How to add a photo "In contact". A few simple ways

If you just created an account in the popularsocial network "VKontakte", then, most likely, you want to be able to find friends and relatives. Therefore, you need to know how to add a photo "In Contact", because thanks to them, the user will understand that he found exactly the person he was looking for.

how to add photos to a contact

In addition, you will have the opportunity to createvarious thematic albums. For example, you spent a vacation on some picturesque islands and made many beautiful photos. Upload them to the server and add them to a specially created album - other users will also be able to admire the enchanting views, and, perhaps, decide to spend their vacation in the same place you visited.

And this is just one example, in fact you can add photos taken on holidays, on hikes, on business trips, in general, any photos that you would like to show to other users.

How to add a photo to "VC". The first way

So, if you are a novice "user" of the Internet,registered in the social network "VKontakte", then, perhaps you do not yet know how to upload your photos to this site. In fact, it's very simple, you just need to use one of the methods. Now consider the first of them.

how to add photos to vk

Open your "VC" page and contactsection "My photos", which can be found in the menu on the left. Now, if necessary, create a new album by clicking the appropriate link. After that, go to the newly created album and click the "Add new photos" button. Select appropriate pictures on your device and click Enter.

Final stage - make a description for photos (optional) and specify who will be able to view and comment on them.

That's all! Now you know how to add a photo "In Contact", and, therefore, you are easily recognized by friends and family.

How to upload photos to the "VC" site. The second way

The second option, which allows you to add pictures toyour page in this "social network" is a bit simpler. In addition, you can accidentally delete the "My Photos" section from the menu, therefore, the first method will not work for you.

So, to upload a photo for "VC", you needon the page of your profile, under the information about the user, click on the link "Add photos". Now select the pictures you would like to download, then click the "Open" button. Make a description for the photo and configure access.

It is worth noting that in this case the downloadedphotos will be automatically added to your "Wall". If you do not care, you can leave it as it is. If you do not want the photos to be placed on the wall, then there is the possibility to delete them.

How to change a profile photo (avatar)

Of course, in order for you to be recognized by other users of the social network "VKontakte", you must install a profile photo. It's very easy to do this.

To the right of the menu, you will see an empty area in which you need the "Put Photo" button. Click on it, a window will open where you will have two options for further action:

  • Download the image from the device by clicking the appropriate button;

  • take an instant photo if you have a webcam installed.

When the photo is loaded, you will need to adjust its display and save the changes.

Now you have an idea of ​​how to add a photo "VKontakte" and set it as an avatar.


Of course, an experienced user, after reading this article, will not find anything new for himself. However, if you are a beginner user, then, most likely, you will find this information useful.

photo for VK

Now that you've learned how to add a photo "InKontakte ", relatives and friends are not mistaken when they search your page in a social network. By the way, it is recommended to install your photo as the image of the profile, because the picture, for example, with an animal, can deceive the person who is looking for you.