What should be the workplace of the hairdresser (photo)

Have you noticed that sometimes two hairdressersone category are significantly different from each other? And it's not about interior design, prices or the personal talents of the masters. Incredibly, but the fact: the workplace of the hairdresser largely influences the emotions received by the client from visiting the institution and the quality of the barber's work.

The main thing is convenience and practicality

The working place of the hairdresser
Unfortunately, when ordering furniture and equipment for the hairdresser's salon, many owners choose suitable options only for design and cost. And this is a big mistake!

Usually the client is in the master's chair from 30minutes to 3 hours. The standard working day of the hairdresser is 6-8 hours. Correctly selected furniture will not only improve the working conditions of the master, but also help him to perform his work better. Discomfort should not be felt by the client, because he may simply not want to return to the hairdressing salon, which during the last visit was experiencing some inconvenience.

How should the hairdresser's workplace be arranged? The description of the minimum set of furniture and equipment looks like this:

  • an armchair for the client;
  • mirror;
  • dressing table;
  • shelving;
  • special cart on wheels;
  • sink for washing your head.

Everything starts with a mirror

The workplace of the hairdresser description

More recently, researchers have found thatthe most extensive sessions of narcissism occur among modern people in hairdressing salons and beauty salons. During haircuts and styling, we always look at ourselves in the mirror, simultaneously watching the work of the master. And really, without this element it is difficult to imagine the interior of any hairdresser.

What kind of mirror should it be? The most important thing is that it should reflect without distortion and be large enough. Choose a mirror with or without frame, the correct geometric or figured shape - this is a personal matter for every owner of the beauty salon. For example, it is interesting and unusual to see the workplace of a hairdresser, stylized as a dressing room of a star. Certainly no less impression on the client will produce a mirror in a fantasy frame or an original shape.

After completing the model haircut, the master alwaysoffers the client to evaluate the result. In order to be able to see your new hairstyle from behind, a second mirror is useful. It can be small in size and must move easily in space.

Cabinet furniture or mobile

A hairdresser's workplace with his own hands

At the word "hairdresser" we are out of habitimagine a dressing table with a large mirror, surrounded by shelves, and a comfortable chair next to it. And indeed, any self-respecting master has many accessories and cosmetics for work.

One of the best and time-tested options -Combined cabinet furniture consisting of a small locker and a table. According to the current regulations, the barber's workplace dimensions can have absolutely any. The most important thing is that the distance between the labor zones of two different masters is not less than 1.8 m.

Under the mirror it is convenient to place a dressing table or a long shelf. Here you can put tools during work, put containers with the necessary compositions.

Many hairdressers seem incredibly comfortablea combination of a table with drawers and shelves and a narrow rack. Such a furniture system allows you to organize the storage of all the necessary things. On the lower and upper tiers you can put what is used least often, and on the level of the hands and eyes put objects that are used often.

The classic workplace of a hairdresser can beexcellent to perfect. Today on sale it is possible to find special trolleys. Most often they look like small bedside tables on wheels with lots of compartments and boxes. Convenience of carts is their mobility - you can move this piece of furniture as necessary without any effort.

Armchair for client

During any manipulation with hair is importantcorrect and comfortable landing of the client. The assortment of armchairs for beauty salons today is great. The main requirement for them - the ability to adjust the height and inclination of the back. It is also desirable that the seat is rotatable, and the legs are provided with wheels.

Luxury armchairs usually have a built-infootrest. And this is really a very convenient solution. If you have to choose from budget models, pay attention to the presence of armrests. In some cases, haircuts have to be performed sitting (for example, if the client has very long hair), it will be useful to purchase a special chair for the master. It differs in its small size and lack of armrests.

Sink for washing head

Workplace hairdresser dimensions
Washing your head is quite a popular servicehairdresser's. Special equipment is required to provide it. If the hairdressing salon is not too big, enough will be one or two bowls. But it is much more convenient when each barber's workstation has its own washbasin.

It should have a sufficiently large diameter anda special figured notch. Very good if the plumbing product is equipped with a shower. The head is washed to the client in the sitting position, and it is difficult to rinse out the thick head of hair under the tap.

What else do customers pay attention to?

Workplace of a hairdresser photo design
For most hairdressers,that during a hairstyle and other procedures their personal things were somewhere nearby. Many customers like it when the clothes hanger and bags are next to the master workplace. Of course, this rule is relevant in the absence of a wardrobe.

Particular attention is paid by customers to sterility and cleanliness. It is desirable that each master uses his own instrument for sterilizing instruments and guests could observe this process.

With regard to the issue of cleanliness, furniture forhairdressing salon is best to buy from plastic and kozhzama. These materials are best cleaned of damp contamination and hair, so that the master can with minimum effort always keep the barber's workplace clean.

With your own hands, you can make a variety oforganizers for vials with cosmetics and hairdressing tools. Putting everything in its place, you can make a pleasant impression on customers, and work is really so convenient.

Interesting design ideas

Workplace of the hairdresser photo
As you can see, the workplacehairdresser, photo of which we have provided in the article, are most often decorated in pastel or saturated bright colors. Want to make the room look cozy - use warm colors. It is beneficial to complement the workplace of the hairdresser photo design. Print a series of posters with interesting styling and haircuts. If the hairdresser has any awards, diplomas and certificates, they should also be hung in the work area.

Beneficial to complement the interior can alwaysminor at first glance details - interesting lamps, textiles in bright colors, living plants. Do not be afraid to use such elements in the hairdressing salon and change them from time to time.