What the manager does

Everyone knows the profession "manager". This is one of the most popular specialties for today. What does the manager do? What is his responsibility?

Managers are engaged in various activities.

Managerial. Manager-head of the organization orstructural subdivision makes managerial decisions. Working in structural subdivisions of administrative authorities, it provides management of land, property, real estate, various branches of municipal economy, etc.

Organizational. Is engaged in the organization and planning, as well as control over the management of a particular territory.

Financial planning. Working in the financial and economic divisions of government and government, the manager organizes financial planning and management.

Marketing. It conducts work on disclosing the potential of a certain territory for the most profitable and effective use of it.

What does the manager do?

Conducts information and analytical activities. Analyzes the state of affairs and collects all the necessary information.

Carries out methodical activity, that is generalizes available experience and develops recommendations on improvement of a state of affairs.

Engaged in innovation. What does this mean? The manager introduces everything new into the management organization.

Carries out economic analysis,forecasting and planning the development of a certain territory. What does the manager do in this case? It conducts development of current long-term development plans for the territory, interacts with different economic entities, calculates resource needs and selects effective solutions, subject to limited resources.

The above actions are more suitable formanagers-economists and managers working under the administrations of the territories. And what is the responsibility of the tourism manager? After all, this profession is gaining momentum today.

Such a manager must recognize the desires and goals of people, directing them to where they really want to go.

His functional duties includethe organization of people's interaction, the creation of a system for their joint work. Here, and the motivation of people's actions, encouraging them to improve the effectiveness and quality of individual and collective activities.

His job duties include monitoring the actions of employees, analyzing and evaluating the results of their work.

And, finally, the sale of services. The tourism manager should be able to speak beautifully and correctly, describe the countries that are of interest to the client, advise the placements and be able to persuade to purchase a specific tour.

The project manager is no less popular today. Duties of representatives of this profession:

  1. Development and implementation of projects.

  2. Execution of control over the time of production according to the approved plan.

  3. Forecasting of sales by projects, as well as control and correction of forecasts.

  4. Development and coordination with the management of the goals and main stages of the project.

  5. Preparation of income, expenditure and cash flow plans aimed at the implementation of the project.

  6. Records management.

  7. Participation in the management of expenditures for approved projects in accordance with the budget for the flow of funds.

  8. Organization of the implementation of projects according to the established plan.

  9. Preparation and carrying out of presentations.

10. Changes to projects and their implementation within the agreed time frame within the budget.

11. Coordination of work of all participants of the project team.

12. Quality control of work performance.

13. Adjustment of the project schedule and budget, coordination of changes with the curators.

14. Holding meetings, as well as planning them.

15. Maintain project reports and present them to the curator of the project.

Now you know what the manager does. As you can see, this profession is interesting and, at the same time, complicated.