Error 492: Work with the Google Play store. Methods of elimination

Currently, a large number of smartphonesworks on "Android". This operating system has proved itself only from the good side, however, the occurrence of program failures does not exclude it. A lot of users have already faced such a problem as the bug 492. It appears when working with the Google Play Market. This application opens access to the installation of updates to your phone, and also allows you to download additional software.

The so-called advanced userscorrect this error in just a few minutes. But what should a newcomer do? First, you need to know the causes of the software malfunction. In this article, you will learn how to fix an error.

Error 492

What does error 492 mean?

Before you start troubleshooting,It is necessary to understand what it is. Working with devices with the operating system "Android", you can face a similar failure. It is defined as error 905. This means that there are problems with updating the Play Market. But Error 492 indicates the impossibility of downloading the application directly from the store itself or installing its updates. Many people think that such problems arise when the Internet is unstable. However, it is not. There are a number of reasons that can lead to such an error. Let's look at them in detail.

error 492 when downloading applications


In most cases, when downloading applicationsAn error with code 492 appears in the Play Market when the cache is full. When a user installs new programs, temporary files are created in the repository that accelerate all workflows. Over time, they accumulate a large number, which leads not only to the hang of the gadget, but also to the occurrence of program failures. It is the filled cache memory that is considered the main cause, which leads to error 492.

Also, problems when downloading applications from PlayMarket arise due to damage to external media (memory cards). There are also cases when the account does not work correctly. The error appears because of identification problems when entering the service.

By and large, the correction of such failures is notwill take a lot of time, the more will not require the intervention of qualified programmers. Most often, the device does not need to change the firmware and perform other complex operations. You will need to perform the simplest operations on the gadget itself, and even the child will cope with it. So, let's look at the methods that will help fix the bug 492 when downloading applications or downloading them.

bug 492 while downloading

We fix the error in a simple way

Sometimes to eliminate the error, you just need to exit the Play Market and reboot the gadget. Then re-enter the application and try to download / update it again.

If this does not help, then you need to go tosettings and find the "Cache memory" section. In it, clean up the temporary files. It will also be necessary to do this in the Play Market service itself. Find the "Clear cache" tab and delete all data. It is desirable to conduct this manipulation with all Google services. This will help not only to prevent the error 492 from downloading, but also greatly accelerate the work of the gadget. After removing temporary files, it is recommended that you reboot the device and try to reinstall the update or download the application.

which means error 492

Other solutions

The above methods for eliminating the error code 492 can not always help to cope with the problem, so the user needs to know other ways.

  • Incorrect identification. In this case, the problem is accountingrecording. Most often, an error 492 when loading applications appears on those tablets and phones on which unofficial firmware is installed. It is worth noting that software failures can appear not only when working with the Play Market. It is recommended that you try to create a new account by deleting the old one. If this did not work, you'll need to reflash the gadget.
  • Reset. In order to eliminate the error, you cantry and another way. It's about restoring the factory settings. To do this, you need to go to the menu and select the appropriate section. It is recommended to make a backup copy in order not to lose user data. If restoring the factory settings did not help, then you can make a forced reset (Hard Reset). In this case, the device will only have what is provided by the developers. All user changes will be deleted.
  • Damage to the memory card. Here, the owner of the gadget will have to notice the failed media on a new one or try to format it by connecting it to a PC or laptop.
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