Job description of the programmer. Duties of the system programmer

A programmer is a very important profession, classified into several types. The functions, rights and duties of different programmers will be discussed in this article.

Who is a programmer?

What does it prescribe about the professioninstruction? A programmer is an expert in the field of IT technologies, who owns a computer at a professional level and is able to create and use various kinds of computer programs. The representative of the profession in question should be energetic, communicative and set up only positively.

And how can this work be obtained?The programmer, prescribes the instruction, must have a higher technical education. Only in this case, he can be appointed to the post by order of the general director of the IT department.

A programmer must have excellent knowledge:

  • on labor legislation;
  • about various kinds of regulations, acts and norms concerning the professional activities of the programmer;
  • on labor regulations and norms;
  • about the safety precautions.

Rights and Obligations of the Programmer

As with any other worker, some rights and functions are registered for the programmer.

job description programmer
What rights does the job description prescribe?

  • The programmer has the right to identify and eliminate various causes and factors that interfere with effective labor activity.
  • The programmer has the right to send to the management of the enterprise various wishes, requests and suggestions for improving the efficiency of work.

Rights of the representative of the profession in questionalthough they fit in only two points, nevertheless, they are fairly fair and uncovered. And what are the IT-specialist's responsibilities, what does the job description prescribe about them? The programmer, according to the norms, is endowed with the following functions:

  • the development of programs and their testing;
  • development of methodology for solving the problem;
  • definition of necessary information;
  • determination of the content and volume of data;
  • start and stop programs;
  • maintenance of competent operation of programs;
  • preparation of equipment for operation, repair of some equipment.

Above, only the most basic functions of the specialist in question were named. Of course, there can be many more.

Who is a software engineer?

The job description of a software engineer prescribes that the specialist in question is appointed by order of the general director.

job description of a programmer engineer
He obeys either the head of the unit,or technical director. In order to obtain a position as a software engineer, you must have a higher technical education and work experience of at least one year.

The specialist should possessexcellent knowledge of various types of software, the principles of structured programming and the technologies and methods of processing and coding information. It is desirable that the specialist also had an idea of ​​the formalized languages ​​in programming, as well as the procedure and methods for documenting.

The engineer-programmer can be guided only by the charter of the enterprise, its normative acts and legislative acts of the Russian Federation.

Rights, duties and responsibilities of a software engineer

The job description of the software engineer assigns the following rights to the employee:

  • the right to be aware of innovations related to professional activities of a specialist;
    work programmer
  • the right to submit to the management of various projects and wishes;
  • the right to demand from the leadership of assistance (depending on the situation);
  • the right to inform management of the problems that exist.

And what can be found about the duties of the specialist in question? Here is what the job description prescribes:

  • the programmer-engineer is obliged to develop programs and test them on the basis of mathematical analysis;
  • It is obliged to conduct the development of methods for solving problems;
  • must choose a programming language;
  • must determine the information to be processed;
  • must check the software products before use.

Depending on the place where the software engineer works, his working functions may vary slightly.

It is also worth noting that the software engineer is responsible for the incorrect performance of his work activity, for negligence, for violation of discipline and safety.

About the lead programmer and his duties

The lead programmer is appointed as general director, but is subordinate to the technical director. Naturally, the leading programmer must have a higher technical education.

job description of the lead programmer
The leading programmer in possession differscomputer on a professional level and the ability to develop complex special programs. Nothing else will describe the lead programmer as well as listing his job responsibilities. So, here's what functions are included in the competence of the lead programmer:

  • setting programmers tasks and monitoring their implementation;
  • development of tasks for the department;
  • checking programs for compliance;
  • assistance to programmers in the department;
  • inventorying;
  • control of the property of the enterprise;
  • informing the authorities about the existing problems.

Thus, the name of the profession speaks for itself. In fact, the lead programmer is a sort of "starostoy" in the department.

On the responsibility and rights of the lead programmer

The job description of the leading programmer prescribes the following rights for the leading programmer:

  • the right to demand from the authorities all the necessary official information;
  • the right to demand from the authorities the equipment necessary for work;
  • the right to identify and eliminate the reasons that somehow impede the effective operation of the enterprise;
  • the right to send to the authorities wishes and requirements for improving the work;
  • the right to file petitions with the authorities for bonuses or penalties for employees.
    job descriptions of the programmer in the institution

Thus, the leading programmer has more rights than the usual. But the more rights, the greater the responsibility. Thus, the specialist in question is responsible for:

  • non-fulfillment or poor performance of its functions;
  • failure or poor performance of the department functions;
  • providing false information about the work of the department;
  • disclosure of trade secrets;
  • failure to comply with the orders of the authorities.

The specialist in question is very responsible. The programmer, who is the presenter, is a person focused and attentive to his work.

Programmer in a budget institution and its responsibilities

At once it is necessary to say that the work of the specialist in question in a budgetary institution differs little from the work in a commercial establishment.

job description of a programmer of a budgetary institution
So, the job description of the programmerThe budgetary institution prescribes that the employee is also appointed by the director of the institution and is subject to him. The main functions and responsibilities are in forecasting, analysis and planning. As an example, you can consider a school programmer.

Job descriptions of the programmer in the school can be different, as they are edited directly in the school itself. Nevertheless, we can identify some general provisions.

The school programmer is obliged:

  • analyze the state of the school computer park;
  • monitor the condition of the computer park;
  • to forecast the development trends of school equipment;
  • organize the use of technology;
  • maintain documentation on the state of the computer park.

It should be noted that the school programmer is entrusted with enormous duties. Especially if he is alone for the entire institution.

On the responsibility and rights of a programmer in a budgetary institution

Despite the fact that the job descriptions of the programmer in the institution may vary, one thing is for sure: the responsibility for the programmer at school or in other places always lies tremendously.

job descriptions of the programmer in the school
It is worth noting and blurring of the formulations available in the job description:

  • responsibility for involvement in the violation of the [learning] process;
  • responsibility for causing damage to the institution;
  • for failure to perform duties, poor performance of duties, etc.

What are the rights of the programmer? You can identify the most basic:

  • the right to further training;
  • the right to make suggestions for improving the work;
  • the right to request from the authorities the necessary documents;
  • the right to negotiate with the employees of the institution (school), etc.
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