. If you want to get acquainted with all the subjects that are represented here, then you need to spend a considerable amount of time on this matter. The question about the application of "Zombie Farm" (where to dig a underground lamp) often causes difficulties. The answer to it is not known to every player, but this useful subject will greatly facilitate your character's life.

Underground Lantern (Zombie Farm): where to dig this item?

zombie farm where to dig a underground lantern
Underground lamp in the "Zombie Farm" you needfor the construction of the Mexican tunnel. This, perhaps, is one of the most important applications. Also without it you will not be able to descend to the lowest bottom in the game "Zombie Farm". Where to dig a underground lamp, it is not so easy to find out. Today we will give you several ways with which you can get this valuable item.

If you have wand-sticks, then with theirYou can get a subterranean lantern, but such a process can be considerably delayed. In order to use these items for search, you need to go to the dungeon, where there are various resources. Also, it is worthwhile to get acquainted with what things need to be lifted, since only under some of them are stored the desired artifacts.

Underground Lantern (Zombie Farm): where to get or find an item?

underground lantern zombie farm where to dig
Now we decided to list the resources,thanks to which you can find the item we need. Underground lantern can be located under algae (under these plants it is most often found). It can also be under a rock-hand, under a terrible tree or under a giant on which an eagle owls. All this you can easily find in the dungeon - will only hope for good luck.

Let's try to disassemble other solutionsissue. For example, you can get a pirate flashlight by putting the appropriate collection. Although, if you just started playing, then you will not get it. Pirate collection can be obtained from fishermen, but, naturally, it is not free. Also in the store there are special resources, under which you can dig a lantern. They are bought for local currency. However, if you just started playing, you should consider the very first method.


underground lantern zombie farm where to find or find
In the project "Zombie Farm" where to dig undergroundlantern, you already understood, but it's also worth remembering that the above process can only be performed with magic wands. Also, it is possible to win the required element after you complete the task called "Marathon 18". In addition, you can purchase this resource for one zombobax. Of course, each player wants to save the money, but for someone this purchase will be relevant. So we discovered one of the secrets of the game "Zombie Farm" (where to dig an underground lamp).