How to become a stewardess

There are such professions, of which they say: "This is the work of my dream!". The stewardess profession is one of them. Surely you or your friends have often thought about how it would be interesting to work in the sky, but how many were seriously striving to fulfill their dreams? We dare to assure you, it is quite possible to master the stewardess profession, it is enough just to approach certain parameters and selection criteria and have a great desire to master this profession. But still how to become a flight attendant?

First of all, let's define with whatrequirements of the airline you will have to face at the initial stage. The most important thing is growth and age. The stewardess's height should be more than 165 centimeters. Age - from 18 to 35 years. Also, mentioning the appearance, it is worth noting that you must have a pretty face, a good figure, adhere to a strict classical style in clothes. Scars, tattoos, piercings on the body are not allowed. Required: competent speech, absence of accent and defects of diction. To pass the first stage of the selection, you have to come to the interview in a business suit, heels, with gathered hair. Minimum makeup, not too bright manicure will complement your image.

The next step in the way of becoming a stewardess- medical commission. You must have a really good health and excellent physical training. You will have to go through many doctors to prove to the airline that you are absolutely healthy person.

To begin learning on the course of masteringprofession of stewardess, have a pleasant appearance and a healthy body is not enough. Girls should have a set of necessary skills on board the aircraft. Knowledge of English and computer is not discussed. In addition to this, you will need the skills of providing first aid, the ability to handle various conflicts. Sometimes on board the plane you even have to take delivery, so the stewardess should be able to do everything. Of course, the basics will be taught at the courses, but already mastered skills will not be superfluous.

If you successfully passed the interview, thenconsider that half the way to the goal, how to become a stewardess, is already passed. After talking with a psychologist, having passed the test in English, having received a certificate that you are healthy, you can start learning. An agreement is concluded with the airline, under which you agree to free-of-charge education at school for three months, then take the exam and begin the work on the successful completion of the course. Usually flight attendants are given a probationary period of several months, during which they must work without pay. After graduating from the course, you have to work for a certain time in this airline, if you leave the company or are unsuitable for work, you will have to pay the administration a large fine.

In courses that last three months, futurestewardesses are trained in English, first aid to the victims, emergency rescue training, the art of watching themselves and their appearance, communicate with passengers and provide them with impeccable service. As they say those who have been working as a flight attendant for a long time, despite all the advantages, this is a very difficult profession. A flight attendant must possess not only the necessary skills in flight, but also such character traits as stress resistance, charm, confidence and courage. Do not think that the flight attendant - it's just the attendants. The stewardess, whose work requirements are by no means comic, is the guarantor of the passengers' calm, their comfortable and safe flight.

If you began to dream of mastering thisprofession under the impression of various films, we dare to assure you, in reality, romance and beauty are much less. About how to become a flight attendant, the flight attendants themselves will tell you the best, and not the Hollywood screenwriters.