Ability and skills in the resume: how correctly to tell about yourself?

In today's highly competitive environment, it is difficultoverestimate the value of a resume. It is this that creates the main impression of the employer about you before a full-time meeting. The better the skill and skills in the resume are revealed, the more likely the applicant will be invited to a further interview and get the desired position.

skill and skills in the resume
Based on the information sent,assess the suitability and consistency of the candidate, draw certain conclusions and prepare further questions. What should you know, setting out the skill and skills in the resume, to increase your chances in front of competitors?

First, there are several types of information:

1) chronological: all achievements and previous jobs are described in reverse order (from the end to the beginning);

2) functional: skills and abilities in the resume are divided into thematic groups (for example: experience with people, experience in working with equipment, etc.);

3) mixed: it combines the virtues of both types organically.

skills and abilities in the resume
Not every employer will read everything,that wrote the applicant. Therefore, the greater the skill and skills in the resume, the higher they should be placed relative to the rest. It is for them to assess whether you are suitable or not. The second half is usually left with secondary information that indirectly relates to the profession (for example, the knowledge of additional languages ​​or the availability of certificates of courses and conferences).

Often, the employer asks to relate the skills and abilities in the resume (for example: sociability and friendliness - the seller-consultant), which were particularly active in previous places of work.

When writing, one should adhere to several basic principles:

1. Brevity. Remember that time is a valuable resource, especially for people involved in business. According to the research, the employer spends no more than two minutes per one application. Nobody will appreciate the large volume of the text sent by you. Do not stretch the thought, do not go into narratives and explanations. Write more compactly, cut down what you can cut.

2. Structure and style. The more homogeneous the style of presentation, the easier it is for perception and understanding. Even if you combine several different types of presentation, try to make them look organic. Use no more than two criteria for a thematic division.

resume skills and skills example
3. Be truthful. Describing skills and achievements, be honest. After all, there is an interview, followed by a job interview. There is a high probability that deception will unfold. Be ready to prove and confirm everything that you wrote.
4. Literacy. Check the written text for grammatical and punctuation errors. In the human mind, literacy is directly related to competence. No one will want to hire a manager who writes with errors. Take your time, devote time to checking.

If you are applying for a position for whichYou need a creative, write about the skill and skills in the resume is unusual. Try to argue reasonably and interestingly to the reader, why you should receive this vacancy, than you will be useful in this area. Perhaps, according to formal signs, your resume will be weaker than that of competitors, but having shown ingenuity and ingenuity, you will interest the employer and get a cherished interview.