How to become a policeman in Russia?

For today in Russia to work as policemencan representatives of both the male half of humanity, and female. The first requirement is the age range from 18 to 35 years. If you meet him and want to learn how to become a policeman, you need to carefully study all the criteria by which future defenders of the country are selected. In addition to meeting the required qualities, one should be prepared to prepare certain materials and undergo a serious medical, psychological and professional commission.

Where future policemen are trained

The profession of a policeman, like any other,requires special education. If the decision about the future work is taken before the graduation, it is possible to choose the educational institution correctly. In our country there are three universities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which have branches in all regions of Russia and 5 academies. In addition, there are many institutes, schools and Suvorov schools of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In each of them you can get the appropriate education.

how to become a policeman
However, if you have not graduated from an educational institutiondepartment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but you have a diploma on the higher legal education of any university in the country, this will very much help you in the question of how to become a policeman. Even if you have another education, if you want to get this profession. You will be sent to the accelerated courses, after which you can submit documents. At the same time it is desirable that your education is not lower than the secondary special.

Documents required for entry to work

If the first two requirements (age andeducation) are right for you, then you need to determine the documents that are needed to apply for a job. So, the third step of the question, how to become a policeman in Russia, requires the following actions:

  • preparation of copies of documents: a personal passport of the Russian and foreign, a diploma of education, an INN, a certified work record card;
  • writing an application for employment;
  • filling in the candidate's application form for the workplace;
  • writing an autobiography.
    how to become a policeman in Russia

It is also necessary to provide recommendations from at leasttwo guards of the order, working in structure not less than 3 years, and the documents confirming your income. It can be a certificate from the accounting department of the previous work or from the tax authorities.

Requirements for candidates for service

The next step is to confirm yourcompliance with requirements. How can you become a policeman? First of all, you need an excellent physical preparation. To verify compliance with this item, you will have to undergo a serious medical commission, which consists of doctors of almost all specializations. Usually this check takes at least 3 days. The list of doctors you need to pass is different, it depends on the specific position you are applying for. Standard medical examination includes the following specialists:

  • oculist;
  • otolaryngologist;
  • the neuropathologist;
  • surgeon;
  • therapist.
    how to become a policeman after grade 9

This list may vary depending on the gender of the candidate. For example, women need to undergo an additional examination from a gynecologist and mammologist.

In addition, it is necessary to take blood tests andurine, and also pass the test for the use of narcotic substances. Then you need to do a fluorography and ECG. It is also necessary to get information from dispensaries about the absence of mental disorders, tuberculosis and venereal diseases.

Psychological testing and sports training

Answer the question of how to become a policeman,It is impossible without diagnosing the psychological health of the candidate. To pass this test, you need to fill out various questionnaires and answer many questions in writing, among which there are those that reveal the degree of veracity of the answers. This commission may in some cases include a lie detector test. After the written part, you need to pass an oral interview with a psychologist and answer a number of his questions.

how can you become a policeman

After passing the commissions, it is necessary to confirmhis physical training. It is usually checked by exercises such as squeezing from the floor, pulling on the bar and running for a long distance. In the issue of passing these checks, military service will be your advantage.

In addition to health, biography will be carefully checked, as well as yours and your next of kin. Having a criminal record with you or one of them is a guaranteed refusal to apply for a job.


If all of the above steps are successfulpassed, you will be invited for an interview. The questions that will be asked at the same time can be absolutely any. They can relate to your childhood, hobbies, personal life and plans for the future. Do not forget that your goal at the moment is the answer to the question of how to become a policeman.

Interview is a very important partdecisions on employment, so you need to carefully prepare for it. First of all, you need to have a neat appearance. Jeans, sneakers and other attributes of the sporting style in this case are inappropriate. Men just need to wear a suit or at least classic trousers and a shirt, shave and cut their hair. Women can be advised a business suit with a skirt not above the knee, comfortable shoes, preferably with a heel, a modest hairstyle, a minimum of jewelry and cosmetics.

how to become a good cop

During the interview, you need to remember the basic rules of psychology of communication:

  • to look the interlocutor in the eye;
  • do not cross arms and hide them under the table;
  • Do not toss your foot on the leg;
  • to behave naturally and benevolently.

The more nervousness you show, the more questions you will have with your interlocutor.

Beginning of work

If you have successfully passed the interview, then you,probably, will soon be invited to work. However, it is a mistake to think that this is the last stage of the question of how to become a policeman. After successfully completing all the above steps, you will have an internship, which can last from one to three months. At this time, the responsibility for you will be borne by a police officer attached to you. If the internship is passed successfully, you will be offered to start work on probation. And only after it is over, you can say that you started a career as a policeman.

Women are on guard of order

Recently, more and more womenThe fair sex expresses the desire to work in law enforcement agencies. That's why the question of how to become a police girl is quite relevant. It should be noted that when receiving both in educational institutions, and directly to work, special relief to the female sex is not done. Passage of commissions and confirmation of physical training for them are mandatory items.

how to become a police girl

According to statistics, in recent years the number ofgirls entering the educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, significantly increased. However, after graduation and starting a career, the fair sex becomes a choice: family or work. More than 70% decide the issue in favor of her husband and children, and that is why girls are so reluctant to take both for study and for work.

How to become a policeman after grade 9

Many schoolchildren who firmly acceptthe decision to be in the future as a policeman, begin specialized training after grade 9. To do this, you can go to the police school, where they already accept from this age, or the cadet corps. You can also go to college for a law degree.

If it is decided to study at a police schoolor cadet corps, then it is necessary to confirm its compliance with the requirements of the educational institution. This is the passage of psychological testing, medical examination and physical examination. It is also necessary to pass the oral history exam and the Russian language in the form of a dictation, composition or presentation. After graduation, further admission to a higher educational institution is necessary to obtain a rank higher than a junior lieutenant.

Our service is both dangerous and difficult ...

Thus, the requirements for a candidate for employment in thelaw enforcement bodies are quite high. However, if you want to be not just an employee, but you are interested in how to become a good policeman, then first of all you must love your profession and represent all future difficulties.

how to become a policeman

This daily exposure to one's own liferisk, minimum amount of free time, daily duty, urgent calls for work and many other difficulties. And only dedication can help to become a really good professional and reach the heights of the career ladder.