Profession document manager: job description

Document management is an important componentactivity and an obligatory element of management of any institution, organization, enterprise. Business papers must be properly composed, systematically stored and optimally moved. With the development of the economy, information flows and the number of documents in all spheres of human activity increase. Therefore, in our days, the demand for a fairly new profession is growing - a document expert.

Who is the document manager?

A document expert is a specialist who is responsible for recording and recording documentation. Closely professions are the secretary, archivist, clerk.

Management documents shouldbe properly issued in accordance with the regulations and brought to the attention of workers, and precisely those for whom orders were intended. Documents have the property of becoming obsolete, getting out of circulation. In this case, they must be sorted in accordance with legislative acts on record keeping and placed in the archive. All this is done by a document manager.

Official duties of the specialist for work withdocuments may seem boring. But this is only at first glance. Through the hands of a document expert, especially if he is responsible for document circulation at the enterprise, all information flows pass, he can follow the documents of all departments and understand the mechanisms of the company's activity and development.

Duties of a document expert in an institution

In large organizations, dutiesexperts in working with documents, as a rule, are divided: registration, registration, entry into the electronic database, control of execution, storage are engaged in different people and even entire units.

What a document manager should know

In order to correctly compile documents in whichthe information is presented concisely, clearly and clearly, the specialist should know the purpose and forms of drawing up all kinds of documents. To know what a legally valid document looks like, it must own the basics of law.

Since today most of the documentsstored on electronic media, and need a computer exchange of information, a specialist in document management must understand the software. It should create electronic databases and be able to communicate with the personnel serving automated systems for creating, storing and transferring documents.

Documentary job description

For storage of documents in the archive specialistmust know certain rules and technical conditions. The purpose of documents and their confidentiality, terms, conditions of storage - on these grounds, you need to sort the documents in the archive, and then create an effective search system.

Duties of the document expert

The duties of a document expert in an institution include

- compilation, accounting, storage and control of documents;

- systematization of document circulation and ensuring the movement of documents;

- organization of optimal document flow within the organization;

- storage organization and development of the documentation classifiers;

- sorting, examination of the value and transfer to the archive of documents with expired validity;

- Arrangement of incoming documentation;

- development of standard forms and document tablets;

- creation of databases of documents with creation of registration numbers and indexes and electronic addresses of storage;

- preparation of necessary materials for meetings, negotiations and meetings.

The job description in the school

Leading document manager duties perform, in fact, the same, but with a greater share of responsibility, plus gives tasks to lower-level employees.

Duties of a document expert in an educational institution

A document manager in an educational institution shouldto know, in addition to other legislative acts, the RF Law "On Education". Since kindergartens and schools have limited staff, the document manager combines the duties of both the clerk, the clerk, and the cadre worker, is guided in the work by methodological recommendations on working with documents in general education institutions (letter of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation No. 03-51 of December 2, 2000 / 64).

Official duties of document manager at school

Duties of the document expert in the children'sgarden, in addition, include the drafting of employment contracts with employees and the registration of personal files, the management of children's books. He also works with the military registration desk and maintains the relevant documentation if the institution has military liable personnel.

The job description in the schoolcomplements the preparation of drafts of administrative documents on the movement of the contingent and registration of personal files, the maintenance of the alphabetical book of students and the hours of educational work of school employees, processing and registration of the personal files of students in the archive.

Higher educational institutions conduct not only educational activity, but also scientific.

The duties of a document expert in a universitymake the specialist at least in general terms understand the profile of the specific faculty, because he has to prepare documents for meetings and meetings and to conduct their protocols and telephone conversations on behalf of the dean.

Personal qualities of a document manager

Mindfulness is the most important qualityspecialist in working with documents. Accuracy, scrupulousness and responsibility complement the list of personal qualities necessary to work with business papers. Errors in data, violation of legislation, loss of documents can be costly for an enterprise when concluding a contract or personnel audit.

Duties of a document expert in an educational institution

The amount of information a document manager is working on requires a good memory.

To work in any field, he needs diligence and literacy when working with papers, and in the field of personnel management - and organizational skills, and creativity, and communication skills.

Setting the right goals and working with the structure of the company, the so-called entrepreneurial qualities, you need a document to organize the optimal workflow and classifier.

Often in small firms, a document manager works alone. Self-organization, discipline and self-control help to organize effective work.

Requirements to the document manager

A solid legal and regulatory framework fordocument circulation requires professional training. Therefore, when applying for a job requires a diploma of a higher educational institution or secondary specialized educational institution in the field of "Documentology", "Documentary support of the enterprise". There are also related specialties "Documentation in law" or "Information support of the enterprise".

Legislative and subordinate acts,regulatory, regulatory and governing documents of higher bodies related to document circulation are general requirements for documents that a document manager should know. Official duties require knowledge or at least their fundamentals in the methods of analysis, research, design, implementation and development of documentation systems, design and operation of automated control systems; the organization of archive business and the basis of programming.

Advantages and disadvantages of the document management profession

The profession of a document expert is universal. Diploma and knowledge of the specialty allow the graduate to work in any organization, because the document circulation is everywhere. This is the main advantage of the profession.

The second advantage can be considered the opportunity to work as an administrator, archivist, clerk, secretary-assistant, office manager, assistant manager, and not just a document expert.

The third plus is that, despitethe apparent routine of work, the document manager is in the center of information flows in the organization and owns almost all of its secrets. Sometimes he, except for senior management, is the only owner of these secrets.

Experience and entrepreneurial veins allow the document manager, if desired, to organize their own business of providing information services.

The pluses of the profession can be attributed also to work in the office in good conditions, regardless of the profile of the enterprise and a strict work schedule.

The duties of a document expert in a university

Disadvantages of the profession of a document expert are a uniformity and, most importantly, a great responsibility.

Where can a document manager work?

Since documenters who received educationon the profile, they are able to work with all kinds of documents (accounting, personnel, scientific and technical), they can be in demand in a variety of organizations:

- in government bodies, both local and state;
- in bodies of departmental management;
- in the archive and documentation services of engineering and design and research institutions, in public health, archival, library and museum, law enforcement structures;
- in administrative services and departments of commercial structures: office work, office management, personnel management;
- in the business of developing information systems, documentation consulting, information security audit.

Leading job description job duties

The career growth of a document expert depends on the placework. In large structures, he can rise to the manager of affairs, in small structures - to the assistant to the head. The top of the documentologist's career can be considered the preparation of documents for the Government and the President of the Russian Federation.