Watch Dog does not start, what should I do?

The gaming industry today producesa huge number of computer games that are popular with the public. But Watch Dogs - this is a special project, which was waiting for a very long time and with a sinking heart. He became incredibly popular even before the release, and the excitement only increased when the release date came.

This game tells about the future, in whicha separate city is completely controlled by a supercomputer, and you, in the person of an advanced hacker, have to fulfill their tasks, intruding into this computer network, hacking its elements to achieve its goal. You can create a traffic jam on the road, turn off the traffic light, overhear a conversation on your mobile phone and much more. However, it should be borne in mind that this game came out quite recently, and it was initially announced that it will require a lot from the computers on which it is planned to use. Gamers are faced with the problem that Watch Dogs does not start. This is a very urgent issue, which requires detailed consideration.

Compliance with system requirements

watch dogs does not start

The first reason you can notwork this game, has already been mentioned before - it is also the most common. These are system requirements, which the developers reported long before the release of their brainchild.

If you understand that the game Watch Dogs is notrun on the computer, you should check its configuration and compare it with what is stated in the system requirements. The fact is that this project is incredibly advanced in terms of game mechanics, engine, physics and, of course, graphics. Therefore, the computer must be very powerful in order to maintain the normal functioning of this game.

You can not launch a novelty if yourthe processor has two cores. The game requires the presence of four. Accordingly, the frequency of the processor should be high. Also you need at least 6 gigabytes of RAM and one gigabyte of video memory, and this is only the minimum requirements. If you want the most out of the game, you will need an even more powerful computer. Also pay attention to the operating system. You need to install at least Windows Vista, and the system must be 64-way. So if Watch Dogs does not start, then you should check the compatibility of your computer with this game. If, with the existing hardware, everything is in order, then we will have to look for problems deeper.

Drivers for video card

why do not start watch dogs

Very often in computer games ariseproblems with the transfer of images, even if your video card is the most modern. And here it may be in the drivers that have become obsolete. If you are faced with the problem that Watch Dogs does not start, you should first update these drivers to a new version available on the official website of the manufacturer. This can solve the problem. However, this action does not always help, and you still have to guess why Watch Dogs does not start.

Set the time on your computer

game dogs

Another reason for the problems with running this gameis quite unusual. It can be the time that is installed on the computer. If it is incorrect, then it's possible that you found the answer to the question of why Watch Dogs is not running. The fact is that this project, like most modern developments, partially depends on the Internet and has to it a binding as a means of protection against piracy. And if your clock will go wrong (to be more precise, the month and year are not set correctly), then the game may not start. Naturally, this is by far not the most common problem, but if the game Watch Dogs does not want to run in any way, then you better check this figure.

Lack of necessary libraries

freeboot does not start watch dogs

One of the main components of the game areSpecial library files that catalog certain data. Very often, these files can refer to a third-party distribution, such as DirectX or Microsoft Visual C ++. So if your game Watch Dogs does not start and gives an error that there is not enough of a specific dll file, then you need to try reinstalling the above-mentioned distro. If this does not help, then it is recommended to try the "wooden" method, but with it you should be very careful.

Copy the name of the file that is notgrabs your game, and find it on the Internet through any search engine. Download and unpack to the folder that contains the game. If this is a dll file that does not specifically relate to Watch Dogs, but rather to distribution libraries, then this method may work. Naturally, the probability of success is greater if you use a licensed version of the game, and not repack from someone, for example, from Freeboot.

Do not start Watch Dogs? Try the licensed version, there is much less likelihood that there will be any problems with the activation of the game.

Run as administrator

does not start watch dogs steam

Many computer games require extended rightsaccess. Watch Dogs is one of them. In this case, you will have to run the project on behalf of the administrator, that is, there will not be enough of a simple click on the shortcut. You will need to right-click on it and select "Run as administrator". This gives the game more powers, and it is likely to work. In order not to bother with clicking the right mouse button every time, you can go to "Properties", and there already on the corresponding tab, tick the start point on behalf of the administrator. In this case, the game will automatically start as you need it.

Lack of important files

uplay watch dogs does not start

There is one problem that is commonboth for owners of licensed product, and for pirates. Often it is because of it that Watch Dogs is not launched. The Steam version or the repack may fail to count some files. If you purchased the official version, it will be enough just to go into the parameters of Watch Dogs in the "Stim" library, and there run a check of the cache. If a file is lost, it will automatically be restored. But in the case of a pirated version, the procedure will be a little more complicated, because you have to do everything manually.

Most often, the "crack" disappears, which allowsyou play in Watch Dogs, bypassing copy protection. Many antiviruses recognize "crack" as a malicious file, then put it in quarantine or even delete it altogether. Naturally, as a result, the game does not start. To avoid such a situation, you need to add the "crack" file to the list of exceptions to the installed antivirus. Only then you can easily run the game from any of the repackers, whether it's Freeboot or Uplay.

Watch Dogs does not start anyway? Then try other solutions that will be described later.

Testing DirectX

watch dogs does not start an error

One of the most important types of distribution for launchcomputer games is DirectX. These files are directly connected to the video card. They affect not only the display, but also the functioning of the game. If your version of Watch Dogs does not start, the error appears on the screen, then you should try to update the distribution. This can be done very simply by downloading a special file. When it starts, it automatically searches for updates for DirectX, and if they are, the program downloads them and installs them on the computer. After that you can try to play, but if Watch Dogs is still not started, DirectX has nothing to do with it. Although you can test another problem related to this distribution.

DirectX view

This distribution has been around for a long time,so many versions came out. For a long time, the most used was DirectX 9. But recently everything changed significantly. If your game Watch Dogs does not start, then the problem may be in this. So, the version of DirectX 10 appeared relatively recently, but it turned out to be an intermediate version, so many games supported both the ninth and tenth. But then came out the version of DirectX 11. It was a new word in the support of games. This development enjoys an unprecedented popularity. Now all the video cards come out with DirectX 11 support, and most modern games do not start on DirectX 9. So make sure your card is compatible with the eleventh version, because the novelty in question will only be launched on it.

Closing applications

Many players make a serious mistake andTry to enable Watch Dogs when other applications are running on your computer. You should remember that this game is very demanding on computer resources, so the fewer remaining running programs, the better. Moreover, some utilities may be incompatible with the game, which causes an error.

Watch Dogs is a game to be launchedapproach as seriously as possible. Perhaps in a few years the development will become average, but now it is one of the best, respectively, and very demanding.

Change repaka

If you play pirated Watch Dogs, then onefrom solutions to the problem may be to download a different version. Refusing to pay for the purchase of licensed development, the gamer himself subscribes to all the problems associated with piracy. Nobody guarantees that the downloaded game will work at all. So you can download several versions of this novelty before you find a working one. Naturally, you should check each of the versions for the items listed above, so that you should not waste your time downloading the next repack. But if nothing works, then recover to the tracker and download the next torrent. Or go to the store and buy a license.

Problem with AMD cards

One of the most popular video cards forModern computers are models of the company AMD. They have a special function Dual Graphics, which allows to significantly improve the graphic display. However, it turns out that Watch Dogs does not need to improve the graphics. Even more: when you turn on the game, it starts to conflict with this service, which leads to the display of the error and shutdown. Thus, you have to look into the video card settings and disable the above function. Then the game should earn without much trouble, if there are no conflicts already described above.

Path to the game

There are often unpleasant problems withpath to the folder in which the game lies. The same can happen with Watch Dogs. You have installed the game, launch it, it starts to load, and then crashes without displaying any error messages. And you just do not know what to do with it. If such a situation arises, be sure to check the full path to the game. The fact is that some developments absolutely do not perceive the Cyrillic font, trying to recode it. Naturally, this already leads to a completely different directory, which does not exist. Hence the problem, which is solved quite simply. One has only to type those elements of the path that are written in Cyrillic, Latin. After that, everything should work, and this error will no longer occur, as long as you comply with the rule of Latin letters.

Other problems

Naturally, it is impossible to describe in one article.all the problems that arise with this game. Here are the most common situations, as well as solutions. That is, if you have a problem with the launch of Watch Dogs, then first of all you need to go through all the points described above in order, following the instructions. As soon as any of this helps, rejoice. Now you can play.

But if you got to the last item,tried all the methods, but so far there is no progress, the situation can be much more complicated. In this case, you should contact the technical support service, which will help solve any problems arising from the described game. But here the problem lies in the fact that the specialists of this service will assist you only if you own a licensed copy of the game. Pirates, naturally, will not be serviced. However, this is not a dead end. You have a way out.

The fact is that on the forums dedicated to thisthe game is most likely to be helped if you can accurately formulate your problem and provide the necessary information. However, the help of the World Wide Web is hardly needed, since this article has all the most common mistakes and problems that can be encountered. So carefully study it, try all the proposed methods. And only if they do not help at all, make other attempts, such as contacting technical support or a forum.