Unusual professions. Kapeldiner is a guard in the temple of art

Kapeldiner is an employee, in chargewhich includes checking tickets at the entrance to the theater or club, as well as maintaining order inside the premises throughout the presentation. Until the middle of the twentieth century, it was quite a prestigious position, but over the years, its authority has plummeted.

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What is the responsibility of the vendor

If we consider this profession in the way in which it originated, then the duties of the kapeldiner included the following tasks.

  1. Checking tickets at the entrance to the room. In addition, he must ensure that the session does not hit "rabbits".
  2. The Kapeldiner should monitor the order in the hall and, if necessary, pacify those who violate this order.
  3. Maintain cleanliness. In the old days the kapeldiners removed covers from chairs, wiped the mirrors and dusted them.
  4. Help to visitors. A good kapeldiner should always be aware of everything that is happening in the theater, and if necessary, tell the novelties to curious spectators. If there are latecomers, then he must make sure that they find their place in the hall and at the same time do not seriously interfere with the current performance.

Now the meaning of the word "kapeldiner" is mixed inconsciousness of people with such concepts as a cashier and a ticket-holder. In the cinema or clubs this word has long been called staff, and only in some theaters can still meet this profession in its pure form.

How to become a scavenger

As mentioned earlier, now the dropper israther a ticket officer than a guardian of order in the temple of art. In this regard, and the requirements for candidates for this profession have declined. In general, anyone can be approved for this post, regardless of age, gender and education. It is important that the future kapeldiner was decent, well-mannered and not late for work.

the meaning of the word droppers

Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

With regard to the characteristics of the profession, here inFirst of all, it should be noted a heavy load on the legs, because you have to spend a lot of time standing up. You also need to have an innate love of art, otherwise the chosen profession will quickly get bored. Also among the minuses - low wages.

The pluses include the opportunity to watch all the performances and films for free, as well as the absence of heavy physical labor.