What should I do if my computer does not turn on?

If the computer does not turn on,queue, you should check the monitor. Perhaps the fixation of the plug loosened, and the screen simply does not display the download process. Check the network cable and the network connection. Before taking drastic measures, it is necessary to make sure that all necessary manipulations have been made.

Here are the possible reasons that the computer does not turn on, do not squeak, does not give signs of life:

  • the network filter is disabled;
  • the power supply is disconnected;
  • there is no contact with the network;
  • weakened the fixation of components (this could be a video card or monitor, motherboard or other components).

Often, the cause of failure is the failure of the power supply. In most cases, it has to be changed, since repairing modern power supplies is quite difficult and expensive.

However, it happens that the computer turns on, butis not downloading. This may be due to the failure of the video card. To check for suspicion, remove the card and install it in another system unit. If it is working, the cause may be in the BIOS settings failure. In this case, you should check how the program is debugged.

the computer turns on but does not load

To do this, press Insert- it will help reset the changes and return to the default settings. If the key does not work, you can try to troubleshoot the problem manually. To do this, Clear CMOS jumper, which is located on the motherboard, must be transferred to other contacts.

Often the reason for the failure of the load is a removablemedia or floppy disks. Therefore, before you start the computer, you must remove all third-party disks. If the computer does not turn on, it is recommended to pay attention to the special sounds of the system unit.

does not turn on the computer does not squeak
One signal indicates an error-free download, andif the video card is faulty, the system unit will give one long and three short beeps. The absence of a keyboard connection is reported in the same way as a video card malfunction. If the graphic subsystem is faulty, one long and two short beeps will be heard.

If you frequently restart your computer, you shouldpay attention to the serviceability of the RAM module. One way is to install special software. If the computer is overloaded with such frequency that the installation of the software is impossible, it is better to temporarily replace the RAM. If the fault disappears, then the problem is still the RAM.

It happens that the computer does not turn on because of the cooling. In this case, you need to check the cooler and BIOS settings.

computer does not turn on

But if the computer is functional, and the operating systemthe system does not boot? This may be due to the fact that the system was damaged by a virus attack or an unauthorized trip. In this case, the files needed for proper loading are either erased or corrupted. You should try to start the computer in safe mode, restore the previous state and restart in normal mode. If the computer still does not turn on, it is recommended to check the startup. Perhaps some program interferes with the normal launch.

If all attempts to restore the computer to life are vain, you can decide on extreme measures - to reinstall the OS.