What is the work of a secret buyer, how to get a job?

In the modern world, where everything is bought andis sold, companies use all sorts of ways to increase interest in the product and increase sales. How to make the customer interested in the brand and is satisfied with the service? To do this, often resorted to the services of a secret buyer. Who this is and for what purpose he appears on the point of sales, we will discuss this article.

Term meaning

The interpretation of the concept of "secret (imaginary) buyer" has two meanings:

  1. A marketing research method that is conducted by a company or a chain of stores in order to improve service at a trading enterprise.
  2. A trained person who, under the guise of an ordinary customer, makes purchases and at the same time watches the work process in the store, and then submits a report on the results of the inspection to the customer.
Shopping incognito

Objectives of the study

Checking outlets can have a variety of tasks:

  1. Improving the quality of customer service.
  2. Increase the professional level of staff and its motivation.
  3. Audit of the store.
  4. Evaluation of the results of an advertising campaign.
  5. Strengthening brand loyalty.
  6. Evaluation of the performance of telephone operators and the maintenance of applications on the site.
  7. Improve sanitation in the workplace.
  8. Increase the level of sales of products.
  9. Analysis of the work of competitors.

As a rule, the customer unites several tasks during the research, therefore, the work of the undercover buyer includes a number of actions during one inspection.

In any case, the involvement of such hired employees is aimed at improving the standards of trade and the work of the company.

Who can be an imaginary customer?

The observation, in fact, can be anyan adult who is ready to act according to plan. There are no special difficulties in performing the functions of this employee. You just need to fulfill the task set by the customer and then submit a report.

It is necessary to stipulate and personal qualities for work by the secret buyer:

1) responsibility: the hired agent acts according to the instructions received; therefore, he must clearly know the amount of work and perform it in full;

2) self-confidence: the opposite can lead to the fact that a person with his nervousness will simply disclose his "mission", and then the obtained data will be untrue;

3) diligence: as a rule, the company checks the network of stores, and the secret buyer is part of the team, so the work of the coordinator depends on the task accomplished, which means that the timeliness of wages;

4) mindfulness: this employee visits the facility to monitor the personnel, the place of sale, etc., and hence no detail should escape from his sight.

We will note that acting skills will not be superfluous. But even if they are not there is nothing wrong: the performer can behave like the most ordinary buyer.

Realization of purchase

How to get a "spy" post?

Sometimes a person for some reason can notto have full employment. Then he spent hours studying the section of ads "Work at home." Mystery shopper is a great opportunity for additional earnings. After all, the time that he needs for research is minimal - 20-30 minutes, the rest of the work he does at home, sitting at the computer. After a visit to the store, he needs to compile a detailed report on the results of his observations.

How to get a job as a secret buyer? Very simply: go to the job search site, find a vacancy, respond to it and wait for the coordinator's response.

Who can become an imaginary customer?

In which case can I get a refusal?

The first reason for rejecting the candidature isalready recruited staff. Also, the positive result can be influenced by gender, age and familiarity of those who wish to work with the group of the proposed goods. For a more plausible visit and better test results, one or another category of people is needed. In this case, the experience of the secret buyer is welcome, but mostly is not mandatory. If the vacancy indicates some parameters and the candidate does not match, you just need to consider other proposals, and then the search for work will certainly succeed.

Obligations of the imaginary client

Seeing such an unusual proposal, people usually ask themselves: what is the work of a secret buyer?

The scheme of this employee is quite simple and consists of three stages:

1) receiving instructions to the post office to conduct an inspection at the facility, its study;

2) visit to the store, monitor what is happening and perform the planned actions;

3) filling in a report on the work done and submitting it to the coordinator.

Official duties of a mystery shopper

The most typical mistery verification objects

As already mentioned above, research on sales outlets is conducted to improve the sales process, so all components of the service can be tested. And this:

1. Compliance with the standards of etiquette.

2. Appearance of employees.

3. The level of knowledge of personnel about the quality and characteristics of the goods.

4. Work discipline.

5. Compliance with standards in work.

6. Matching the store with the corporate style.

7. Cleanliness at the site.

8. Quality and correctness of customer service.

9. Conducting an advertising campaign.

10. Sales skills of employees and more.

It should be understood that the work of a secret buyer -This is part of the basic research, in which different types of inspections are carried out: testing, questioning, monitoring, etc., which together provides an objective assessment of the quality of services provided by the company and, if necessary, improve it.

Reporting an imaginary customer

Initially, the form of the agent's report waselectronic spreadsheets that were filled manually. Over time, online systems appeared, which greatly simplified the fulfillment of requirements by both auditors and their management.

Work by a secret buyer providesfilling out the form about the visit to the specified object. Make this employee can, having gone to the Internet from any suitable device. Presented information immediately gets to the coordinator, and he gets the opportunity to process it.

Online reporting systems are programmed toautonomous construction of graphs and tables, which increases the objectivity of the assessment, allows you to receive all types of reporting materials from hired observers, monitor their work and, accordingly, accelerate the process of paying wages.

Reporting on the work done

Additional reporting requirements

Sometimes, for reliability of information, the customer asks for a control purchase. Then, to the submitted documentation, the agent must attach a copy of the check issued by the cashier.

In some cases, to assess the qualitycustomer service needs to record a conversation with the employee on the recorder. The same requirement is put forward by the company, if an assessment of consumer advice by telephone is conducted.

If the store has video surveillance, thenthe customer, if necessary, asks a secret buyer at certain times to walk in front of the cameras in order to make sure that the verification was actually carried out, or to make several photographs on the site. These materials are sent electronically to the curator of the group together with the completed report form.

Such nuances have a secret buyer's job. Feedback from employees about it is mostly positive, except for the inconvenience experienced in collecting evidence and low payment for a single visit to the store. Among the benefits here are part-time work, support for the group's curator and timely payment.

Video surveillance in the store

Coordinator of secret buyers: feedback on work

If a person does not have the opportunity to go intoset time for the object or the desire to play the role of an imaginary client, you can stop for a vacancy, which entirely provides for work at home. This is the coordinator of the work of secret buyers. The main requirements for this post are Internet access, the opportunity to work 4-6 hours a day, sociability and responsibility.

The work, at first glance, is not difficult: find secret buyers or choose them from the company's database, provide them with instructions for shopping and draw up a report on the results. At the same time, it is necessary to coordinate their work, answer questions that arise, give advice in case of unforeseen situations, and sometimes help with the completion of documentation.

The main result of the work of the coordinator isa report that must be sent in time to the employer. And here you need to be prepared for the fact that work by a secret buyer sometimes disappoints hired employees and they simply refuse to carry out the assignment, referring to inconvenient verification time, remoteness from the place of residence, or are not at all on the site and do not provide any explanations. And then the goal to fulfill the plan in time is 100% unattainable.

It should be borne in mind that the curator of a group of hiredagents is the link between them and the company, so all questions about wages and its delay will be assigned to him. So before you respond to this vacancy, you need to really assess your level of stress resistance.

After analyzing the feedback on the work of the coordinator, the following conclusions can be drawn.

Positive moments of a vacancy:

1. This is work at home.

2. The possibility of additional earnings.

3. Acceptable methods of payment for both a bank card and a mobile phone.

4. Free training.

5. Timely payment.

Among the shortcomings are:

1. The need to work more than specified in the requirements.

2. Untimely payment.

3. Large form to fill.

4. Inadequate payment for labor.

In short, if the coordinator takes up workin a solid company, in time fulfills the plan, he receives a financial reward. And if the customer or secret buyers are not particularly conscientious, then the payments will have to wait a long time, and maybe there will not be any. Therefore, when choosing a position, you must first look for references on the company on the company-employer and then make a decision.

Coordinator of secret buyers

So, in a world of abundance of goods and services we wantreceive high quality products. And we are struggling to improve our standard of living in order to surround ourselves with comfort and attention. And in this case, the "imaginary client" is a good option to increase your income. It is great for students, moms in the decree and just people who are at home. And if the buyer still likes to shop, it's generally a double benefit: pleasure and payment. When choosing this vacancy, remember that work by a secret buyer is not only additional earnings, but also an opportunity to improve trade standards, product quality and attitude towards a potential consumer.