"Land property relations" - what kind of profession and whether there is a demand for specialists

Specialty land and property relations have recently gained popularity and relevance.

Short historical background: land and property relations, what kind of profession, its origins

The first "jerks" to the emergence of this specialtyoriginate in the implementation of land reform in the nineties of the last century. Then the land ceased to be only in the possession of the state, and turned out to be a full-fledged capital, which, in able hands, can bring considerable profit.

landed property relations what a profession

Because in 1998 the Ministry of Educationmade a decision and approved the specialty land and property relations. What kind of profession becomes clear from the fact that the market for trade in land plots has a need for specialists. They had to competently make an appraisal of this or that "piece" of land.

What requirements are usually presented to candidates for the position of an employee in the field of land and property relations?

What kind of profession, where there is no selection for certainparameters? Of course, there are many factors here, according to which the employer is guided. In addition to the availability of luggage corresponding to the specialty of knowledge, there are requirements for the state of health. If you have problems with the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular or respiratory system, or reduced visual acuity, you most likely will not be accepted for this position.

General characteristic of the specialty

Land and property relations - what kind ofa profession, what does a specialist do? He should be able to make a competent assessment of land and property, property accounting, as well as know the essence of the work in organizations related to real estate and property, in the information and analytical terms, to be an expert in this matter.

Requirements for a specialist

A person applying for a position in a given kind of activity is obliged:

- understand the principles of the market associated with the industry, namely the land market, housing, deal with such issues as mortgage and real estate services;

profession land property relations salary

- To know how to draw up documents for setting land plots for state cadastral registration, and how to draw up plans for the plots in the work;

- to be able to use geodetic and photographic instruments for surveying land plots and establishing boundaries;

- be able to conduct an inventory of land, surveying, as well as be indicated in the issue of valuation of property and property rights.

Which organization can take a specialist to work

The Department of Land and Property Relations isa place where in the first place specialists with the education in question may be needed. The main activities of this body are to control two areas: the effective use of municipal land, property and the increase in efficiency, as well as timeliness, completeness of payments, the implementation of lease agreements.

How is the profession of land and property relations evaluated in the labor market?

The salary of employees depends directly on the region in which the applicant is located.

Department of Land and Property Relations

The figures range from 20 to 60 thousand rubles, andthe labor exchange is not yet filled with people with education land and property relations. What kind of profession becomes clear from the above material, and in addition, you can mention the ranking of this profession in the world. She entered the top thirty of the most profitable and promising, so do not lose the opportunity and look for this specialty, which is devoted to an article that is not only in demand in the labor market, but still profitable and interesting.