What does a dental technician do? How to become a specialist in this field?

Dentists were in demand by the humansociety since ancient times. With the development of science, technology and the emergence of new materials, this profession began to include a number of specializations. Thus, modern dentistry consists of such areas as therapy, surgery, prosthetics, etc. Recently, the dental technician is becoming more and more in demand. We will talk about what such specialists are doing today.

Dental Technician

Who is a dental technician?

Answering this question in general terms, you cansay that this specialist is engaged in the manufacture of dentures in the laboratory stages. The dental technician works in close cooperation with the dentist-therapist, orthopedist, making casts of teeth and installing prosthesis or implants, as well as with the patient himself. If at first glance it seems that there is nothing complicated in this matter, then at a detailed examination it turns out that the whole success of prosthetics depends on the skill and professionalism of this specialist. Recently there is a rapid development of dental equipment, methods of prosthetics, as well as materials. Thanks to this, the profession of "dental technician" is more than relevant, and in connection with this and well-paid. In addition, this specialization has a social significance, returning patients health and self-confidence.

profession of dental technician

What exactly are representatives of the profession doing?

Since a dental technician is a person,engaged in the manufacture and repair of dentures, implants, maxillofacial and orthodontic devices, his duties include a wide range of works. Among them are the following:

- making a model of the patient's tooth based on the impression made by the orthodontist;

- choice of material and design for the future prosthesis or implant;

- modeling (first of wax, and then of metal or cermets);

- manufacturing of tooth model;

- the creation of both removable and non-removable, as well as clasp prostheses, implants;

- manufacturing of orthodontic and maxillofacial devices;

- decoration and repair of dentures.

What qualities should a specialist in this field have?

For the dental technician, as well as for other specialists in various fields, there is a list of professionally significant criteria that he must comply with. Here are the main ones:

- Highly developed motor skills of fingers and hands;

- high level of visual-motor coordination;

- presence of a good eye;

- the ability to clearly distinguish between colors and their tiniest shades;

- presence of aesthetic taste;

- the presence of visual-figurative thinking and spatial imagination;

- Accuracy and accuracy;

- inclination to manual labor;

- assiduity.

dental technician training

In what cases it is not possible to become a dental technician

For this profession there are a number of medical contraindications:

- complete loss of hearing;

- partial loss of hearing, accompanied by severe speech underdevelopment;

- damage to the brain, having a traumatic nature;

- presence of chronic infectious diseases;

- diseases or damage to the hands;

- dermatitis and other skin ailments;

- severe speech disorders;

- Nervous and mental diseases;

- impaired coordination of the movement of fingers and hands, tremor;

- mental disorders and behavior;

- epilepsy;

- mental retardation;

- impaired vision.

dental technician salary

Dental Technician: Training

If you decide to devote yourself to this profession,then proper education can be obtained in secondary special medical educational institutions (colleges). In addition, you can study at the dental technician in specialized educational medical centers and advanced training courses.

Wages and prospects

Each dental technique of the career develops intodepending on his chosen direction and mastering new methods of work, and, of course, on his ambitions and aspirations. The young specialist is improving his skills every day, gaining invaluable experience and knowledge.

Upon reaching a certain levelprofessionalism it is possible to go on improvement of professional skill and to receive the certificate of the stomatologist-orthodontist. Alternatively, as an option, master management skills and become a leading specialist. If you have an entrepreneurial vein, you can start your own business. Of course, this will not be easy, but a favorite occupation can bring a considerable income.

For many young people who want to tryhimself in the profession of "dental technician", the salary plays far from the last role. Therefore, we note that on average specialists in this area can count on income from 30 to 80 thousand rubles a month. As for the demand, in connection with the growing interest in specialists in this field with the employment of problems should arise.