Job description of the chief engineer: a document that includes many duties

The chief engineer is the "right hand" of the head of the enterprise. This is a qualified specialist, you can rely on.

Job description of the chief engineer

A document that reflects all the rights andThe duties required in the work are the job description of the chief engineer. It says that a person with experience in managerial work of not less than five years and with higher technical education can be appointed to such a position. He must have organizational skills, coupled with the skills of the manager.

The chief engineer is not chosen by the team.And taken on the order of the head. He must know the profile and structure of the entire enterprise, regulations and materials, organizational and administrative documents of the bodies that relate to the activities of the enterprise.

Job description of the deputy chief engineer
As the job description of the mainengineer, this person should have an idea of ​​the prospects for the development of the enterprise (both technical and economic and social), and be familiar with its business plan. Basics of labor and environmental legislation chief engineer must know almost by heart. This also applies to the norms and rules of labor protection, industrial sanitation, fire protection, safety. The chief engineer is indispensable in production. But in case of illness, his duties go to the engineer, who is best acquainted with the process of the chief's work.
Job description of the chief engineer of the project

Job description of the deputy chiefengineer is not so strict, but still requires a sufficient level of skill. He is obliged to ensure an increase in the efficiency of the performance of production, while maintaining a high level of training of production specialists and a constant increase in the level of their qualifications. As, however, and the growth of labor productivity. Also, an experienced employee should achieve a reduction in production costs by any available means, as well as rationality in the use of production resources.

Job description of the chief engineercalls for maintaining high quality and preserving the competitiveness of products produced in the enterprise. Also produced products must fully comply with the current state and technical standards, the requirements of the standards.

When an enterprise is going to deal withconcrete project, then the most experienced employee becomes its leader. For him, the job description of the chief engineer of the project is provided. It says that an expert must conclude contracts for the development of high-tech products in conjunction with research organizations and universities for the successful implementation of the project. The Chief Engineer also monitors the process of their development, organizes the process of implementation and review of technical re-equipment plans developed by the enterprise within the framework of the project, prepares applications for the purchase of additional equipment at favorable conditions for the company.

The job description of the chief engineer includesin itself a lot of duties. It is difficult enough to find such an employee who would cope with them perfectly! Therefore, such specialists are extremely in demand.