Who is a marketer? Description of the profession. Resume of marketer

Have you ever thought about whichprinciple stores buy goods for later sale? Maybe their assortment is replenished with everything that is offered by the manufacturer, or they pick up the goods only to their own taste? No! Before the store shelves are filled with this or that product, a serious marketing research is conducted. Its purpose is to study the existing demand in the consumer market. If an enterprise is interested in increasing sales, then it can not do without such a specialist as a marketer, who conducts similar studies.

Main functions

On the question of who such a marketer,there is no unequivocal answer. The fact is that the functions of this specialist in different companies may differ significantly. So, one firm pays more attention to the organization of advertising of the goods, and another focuses on research of competitors and consumers.

who is a marketer

In this regard, briefly answer the question whosuch a marketer, it is impossible. But this post is very responsible. In general, the functions of this specialist are to ensure the maximum efficiency of the company and to increase the impact of its activities. At the same time, the whole complex of marketing techniques should be applied.

Main responsibilities

Marketers should perform:

- assessment of the market capacity;
- industry analysis;
- demand forecast;
- comparative analysis;
- development of marketing strategy.

As you can see, the duties of this specialistare extensive. It is very difficult to cope with such a volume of work alone. In this regard, large departments create whole departments for the promotion of goods. In small firms there is a post "manager-marketer". This employee, in parallel with his basic duties, is busy with sales and customer search.

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A successful specialist has a career prospects. Over time, he can be appointed director of marketing or commercial director of the company.

Required knowledge

Who is a marketer? This is, first of all, a specialist with a good theoretical basis. Those who do not fully know the principles of marketing, will not be able to conduct research and develop the necessary concept of advertising. For this position, apart from higher specialized education, knowledge of psychology, sociology and the legislative base will be required.

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A good marketer, among other things, is obliged tohave analytical and at the same time creative thinking. He should easily establish contacts with different people, be sociable, have emotional stability and diplomacy.
The marketer needs to be sureuser of the PC, and also know the basic package, which includes office and special programs. To master this volume the specialist will be enabled by mathematical abilities. Does not prevent him and knowledge of the basics of programming.

Virtually all marketers are being asked to compulsorily speak a foreign language. This is especially important if the company works in the international market.

Internet marketer

Some experts study the sales markets andare engaged in promotion of advertising on the Internet. They are called somewhat differently. This is Internet marketers. In addition to all of the above, their duties include:

- attracting visitors to the website of the corporation;
- development of Internet projects.

As a result, a high level ofprofitability of monetary investments in the World Wide Web. Internet marketer is a specialist who knows not only the basics of marketing. He must have knowledge in the field of network technologies, as well as web design and have practical skills that allow you to quickly find the necessary information on the World Wide Web.

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Internet marketer is a specialist,engaged in the creation of advertising images and texts, well versed in electronic payment technology and able to communicate with customers. As we see, this post requires a lot. Internet marketing is a painstaking effort to collect the necessary information, which in the future should be systematized and analyzed. Further on the basis of the received data the expert develops the certain strategy of promotion of the goods.

Analyst Marketing Analyst

The task of this specialist is to conductanalysis of market structure, forecasting of demand and evaluation of the opportunities for promotion of newly created insurance products. The marketing analyst must have a good command of all the tools of his profession. This will allow the company to constantly develop and successfully operate.

resume маркетолога
Who is an analyst marketer? It is a specialist who tracks all emerging market trends and is able to navigate in conditions of uncertainty.

What is the scope of the marketing analyst? This list includes:

- Conducting field research focus groups;
- Monitoring of the market where competitors are present;
- research of preferences of consumers;
- formation of assortment policy;
- preparation of reports, etc.

Marketer, consisting of a large company,is also involved in regional market research. This is a specialist who is able to generate ideas, find the right information, manage events and people.

At the moment, the profession of marketing analystis on the list of the most promising and prestigious. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the employer presents higher demands to the candidates for this position. As a rule, candidates are checked for knowledge of sociology and economics, law and statistics, current legislation and the history of development of production and trade.

Marketers of Moscow

Applicant for the position of marketing analystshould be communicative, have analytical and structural thinking, constantly strive for self-improvement and possess great memory, organizational and analytical abilities.


It is currently difficult to find a company in the statewhich would not have been a marketer. The main advantages of this profession besides the great popularity is the fact that it is highly paid. At the very start of his career, a graduate of a university with no experience yet has an income of thirty thousand rubles. After his earnings grows to fifty or sixty thousand rubles a month. But this amount is not a limit. However, it should be borne in mind that a fast career is made only by attentive and hardworking employees.

The choice of the profession of a marketer can be affected by its demand not only by manufacturing companies. In the services of this specialist need and profile consulting firms.

Where to go to study?

So, you already know who the marketer is, andfirmly decided to find this specialty. The skills of this profession are successfully mastered by people who have received a higher sociological or economic education. In addition, many universities have already introduced such a direction of students' preparation as "Marketing". Almost every university in the country has such specializations. However, Moscow marketers, as a rule, are people who graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, the National Research Institute "Higher School of Economics" or the Institute of Business and Business Administration of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation. These universities are especially quoted among the capital's employers. Before a person with a diploma of such an institution, the doors of the most prestigious consulting companies that specialize in marketing open.

How to write a resume and get a job?

In order to occupy the existing one in the chosen onecompany vacancy, need to write a resume. A marketer in the state will take only one that, according to its education and personal characteristics, will be suitable for the employer. This will need to be taken into account when preparing your biography.

First of all, demonstrate your knowledgeabout the company to which you apply. It will characterize your professional skills. Focus on your experience and knowledge. This will allow the employer to understand that you are able and meet his expectations. Indicate your achievements at previous places of work. Do not hide any information.

Next, of course, education. Specify not only the main, but also additional. Profile education will undoubtedly be your advantage.

Pay special attention to the section containingadditional information. Here you need to note the knowledge of one or more foreign languages, the availability of a driver's license (if any), the level of ownership of various PC programs. If you have a hobby, it is also worth mentioning in your resume. A marketer whose life hobbies are in any way connected with the intracorporate culture or the vacancy in question will be hired sooner.

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Next, you have to go through one or twointerview. If there are a large number of applicants for a vacant position, a stress test is possible. The staff of the company will take the most purposeful, unchained and ready for active work.

The next stage is testing and final interviews. It is at this moment that the best of the best goes.

Building a career

With the successful passage of all stagesInterview you are on the starting position of the profession. Graduates of universities that do not have practical experience, take on the position of "assistant marketer." I'll have to carry out small assignments and bear the brunt of the routine work.

The next stage of career growth isposition of marketer. At the same time, the payment for your work is growing. In this position you should show yourself as a creative person. This will help create the foundation for further professional growth.

The first serious step in the career will servepost of head of marketing department. The duties of this specialist include managing a whole staff of specialists and exercising control over their work. However, this is far from the limit. Many companies appoint high-qualified marketers financial directors or offer them the position of a senior manager.

Right choice

The profession of a marketer is one of the most promising. Selecting it, you will get a large number of opportunities, allowing you to work both in simple positions, and in the management of the company.

An important advantage of this profession is the need to obtain a huge number of skills, skills and knowledge. This will, if desired, find themselves in a whole series of other specialties.