How to fill in the paragraph "Skills and skills" for the resume

As is known, correctly and correctly composedresume significantly increases the chances of the applicant to receive the desired vacancy. And when completing the resume, you need to consider that one of the most important roles is played by the item "Skills and Skills". We suggest to understand what and how to write in this section, so that your candidate is interested in a potential employer.

skills and abilities for a resume

First of all, keep in mind that the skillsfor a resume may vary significantly depending on the scope of the proposed activity. So, for example, if you used to work as an accountant, but plan to get a job as a sales manager, most of your accounting skills will be completely uninteresting to a potential employer. Therefore, if you do not want your CV to appear in the crate for papers even at the stage of studying it by the HR-manager of the company, then approach it as carefully and seriously as possible.

The best option is to adjust the graph"Skills and skills" for a resume in accordance with the profile of the company, the requirements for vacancies and job descriptions. In order to verify the importance of this item, it is necessary to note that employees of HR departments daily communicate with different candidates and study a lot of documents, so when they first get acquainted with the resume, they usually read it, as they say, diagonally, on the skills that the applicant has. Recruiters believe that the experience of a person's work is difficult to verify, and the availability of the necessary skills can be easily calculated during the interview.

sample resume skills and abilities

However, even if the skills for the resume werefictitious, but the candidate will successfully pass the interview, then his deception will quickly open during the trial period at the new workplace. Therefore, filling in this column, you should not exaggerate your abilities, so as not to end up in a very unpleasant situation.

Examples of skills and abilities that must be indicated in the summary:

- Knowledge of foreign languages ​​(be sure to write down the level at which the language is mastered);

- budgeting skills;

- bookkeeping and tax accounting;

- business correspondence and business communication;

- Sales planning.

Skills and skills for a resume: Common Mistakes

The most common error in fillingof this paragraph is the situation when a candidate for leadership positions begins to describe in detail the skills of a specialist available to him. The HR manager may get the impression that the applicant does not understand the sense of leadership position, which is not the need to do the work of the whole department, but the ability to organize and motivate employees to solve problems in a timely and qualitative manner and carry out the tasks assigned to them.

skills and abilities for a resume

Also many applicants consider that it is necessarylist all their skills. For the resume, it is desirable to highlight only the main, key points that are directly related to the specifics of the work at the desired position. After all, the more water, the more difficult it is for an HR specialist to see truly important information.

As a tip, we recommend that applicants finda resume sample, skills and abilities in which are ideally suited for the position you are applying for, and adjust your CV in accordance with this information.