Work as a surveyor is hard work based on deep knowledge and experience

Geodesy (from the Greek. geodezy) - the oldest science of the division of the earth. With the development of cosmonautics, there was a need to study natural resources and to compile topographic maps. The information received by satellites is widely used for mapping the terrain.

Work as a surveyor

work as a surveyor
Workers with geodetic educationare in demand in the field of laying highways, autobahns, water canals and other means of communication. When working in the fuel industry, it is the specialist's responsibility to choose the locations for drilling wells. Survey of the state of the allotted area is also performed by the surveyor. Work in the Moscow region is to study the terrain and draw up geographic maps. The competence of the surveyor also includes recommendations to construction firms, public utilities and individuals regarding the location of buildings and engineering structures. Undoubtedly, geodesy is most applicable in construction, where works are performed with special precision. Geometric parameters made by surveyors are applicable in the design documentation and ensure compliance with building codes when locating and erecting construction projects. In construction, the work of a surveyor is divided into the main types: executive surveys, center, tracing, as well as monitoring and control over the deformation of objects. Shooting and tracing works are related to pre-design works and are carried out during the period of engineering research. Observation falls within the competence of a specialist of the lower rank, the data he collected about violations and defects are transferred to the higher geodetic authorities to the chief surveyor, where the work is evaluated. Assistant surveyor is required to maintain a log of control over the execution of the performed work.

NTP in geodesy

assistant surveyor
Today, the work of a surveyor is significantlyfacilitated with the progress of scientific progress. Modern technologies make it possible to measure and determine the distance to objects without departing from the original location. Global GPS positioning system greatly simplified the work of a geodesic specialist, especially in places where the geodetic base is not yet organized. But it should be noted that the work of a surveyor is one of those professions where the main work is performed by a person. Since geodetic activities can not be completely mechanized or automated. Of particular importance in topography and cartography is a special technique and geodetic instruments, which are produced in Russia by the Optical-Mechanical Plant and TsNIIGAiK, but their share in the domestic market is low. Most electronic geodetic instruments are purchased from foreign firms.

Where to begin

geodesist work in the Moscow region
The profession of a surveyor requires high training andgreat specialist knowledge. Education can be obtained by graduating from the Moscow Institute of Geodesy and Cartography. Preparation and training is also conducted in a number of geological exploration technical schools. Preparation is carried out both on day time and on correspondence forms of training. You can finish the courses that are available in all regions of Russia. Advanced training courses provide an opportunity to increase your knowledge and improve your skills.